Jolly LLB 2 shows excellent growth on Saturday

Jolly LLB 2 has shown huge jump on Saturday. The film has grossed 17.31 crores according to the official figures released by Fox Star Studio.

It underperformed on the opening day but now has gained momentum on the second day. This could be the reason for big growth and also the word of mouth is positive. Now it will witness an upward trend on Sunday too and a similar kind of growth will ensure a hit status.

But if that goes missing then it has to sustain extremely well on Monday.

Day 113.20
Day 217.31
Day 319.95
Day 47.26
Day 59.07
Day 65.89
Day 75.03
Day 84.14
Day 96.35
Day 107.24
Day 112.48
Day 122.45
Day 132.07
Day 142.01
Day 151.75
Day 162.01
Day 172.50
Day 180.61
Day 190.58
Day 200.54
Day 210.53
4th Weekend1.50
Day 25-280.85
5th Week0.33
6th Week1.27
7th Week0.05
8th Week0.02
9th Week0.10
Total117.0 Cr


19 comments on “Jolly LLB 2 shows excellent growth on Saturday”

    1. Today (Sunday) Occupancyi is very high BookMyShow change its colour to only Orange and Gray.
      Today collection is looks like more than 21cr.
      Nice to see a grate response for a good cinema in india. Very funny film with a great message and what a performance by all actors. Heena ne to aansu hi niklva diye yaar.

  1. Akki rocks sets box office on fire or ha jolly leak hi gyi h keeping that factor in mind collections are great

  2. Superb Growth hain yaar. Couldn't watch the movie as I'm out of city. Will try to watch tom! The WOM is looking Good! Day3: 19.2cr

  3. Expecting Highest Single day BO collections for AKKI film TODAY.

  4. great without any single holiday!!!! today it will collect in the range of 22 crores!!! another superhit is on the way

  5. Movie was good but release period is dull
    Exam time my prediction is 105 cr..
    Because monday collection is down 5-7 crore range...

  6. Thanks to Srk , Hritik , akshay who are coming in jan, feb not waiting for festivals session like Sallu and Amir {fake star}

  7. As said by hrithik,really akki is on a roll.even today multiplexes are rocking from first shows itself.Mumbai n north two of the biggest circuits are almost 60 % in morning shows.noon n evening will escalate further but night shows will drop as tomorrow is working day.19 CR's Sunday is on cards for sure..

  8. @bollyarena now what you blame them to increase 2 cr as you said last night 15 cr or there was something speacial for kaabil and raees?

  9. that shows completely hattered towards SRK , as all other sites are right they have done because of there own means , Raees crossed 150 crores +.
    now why in case of jolly llb 2 they are following producers figures.
    Indicine is showing trade figures always . as they have shown in Raees thats acceptable
    in bollywood arena that means Raees -15 crores {lifetime }{showing trade}
    now jolly llb 2 + 15 crores {liftime }{showing producers}
    total -30 crores difference will come

  10. Or ro maza at a hai tum logo ke rone se sale zyada udate ho tum srk wale ab zamin pe a gye Sach chai dekh ke kya khak maza hai jeene me jab Aag lage srkians ke sine me rip srk ians hahaha

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