Jolly LLB 2 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection

Jolly LLB 2 2nd Saturday (9th Day) Box Office Collection: Jolly LLB 2 is faring very well on its second Saturday as per the early trends. There has been a good jump as compared to yesterday. Thus Jolly LLB 2 collection will show a good growth today.

Box Office Report:

The film opened to around 20% occupancy in the morning shows. It is around 5% jump from yesterday. It has shown good growth in the noon shows as the occupancy was up to 30%. The jump has mainly come in Delhi/NCR and Punjab belt.

JLLB 2 will again witness an upward trend in the evening as tomorrow is a holiday. Advance is very good for the evening/night shows and there is also a lack of strong competition especially in North. Other new releases are not affecting the film at all even though The Ghazi Attack has picked up. As of now, Jolly LLB 2 9th day collection should target for 5.5-6 crore.

Jolly LLB 2 2nd Saturday (9th Day) Box Office Collection

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Do remember that we cannot compare the occupancy with the first week as the screen count is lees. So despite a good occupancy, collections will be lower. And also the ticket prices have been decreased. Yesterday, the film has collected 4.14 crores. This is an excellent hold as the drop is less than 20% from Thursday.



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
81.85 Cr


Akshay Kumar starrer as collected 81 crores in 8 days. The film will hit 100 crore mark in the second week and will be 7th 100 cr grosser for Akshay Kumar. Tell us what are your views about Jolly LLB 2 2nd Saturday box office collection (9th Day) update in the comments section.

73 comments on “Jolly LLB 2 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection”

  1. Poor jump , that is difference between normal release day and festival session,
    See a good movie like jolly llb 2 is stuggling to go past 105 crores,
    and with 1 open week .
    Amir come mostly of Critsmas which have maximum holidays and with 3 open weeks , he collects 300 crores. thats not star power at all
    i will consider Akshay bigger star than amir
    in end of year we see only Lifetime Collections and its obious that film releasing in Critsmas will get mostly top postion.
    we should compare festival session films only with festival sessions .{Ranking should be make }
    and normal releases seperate {ranking should be there }
    then we will see who is real hero
    and definable Amir fake stardom will come out .

    1. Waah! Vishal bhai bahut sahi baat kahi hai.
      Yeh Aamir Salman sab festive release par dependent hai. Asli Hero to Akshay Kumar hi hai.
      Aur sahi mein festive aur normal releases ki alag - alag ranking honi chahiye.

    2. Oh bewakoof insaan @devansh shayad tu bhool gaya hai ki jab aamir bina christmas k aaya tha to uski talaash sirf 90cr hi kama paayi thi . Aur jab Akki feburary jaise dull period main aata hai to 100cr plus grosser de jaata hai . Ab tu hi soch le ki asli baap kon hai .
      Agar phir bhi tujhe nahi samajh aaya to tu soch ki tera baap kon hai.

      1. Independence day par Mangal Pandey ne kya Kiya tha. Itni bakwaas movie koi TV par bhi nahi dekhta. Tees Maar Khan atleast public TV par toh dekhte hai.

        1. Rocco according to vishal if akki released movie in xmas it will b ATB which is not the case if salman released movie in non holiday it would still make 100cr + regardless of holiday or non holiday same with aamir he made talaash which made 93cr akki made special26 which made 67cr and was far better than talaash both were non holiday films and btw mangal pandey broke opening weekend record when it released and was average


      2. Shameless idiot to tu hai @aamir fan jo tingu aamir ko support krta hai .
        Akshay kumar ki value to tujhe pata nahi . Akki ek saal mein 3-5 films krta hai aur tera buddha aamir 2 saal main ek film krta hai .
        Aamir duniya ko time waste krne ka message deta hai aur tere jaise mental uski support krte hai . Pitty on u .

        1. Bravo! 👏Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan have proved that they can make 200crore worldwide clash or no class but Aamir firstly avoids a clash and then doesn't release it on non holiday! Although I think his movies are good enough to cross 150cr non holiday easy!
          He should release a movie on non holiday and shut the haters mouths!

    3. True vishal I mean when tees maar Khan came out on Christmas it broke ghajini's record when welcome came out on Christmas it broke oso's record oh no it didn't and before you bring out the clash card oso clashed with saawariya which was hotter in terms of marketability to TZP which was a niche film. Aamir Khan is a true star look at his track record.

    4. Very Good. Last Year SRK Failed In FAN. But Now Akki Making 7th 100 Crore In Non Holiday Season

    5. Paid critics fashion in feminisim if Amir has guts ask him to come in mid forget non holiday let him come on Diwali Eid or Independence Day with mid price ticket rates let's c way he can do

      1. Be serious people! His name is Akshay Kumar not Akshay Khan! Even if he came on Christmas Eid or Diwali.. he would make about 150 domestic and 60overseas that's if it's a great movie!
        Akshay Kumar is. Great actor and a superstar but he doesn't need box office collections! He's giving hits and super hits back to back! Aamir Khan is giving back to back All Time Blockbusters and Salman Khan is giving back to back Blockbusters! Shah Rukh Khan is lagging behind at the moment as he need a blockbuster even if it's a chennai express to bounce back! And Shah Rukh Khan stop clashing with other stars

  2. 6 crore today .7_7.50 crore tomorrow.
    95 or 96 crore 2 weekend.
    100 crore in tuesday .
    12 days 100 crore very good .
    thank you bollyarena for updating the colliction.
    but please update the colliction on 9:30 in the night today too.

  3. Sunday will also be of 6 crore that will make 94 crore and in upcoming week it will cross 100 crore.....

  4. Another super hit for Akshay Kumar. He is now the real king of Bollywood.
    He will also become the first actor to give 4 100cr grosser in a year as TEPK , ROBOT and PADMAN are expected to do huge business.


    1. srk is/was the Kolkata's ipl team owner that's what all bengali people support him blindly , n couldn't realise that how this double faced people spoiled the soul of entire west Bengal. u guys stay intellectual n see how WB wil turned into Bangladesh.

  6. akki ki movie uske fans hi dekhte hai neutral Audience nahi dekhti islye abhi tak rawdy rathore hi highst grosser hai

    1. Salman Kii Movie Bhii Sab Log EID, DIWALI, CRISTMAS PAR Hi Dekhte Hai Isliye Salman kii Highest Non Holiday Ready Hai

      1. jai ho eid me nahi hui esi liyevto average rahi tab kyu 200 yaa 300 crore nahi kamaaye yeto akki he kinon holidays me super hit de rahi h

  7. I don’t hate akshay , but i want to say something i noticed …
    When Raees crossed 100 cr in a dull period with clash and less numbers of screens and non holidays (it take 7 days for crossed 100) : OMG Srgay stuggling for get 100 cr
    When Jolly llb 2 will cross it inshallah (but solo release more screens and more days) : WOW Akshay sir is amazing ! Where is the khans ? Srgay srgay the terrorist bla bla 300 cr 300 cr
    Big lol….. Yaar if you love someone that doesn’t means you must hate the other…WTF

    1. Bhai...
      Raess was not released in dull period

      aur haa
      SRK ke liye 100 crore krna bada achievement nahi hai
      kuki wo saal me ek hi film karta hai..
      Akshay saal me 3-4 film karta hai aur agar akki ki har film bhi kam se kam 100 crore kama leti hai to
      100*3= 300 crore aaram se ho jaega

      jabki SRK ke sath aisa nahi hai
      wo jabki saal me ek hi film karta hai
      to kam se kam uski ek film ka Indian box office pe collection 230-250 crore to hona chahiye na

      Raees ko hi dekh lo..

      prducers ko thoda profit mila gaya hai
      par abhi Distributer(Anil thadani) loss me chal raha
      usne 70 crore me Raees ki all India distributing Rights khardi thi
      aur kal tak usne sirf 66 crore hi batore hai
      profit to door wo abhi bhi 4 crore loss me chal raha
      (tum iss baat ko Google pe check kar sakte ho)
      ab jabki Raees ka thetretical lyf khatam ho gaya hai
      isliye ab anil thadani ka loss ho gaya

      Clean Hit ka matlab hota hai ki film se jure saare log Benefit me rahe
      jabki Raees ke sath aisa nahi hai
      thatswhy it is a Semi Hit or simply Hit

      Aur rahi baat Clash ki to...
      pahle SRK ke film ke saamne koi nahi tikta tha
      pahle SRK ke liye clash maine nahi rakhta tha
      'saawariya' yaad hai na..

      par ab SRK ko clash me achhi takkar milti hai
      iska matlab hai ki

      kahi na kahi SRK ka downfall hua hai...

      1. Deepak u r right.but don't forget that srk is suffering from such a bad phase still he gives a hit.which is awesome.so we can say the king is back...srk situation will be much better in upcoming movies....

    2. Singh ji sirf ek matar aise SRK ke fan dekhe maine apne career mai jo proper genuine person hain. Baki ke dimag mai to aise lagta hai jaise kachra bhara hai. I think Singh ji se unko kuch to shikne milega.

  8. SRK - only 8 movies in last 7 years and 7 r in 100crs list..... whereas Akki did atleast 20 films in last 7 years & just 7 in 100crs list but his ultimate shameless fans are comparing srk with Akki LMAO.

    1. Bhai...
      SRK saal me sirf ek film karta hai
      to uske liye to 100 crore karna ekdum jaruri hai

      agar wo saal me ek movie karke bhi 100 crore nahi kar payega to gir uski ijjat kya rah jaegi..

      jabki Akki ke liya aisa nahi nahi hai
      Akki ki har film agar 80 crore bhi kar leti hai to uske liye bhot achha hai
      kuki wo saal me 3-4 filme karta hai
      80*3=240 crore

  9. vishal ....aamir ki bat 6od...

    or SRK ki bat kr....

    aamir Sal me ek movie krta h....or movie 50-60 din chalti h....

    or kon esa producer nhi h....jo festival pr release nhi krna chahta...????

    or Aamir ne to sirf Xmas pr release ki h.....

    Haklu ne to...Xmas ,diwali ,26 january ,15 august ,summer holyday ,winter holyday...sare festival pr ki h....

    tum logo k anusar...jolly llb...xmas pr release kre to 400crore kma jayegi......fir Robot 2 kya kregi...??

    gochuo..har movie or Star ki okaat hoti h....

  10. Raees film main agar pornstar Sunny leone ka item song nhi rehta to iski collection v Fan k jaisa hi hota. Srk lovers ko ab man lena chahiye ki srk ko v film chalane k liye ek pornstar ki jarurat par rhi he.

  11. hahaha...akki bhai....bina promotion...bigboss kapil...,,or PAK acters k....

    Raees 100 crore b nhi kma pati....

    Or bina Clash ki faltu publicity k....to FAN se b km kmati.....

    km se km JOLLY LLB ab bhi chal rhi h........

    Raees to sirf 5 din chali....or 5 saal se srk kh rha tha...

    AA RHA HU ME..........

  12. Akki ki succes se bahut logo Ko jalan Hoti hai,isliye faltu picture sath me release karke screens kha Kate hai. Dangal ke time 3week tak no release Aamir sabko kharif let's hai aur logo Ko bewakuf banakar 300cr Kamara hai.shame!!

  13. It is sad we judge a film by the amount of money it makes. Being a hard core akki fan I would like all his films to do bumper business but even if it doesn't who cares I will watch all his films & for me he will always be above all khans. It is about time we enjoy movies rather than taxing our brains with what business it does.

  14. adity ...srk...fool lover...

    Aamir ki. movie ko DISTRIBUTER'S like krte h.........kyoki vh sabse jyada profit deta h.....60-70 din chalti h movie....

    or koi or acter AMIR ki big release k sath .....esliye movie nhi kr ptata...


    Distributers.....oos movie ko Screens hi nhi denge.......hahaha....

    kyoki.....distributers jante h.....kon h bollywood ka Real star....

    or Distributers jante h.....Raees jesi movie jyada chalegi nhi.....so km screens me.....Clash k sath Release krne me hi munafa h.....

    Real Fact....

    1. Robot 2.0 is not Akshay Kumars movie! It's Rajnikanths movie and Rajnikanths a bigger star than Akshay Kumar other Krrish did good cause of Vivek Oberoi!
      I know all Akshay Kumar will come flying out when Robot 2.0 does 250+ cr business in India and say Akshay did it! If you say that then You will have to also say that Vivek oberoi is a bigger star than Ajay devgan Akshay Kumar ranbir kapoor and Ranveer Singh because Krrish did 190 - 240 cr in India and he has the same role model n Krrish to what Akshay Kumar has in Robot 2.0! Makes sense!

      1. Duniya Ke Sabse Bade Jaahil Ne Kaha Hai Kii "Robot 2.0" Akshay Kumar Starrer Nhii Balkii Rajni Starrer Hai Agar Aisa Hai Toh Phirr

        "Darr" Bhii Srk Starrer Nhii Balkii Sunny Deol Starrer Hai Or "Happy New Year" Bhii Abhishek Bachhan Starrer Hai...

  15. Superstar Akshay Kumar has with his hard work become the first superstar in India ever, to cross the 3010 crores collection with all his films. So he has earned the maximum for the Indian film industry.

  16. Thanks bollyarena for updating the collections of this fantastic film, Jolly LLB 2....We are glued to your website...

  17. Akki is the best..... He doesn't wait for a 3 to 4 days big holidays to release his movie ...... Suppperbb movie Jolly llb 2

  18. Box office collection is just modification of collection n by giving bribe to another media show his movie collection better than other movies ; specifically khans doing this.S rk makes negative publicity of other movie to make it flop.

  19. ye kon gochu h.....

    jo Mangal Pandey....ko...crape 30 mar khan ...

    se compare kr rh h ???

    Akshay came with Diwali and Christmas back to back with action replay and Tees maar Khan

    what happened all knows. SRK had Christmas but none was blockbuster even not his solo release.....

    even Salman came Christmas but none of his move could break 3 idiots by then..what hulla is about Christmas..

    Friend Trade needs Aamir on Christmas to save them..Trade calls him Santa now…friends Christmas existed before 2008 also..

    akshay or Srk ne sbse jyada.....holyday pr movie release ki h.....aamir ne to 2008 k baad se ki h....

  20. Lolwa Tees Maar Khan Ko Nagative Reviews Mile the lekin phirr bhii Semi Hit Thii Or Action Reply Solo Release Nhii Thii Iss Wajah Se Pit Gyii Warna Hit Hotii

  21. rocco ....hit hone ki baat nhi h....

    kya dono movies....ATBB ...bn gyi...??

    kya dono ne 200 ,300,350 crore kmaye...??

    150 b nhi kma payi...100 bhi nhi...

    to fir kyo festival ka rona rote ho...??????

    Akshay kre to thik....aaamir kre to gunaah...???

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