Jolly LLB 2 Budget, Screen Count, Economics

Jolly LLB 2 Budget, Screen Count, Economics

Akshay Kumar is set to begin this year with his courtroom drama Jolly LLB 2. Also starring Huma Qureshi in the lead, the film is directed by Subhash Kapoor and produced by Fox Star Studio.


Jolly LLB 2 Budget:

The film has been made on a budget of approx 78 crores including production cost and marketing (63+15). Akshay Kumar has taken around 35-40 crore as his fee otherwise costs are on the lower side. The producers wanted a big star for the sequel so they have spent a lot if we compare it to Subash Kapoor's previous films.


Jolly LLB 2 Screen Count:

Jolly LLB 2 is expected to release in approximately 3200 screens which is a very good number. The makers are still finalizing the screens so the actual number will be updated later.


Jolly LLB 2 Economics:

The producer will be able to recover most of the investment through selling music, satellite and digital rights. However it will still need a good run for recovering the costs.

  • Satellite Rights: 35 Cr
  • Music, video and other rights: 12 Cr
  • Overseas: 16 Cr
  • Recover Costs: 85-90 Cr
  • Hit: 95 Cr
  • Super Hit: 125 Cr



Jolly LLB 2 is carrying an excellent buzz and is expected to have very good opening especially in North India. We are expecting it to have a good opening day of in the range of 15 crores and will be a box office success.

Round Up:


Jolly LLB 2

Akshay Kumar, Huma Qureshi
Subhash Kapoor
Fox Star Studio
Release Date
10 February 2017
Run Time
136 min
78 Cr


Also tell us what are your views about Jolly LLB 2 budget and screen count in the comments section.

63 comments on “Jolly LLB 2 Budget, Screen Count, Economics”

    1. Everyone who is comparing Akshay with SRK is stupid because Akshay can not compete with him SRK fan following is too much for Akshay Kumar admit it.. Akshay is giving consistent hits at the box office and is giving us great movie.. hope this crosses 150 so Akshay can touch new heights and soon hit 200cr with his movies.. ww 300cr is out of question because this movie will only hit 30-40cr overseas so overall worldwide gross should be 200-230cr (very good WOM)

      1. Stop this nonsense dude..... Akshay is Far better and for sure he will cross 150+ for this movie.

  1. Jolly LLB 2 will open at 15+ and will do minimum of 125+
    even 150+ is a possibility if it performs well at Single Screens too...

  2. I already told it will be huge.
    It has potential to touch 200 cr domestically.
    It will be Biggest Blockbuster of the year...

    1. Hire rakesh takla calculator it will be available now as kaabil already beat every khan kumar kapoor contact filmcorrput productions...offf filmkraft...

  3. I think its over budgeted movie when u compare it with airlift n rustom.content needs to be super strong to recover costs n be hit.Feb is not good period to release big movies.gunday is still highest grosser of Feb at 78 CR's .jolly can beat it eventually...

    1. Plz read completely. Its clearly mentioned that 78 Crs. include Akshay's Fees of 35-40 Crores.
      Its not over Budgeted at all...

  4. It is laugh a riot as well as epic court room drama with a blend of social message.

  5. Much more expensive than I thought... It will cross 100 cr only with excellent WOM cause it's not a commercial type film.

  6. I am not expecting any big contribution from single screens.its for multiplex audience.let's see how it opens on Friday.

  7. Jolly LLB 2 box office prediction
    1st day : 20+
    2nd day : 15+
    3rd day : 20+
    1st week : 100+
    Lifetime collections : 175 - 200 cr
    Worldwide : 300 cr +

  8. Jolly LLB 2 critics rating : 3.5/5
    Audience rating : 4/5
    Wom : highly positive

  9. dull period hai ye first flop hoga...kabil collection touch krega..17 feb ko 3 bollywood movie aur religion marathi movie 2 release hoga..so all the best for akki..u have only 7 days ..

  10. Akshay is arriving raees pr kaabil khatam ab boss ka time shuru aag lagaegi movie ham karenge insaf on 10 feb

    1. No.akshay is nowhere near salman...he is happy with his 100/110 crore grossers...none can replace salman from no.2 position


  11. How unusual or mi maths be bad
    Film is hit wth a collection of 95+ Crore
    Same budget film Raees is not a hit even with a 130 crore
    Kya a kula tazzad nahi hai
    Raees has grossed over 300 crore till today

  12. It will be superhit 125 + cr, it will also become blockbuster if it performs well in single screens
    My prediction 130 to 160 cr

  13. Jo bhi bol rage ho ki akki ki movie 150 bhi touch nahi kar sakti toh sunk uski ek saal ki saari movies ka collection add karke dekho
    Then it can beat dangal also

  14. Almost 20 films after Rowdy Rathode but still every single film is breaking RR record but we have waited for alover 5 years ,still can't touch 130 any of his film so don't listen to these crazy Makki fans always dreaming high but fail to accept reality.

  15. @bollyarena kindly reply......Akshay Kumar is himself the producer in this movie...how can u add his fees....plz reply

  16. Jolly llb 2 ki story achi hai magr song average hai Agr Critics ki taraf se movie ko ache reviews mile tou india mein 150 crore pakka

  17. Abe idiot tu phir a gya raees to kar pa nhi rhi h 130 bat karta h sahi me tum srk ke fans idiot ho

  18. jolly llb2 lifetime - 130cr
    naam shabana - 105cr
    toilet ek prem katha -95cr
    robot 2.0 - 400cr
    2017 is for only AKSHAY KUMAR....

  19. Case boy frustrate ho gaya hai uska favorite actor srk ek clean hit ke liye taras raha hai Aur Akki superhit pe superhit de raha hai Is liye JAL raha hai Akki sal me char film karta hai Is aur srk ki tarah manipulate nahi karta hai nahi to kab ka Tod deta
    According to Bollywood arena
    Akki last four films
    Airlift- superhit
    H3- hit
    Rustom- superhit
    Srk last four films
    Dear Zindagi- hit
    Fan- flop
    Raees- semi hit
    Dilwale- semi hit
    Only one clean hit
    Pehle srk ka aukat dekho phir bat Karna
    and don't worry about jolly llb 2 it will be hit in avg wom

    1. SIB is a semi hit not a clean hit. And also Raees will be a clean hit. Anyway Raees >>>>> Akshay's highest grosser. So calm down and respect the other superstars. #Peace

    2. Ullu .
      dilwale - 148 crores in India with bughet 100 crores.
      clean hit and overseas 180 crores blockbuster.
      raees- 135 crores in India with bughet 90 crores .
      Clean hit .
      overseas will be 120 crores+ .

    3. Aree phele akshay aaukat dekho srk se compare maat kar badshaa tho badshaa hota hai srk is king of bollywood

  20. this year start with bang first two big hits(kaabil and raees) .
    and now jolly llb 2 the 3rd big success too.
    this year hrithik .srk.akshy.
    began the year with fire.

  21. @clemk Bollywood arena pe check kar lo Sib ka verdict Akki>>>>>>>>manipulation king srk raees ko manipulate karke 200, kar dega real me 130 cr hogs srk 1sal wait kia to 130 cr ka film dia 130 cr ka film to Akki 2 machine me andar de deta hai

  22. 16-17 crore First day,
    18-20 Crore Second Day,
    20-22 Crore Sunday,
    1st week 90 Crore(Valentine week)
    2nd week 125 Crore
    Lifetime 150 Crore

  23. All akkians plz go and watch the movie on 10-2-17. This wiil be nice gift of new year for akki bhai.

  24. Now some fans of srk and hr are barking that movie is flop let me tell you one think that it is not fan or mohenjodaro so just chill it will be sure shot superhit

  25. jolly LLB ....supet Hit h boss..

    es haklu...or...taklu ne to saal hi bigaad diya....

    ab kuch fresh maal aaya h. ......

  26. All the best to akki nd akkians.... frm a hrithikian
    but i think the budget is around 55-60 crores
    and in that case 85-90 cr. will give a clean hit tag.

  27. Someone said....gunday is highest grosser of feb at 78 cr....bro if u dont know slecial 26 crossed 95 cr and stopped at 99 cr.....so have a life..

  28. Jolly l.l.b life time collection would be between 85-95 coz there is no open week for this movie next week ghazi releasing by karan johar and followed by rangoon so its difficult to cross 100 crore mark coz of releasing date.

  29. Raees Indian Collection 157cr
    Worldwide Collection 304cr
    Raees Is Blockbuster Movie

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