Jolly LLB 2 4th Day Box Office Collection

Jolly LLB 2 4th Day Box Office Collection: Akshay Kumar’s latest release managed to impress the audience as Jolly LLB 2 collection showed a huge growth over the weekend. Now it has passed the crucial Monday test with flying colors. As per the early trade trends, Jolly LLB 2 4th day box office collection will be around 7 crores.

The occupancy in the morning shows was 20%. There was a good improvement as the day progressed especially at the multiplexes. As expected the best-performing circuits in North India (East Punjab, Delhi/UP) are driving the film forward. When it comes to single screens or mass centers, they were quite low. Actually, they never performed to its full potential except on Sunday.

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Jolly LLB 2 4th Day Box Office Collection

The drop from Friday is less than 50% but the opening was below average. Jolly LLB 2 Monday collection is the best of this year beating Raees. Overall the film has passed the crucial Monday test. However, the trend could have better if it collected a little higher. Jolly LLB 2 box office collection in 4 days will be over 57 crores. The first week is looking to finish in the range of 70-75 crores which will be a good result considering the release period.

The box office performance on Tuesday and Wednesday has become important in recent days. If the film falls further on Tuesday, it shows poor trend and the same vice versa. But looking at the trend, it seems that Jolly LLB 2 is another smash hit by Akshay Kumar. Tuesday is also Valentine Day which can help it a little.

Jolly LLB 2 Monday Collection

7.0 Crore



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
 57.46 Cr


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54 comments on “Jolly LLB 2 4th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Very much disappointed by Monday collections. Now it's difficult to reach 100 cr for akki.

    1. It's a very good hold.
      Dropping less than 50 % on Monday.
      Knowing the fact that the movie is driven by select areas.
      What else do we akki fans need?
      Week 1 around 75 crore.
      2nd Weekend 15 crore.
      All set to cross 100 crore by the end of week 2.

  2. I watched Jolly LLB 2 today.It is a superb movie.Jolly LLB 2 is pleasure to watch not just for its satirical humor on Indian Judiciary system but also for its beautiful message on honesty and bravery.

  3. I have said already 7 CR's is realistic figure on monday as ticket prices are down.now tomorrow there will be growth of at least 10% or more..let's see..

  4. 100 Cr is for sure .... but for SUPERHIT tag it needs to hold well for next 3 days and in the next week too ...
    Monday collections is 1 Cr less as my expectations.....

  5. Monday thik raha hai...
    kal thoda growth to pakka hoga

    kal Majnu log apni laila ko film dikhane jarur le jaenge

    1. Woh hi haklay nai 130 crore Kiya hai. Itni jealousy kyun?. Enjoy cinema, don't degrade super stars.

  6. according to trade figures jolly llb 1st weekend around 47 crore hai bollyarena ji..........plz kaabil aur raees ki trah zra gaur farmaiyega.......

  7. 1st week : 50.5+7+6+4.75+3.75=72
    2nd week: 2.75+4+5.75+1.85+1.55+1.25+1.1=18.25
    2 week total: 72 + 18.25 = 90.25
    3rd week: 5.25
    4th week: 2
    5th week: 0.5
    5 week total: 90.25 + 5.25 + 2 + 0.5 = 98
    Verdict: Semi-Hit

  8. are o sambha......raees aur kaabil k waqt to bahut trade figure trade figure laga raha tha re......par ab akshay k waqt sidha producer gigure pe aa gaya...... according to trade figure JOLLY LLB 1st weekend 47 crore hai........

  9. Dull period hai non holiday hai phir bhi eke no.kamai robot 2 to Aag lagaa degi diwali pe

    1. If robot 2 is Akshay Kumars movie then Krrish 3 was Vivek Oberios movie!
      Robot 2 is only Rajnikanths movie!
      I know if it ends up make about 500cr worldwide people will come running saying Akshay Kumar has crosses 500cr worldwide lmao! Akshay Kumar is a great actor but Robot 2 is Rajnikanths movie!

  10. bhai a2k...
    tera calulation sab thik tha hai bas tu
    50.5 7 6 ki jagah 50.5 7 9.5 kar de
    are yaar tuesday ko lover's day hai
    thoda growth to hoga hi

  11. Robot 2 is a rajnikanth film akshay kumar screen time will be same as Danny dezongpa's in robot it's going to be an out and out rajnikanth film. First robot did'nt do well in Hindi robot 2 will most likely make 40cr max in Hindi.

  12. After excellent progression this is a good hold. 2017 will be gigantic. We've already had SRK, Hrithik and Akshay is less than 2 month, and 3 potential 100 cr grosser. A treat for indian audiance !

  13. Bhai Singh...
    jab pichle kch Mondays ko SRK ki Raees ka collection Dharam se gira tha to tu comment ku nahi kar raha tha ki
    "Where is SRK stardom??"

    Bhai Monday ko sabka collection girta hai...

    Logo ke liye work jada jaruri hai na ki Movie......

    1. Sorry for the late reply sir
      Sorry again because u can't compare between raees ( 2700 screens non holiday and clash with a big star like HR with rakesh calculator and the pakistani actress)
      And jolly llb 2 (solo release 3000+ screens )
      Wathever don't forget that raees is the hightest grosser of jan..he breaks jai ho who has solo release.. And another record of akshay
      And when i write my comment i don't mean that akshay don't have stardom..i was just disappointed ..from 19 to 7 i didn't like that
      So sorry if i did something wrong to you

      1. Bhai..FAN bhi solo hi release hui thi

        aur mohenjodaro me bhi Hrithik Roshan hi tha

        yaad hai na...

          1. 2016 ko kaise bhul jae bhai...
            agar 2016 ko bhulna hai to 1992-2007(,2010 only for MNIK) tak ke superhit Shahrukh khan ko bhi bhul jao

  14. Aaj ka business 9 crore hona chahiye tha yeh 7 crore tou producer figure hai trade figure tou 5 crore bhi nahi hoga

    1. Raees was clashing with Kaabil but both had extra holiday of 26 Jan and clean 17 days to rule box office as no other major release. Also there was no other old competitors as Dangal was at 5th week. But JOLLY though a solo release is having some competition from 2 week old release Raaes and Kaabil. Also above all no extra holiday to get that extra 15 crores. Day 8 onwards will also face some problems from Ghazi Attack. Only Akki movie can take such risk of release based on performance and fan following.

  15. Film trade figure will be 6.5 cr 47cr is trade weekend figure so that will be 53.5 cr weekend the film will drop more first week will be 67-70cr trade figure so 100cr really looks like a big ask the film lifetime business will be most likely be in the 90 plus crores

  16. Right collection jolly 'Llb 2 movie
    5 day - 9-10 cr
    6 day- 7-8 cr
    7 day- 5-6 cr
    8 day- 4-5 cr
    9 day - 9-10 cr
    This week 40-45 cr

  17. Raees with competition on holiday was 26 crore. Jolly llb2 without competition on holiday is 19 crore. Akshay fans should hang their heads in shame.

  18. Geenyji...
    Rustom bhi Mohenjodaro se clash ki thi

    aur Mohenjidaro me wahi Hrithik Roshan tha jo Kaabil me hai

    Rustom aur mohenjodaro ka collection Yaad hai na aapko.......

    FAN bhi solo release hui thi na

  19. for those who are blaming Bollywood arena for showing producer fig of jolly llb 2 let me tell you Bollywood arena had said in his past article that 5 to 10 percent diff in trade and producer fig is acceptable because in single screen people got paper ticket correct information of single screen collection is given by producer they are not like kaabil and raees who manipulate more than 35 crore to show his stardom

  20. Ek Sal m 4 film...aur sbhi hit..ye Akshay hi Kr skta hai...jis din Salman shahrukh ye log 4 film nikalenge na ek Sal m...yad rkhna koi nhi film 50 Cr se upar nhi jaa payegi

  21. #JollyLLB2 passes crucial Monday test with flying colours
    Fri. 13.20 cr.
    Sat. 17.31 cr.
    Sun. 19.95 cr.
    Mon. 7.26 cr.
    Total: ₹ 57.72 cr. India net biz
    Congratulations Team of #SubhashKapoor
    #akshaykumar #humasqureshi #AnnuKapoor #SourabhShukla & others

  22. Nice movie,must watch.
    It will be cross 100 cr with in 6days (19feb).
    Akshay Kumar rocking and also suklaji and kapoorji.

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