Judwaa 2 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

Judwaa 2 has an excellent first weekend of around 59.25 crore. The film has managed to show growth over the weekend which is an incredible achievement considering that there was holiday advantage in the first two days.

The film has managed to score well in all over India. It has again proved that the audience will come if it is a commercial film having universal appeal. Varun Dhawan has managed to deliver yet another successful film. His stardom has reached to new heights with Judwaa 2 and pretty soon he will be challenging for the 4th position in box office ranking.

Monday is also a big holiday for Gandhi Jayanti so the collections are likely to remain strong. The film will go back to normal levels on Tuesday but the total would have already gone to high levels and it will need a reasonable hold in coming days.

Day 116.10
Day 220.55
Day 322.60
Day 418.0
Day 58.05
Day 66.72
Day 76.06
Day 84.25
Day 95.75
Day 108.10
Day 112.91
Day 122.45
Day 132.25
Day 142.05
Day 151.72
Day 162.65
Day 172.82
Total133.03 cr

28 comments on “Judwaa 2 1st Weekend Box Office Collection”

    1. Highest grosser worldwide from Bollywood is still Raees! Which won't be beaten by any movie until TZH, Varun Dhawan needs the overseas audience!

    2. Bollywood does not really have a kot pan india directors except raju and anand l rai and kjo...movies like rangoon or haider is not liked by many people. ..bt still it seems vishal bhardwaj or anurag or imtiaz seem to live in a different world...they think while films like gangs of... or rangoon or omkara are classics...which they are not...I bet most of the people who say these films are classics have not watched it...and critics bashing does not matter...varun can soon challenge akshay or srk..

  1. all r trolling and fighting each other. No body think of BOLLARENA admin who die 15 days ago.
    u didnt notice bollyarena post very late.
    bollyarena get well soon

    1. In that case his stardom is better than Aamir Khan as well cause he got an All time record opening in Bihar and UP so what's your argument?

      1. What stardom
        From first day it is holiday
        Friday holiday
        Saturday holiday
        Sunday holiday aur next din 20ctober bhi holiday hai to nights shows bhi drop nahi hua aur ab partial holiday mat bolna all knows durga puja is celebrated in more than 8 states in India and people are in full celebration more spend huge money

  2. @Utsav Rajput
    Thanks bro, your last comments were awesome without using that racist word
    Continue trolling haters
    Can not join you against ajay sir.

    1. Issey kehte hansi mein bhi aansu jealous aunty umm in varun lang parshya aunty tu "J"kyun ho rahi hai..?

        1. Aunty aapko pata hona chahiye ki arjun ladke kaa naam hota hai nd apne spelling check krlo nai toh aagey chal kr apne baccho ko kya sikhaogi..nd now listen on serious note main aamir k against nahi hun but if kisi k baarein mein buraa bologi toh sunna bhi padega tumko nd main dono kaa hi fan hun

        2. Dusro kaa gender change krne se pehle khudkaa dekhlo kahi tum gender category mein "others"toh nahi likhti @Parshya

    2. Tum BADA Marc****d hai, har Baar tum gan***u, tera word finish hota Salman, Salman tera kya mara hai bakc**d. Tera jaisa log hi, India ko barbad karke rakha pandu saale. Har hero alag alag hai compare Karne Ka kya hai, tum Jo achcha Nahin Lagta hai maat dekhna. Baklol kahinka

    1. @modestfan according to them VD is in the 5th position and akshay Kumar is in 4th so he'll be taking over akshay Kumar unless Shah rukh Khan slips to no 4! But this chart is so stupid to me because it doesn't make sense! They should do chart by decade or career last 3 movies is bullshit!

    1. Judwaa 2 >>>>>>> missing Aamir

      Main bhi sirf 2017 ki baat kar raha hoon!

      Don't compare him with anyone that's how people will start hating Varun Dhawan! You know what happened to Ranveer and Ranbir after they were being compare to the Khans!

    2. 2017 mein aamir ki kaunsi movie release huyi hai waise?nd next movie kb release hogi?i think tab tak parshya aunty k bacche bade ho jayenge

    3. Tzh> judwaa 2 + bkd...though I know you are not just making fun..also I want to add that aamir brings hifhest footfalls in every 2 years and a classic and a box office monster. ..bt salman does 3 films in two years still commands huge bix office collection and in a span of 1 year he gave 10 crore footfalls with prdb sultan and bb

  3. And varun also gave 10 back to back successful film that our mega star Aamir could not do. So big shame for aamir fans especially for mentally ill Parshya. That means he is also big star than aamir

    1. 10 back to back successfully movies wow! For a newcomer it's unbelievable! Waiting for the day there's a crowd outside his house!

  4. Bhai Aamir comepetes with himself. No.one I repeat no one can beat Dangal WW collection other than Aamir in next 10 Years. Baki khud ke bich compete karo number 1 Aamir hi rahega.

  5. Ajaysir last 9 movies 1 hits and 1 success
    Akki last 9 movies 6 hits and 7 success
    But Ajay fans Ajay is bigger than akki

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