Jolly LLB 2 to become the highest grosser of February

Akshay Kumar's Jolly LLB 2 has been faring well at the box office. The film which collected 50 crore in the opening weekend, is now holding well on weekdays.

Jolly LLB 2 is now all set to become the highest grosser of February. It will beat Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor starrrer Gunday which collected 78 crore in 2014. The second position is held by Sonam Kapoor's Neerja which was released last year. Though it got tax free status and the gross collection is lower than the next two films.

2010 release My Name Is Khan is still in the list even though it did not perform to its full potential in India. But February is a very dull month and has not seen any big grossers. Jolly LLB 2 can also become the first 100 crore grosser in the month of February.

  • Gunday - 78 Cr
  • Neerja - 76 Cr
  • My Name Is Khan - 73 Cr
  • Special 26 - 68 Cr
  • Jolly LLB 2 - 57 Cr*

32 comments on “Jolly LLB 2 to become the highest grosser of February”

  1. Akki kam se kam kahi yoh highest grosser de raha hai par if big stars release their movies in February march april it will impossible for Akshay to break record because he is just a 130 cr star

    1. according to you srk is not a big star my name is khan collects 73 cr and Akki will break it he is king of non holiday mind it

      1. When my name is khan released there protest against the movie by sivsena.U r conveniently forgetting that fact.

  2. Jolly LLB2 will be the first 100cr Grosser on February. Not a good hold as it didn’t have a big opening. It was an average hold. The problem with Jolly LLb2 was that there was hype only on the internet and many sites think that it has a good hype all over India but that’s not how it works. Look at Baar Baar Dekho for example. But Akshay is a big Star and has a good following, so there was a decent opening.
    My Final Lifetime Prediction: 106cr

    1. Hype only helps in the first weekend and Jolly LLB 2 collected ~50cr in the first weekend which is what was expected for this kind of movie.So what's is the fuss !! Jolly LLB 2 was never meant to be a 200cr type movie.It will cross 100cr which is what everyone was expecting and that too in the month of February ( very dull month for box office,even My name is Khan doesn't collect 100cr in February).

      1. the times hv changed now, u can't compare box office of this movie with mnik which was released in 2010. And yes feb is a dull period. Festival releases favours the collection of a mvie big time

  3. Top Worldwide Grossers in 👉 February
    1) My Name Is Khan 👉 206Cr
    2) Gunday 👉 119 Cr
    3) Neerja 👉 116 Cr
    4) Jodha Akbar 👉 107 Cr
    5) Special 26 👉103 Cr
    6) Jolly LLB2 👉 92Cr*

  4. Evening advance booking is very good in Delhi, Bengaluru, Jaipur and nice for all other circles Noon shows are also perform very well today it is 10 to 20% better than yesterday. So i am looking for 9 to 10cr today.
    And from this situation JollylLLB2 Lifetime collection is looks like in the range of 105 to 110cr range. VERDICT CLEAN HIT

  5. Gud to see akki beat srk here
    Plz Bollywood arena and users tell can it cross 100 crore ,
    Like if yes otherwise dislike

  6. I am back after a hiatus....

    And I discovered Jolly LLB 2 is rocking at the worldwide box office and soon to surpass 2017 so-called biggies Raees & Kaabil...

    Jolly LLB 2 1st super duper hit of 2017

    1. Really ? Raees in India : 135 cr, overseas : 85 cr. Jolly LLB 2 in India will probably be 105-115 cr, overseas 35 cr max.
      I respect Akshay a lot but there's no need to degrade others because of your star. And even though he's a big star, you can't compare him with SRK.

  7. I always appreciate akki work it is not doing commercial film it is multiplex audience film & akki has now understand that nowadays film collection are not important just do good number of films & get hit to superhit verdict on each film . No superstar close to him he always releasing film on non holiday . Feb is dull month for box office despite that jolly doing good business if it will cross 100 crore then I will be very happy .

  8. Akki rules...
    Highest Grosser in the month of January : Airlift
    Highest Grosser in the month of February :
    Jolly LLB 2
    Akki the living legend..

    1. Abe gonchu pehle naam badal 100 cr mushkil se hoga aur tu 200 cr likha hai and btw January grosser is raees now 130 cr which is dream for Akshay

  9. Let me clear you first that budget of Raees is way higher than Jolly Llb 2 so 130 cr is not a big number ticket rates are 25% lower than Raees so if we go by that than Raees is nowhere near Jolly llb2

      1. Think if there is no five day weekend what should happen with Raees. Apko film achhi lagi to thik hai yaar kyun har jagha muh marte rehte ho. Chhod aap log ni smajoge. Khuss raha karo yaar

  10. Bhaiitards kii Itni jalti Kyu Hai Akshay Se??
    Jabkii Inka Star With out Eid, diwali , cristmas Ke Aaj Tak Rowdy Rathore Ko Cross naa kr paya??

  11. on Monday - jolly LLB collected 6.75 where as this site as usual always gives wrong figure --- I.e 7.25

    box office India says not up to mark though not bad. we're as bollyareena team says doing great..

    common...Raeees and kabil ko bhi aise hi chataya that but was not truth -- raeees was just semi hit and kabil was flop or below avg..so how come u were giving excellent reports --

  12. jolly llb 2 se bohat zaida expectations hai Raees ne january mein zaida business kr ke mujhe surprise kia ab Jolly LLB 2 febuary mein zaida business kr ke surprise karegi

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