Jacqueline Fernandez hopes to repeat Kick success with Race 3

Since it was announced that Salman Khan will star in Race 3, the buzz of the film has gone to new levels. Jacqueline Fernandez, who is also excited for the third instalment of the franchise says that she found her role in the film quite challenging.

“It’s a very different role. I am really excited to play my character because it’s actually a role that sees me in very different light. I am finding the role quite challenging to do,” added the actress.

Race 3 is being directed by Remo Fernandes with Salman Khan as the male lead. Jacqueline Fernandez said that it will be a completely new take on the Race as a franchise.

“Like how it was in part one of two of ‘Race’, in this film also all the characters will have a shade of negativity. They all are negative until you see who actually is the good person and who is bad. Now that we have Salman on board and Remo is directing it so it’s completely new take on ‘Race’ as a franchise, so it will be exciting,” said the actress.

Jacqueline will be sharing the screen space with Salman Khan again after working in Kick.

“After ‘Kick’, my career changed a lot for the better. I really do owe a lot to him (Salman) for that. He put in his faith in me and did a film such as ‘Kick’ at the time where I didn’t had faith in myself. That time, we did 200 crore film and now we are doing ‘Race 3’ together. I am excited and hoping to hit that mark again with this film,” she said.

Race 3 is being directed by Remo D’Souza and stars Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez and Daisy Shah in the lead. While the second lead hero of the film has not been announced yet.

35 comments on “Jacqueline Fernandez hopes to repeat Kick success with Race 3”

  1. agar jaklin ko role challenging lag raha hai
    toh sallu ko uska role toh namumkin hi hoga :)

    vaise kick south bolckbuster ka remake thi
    aur aab race bhi PK ka record todne me nakamyab raahegi

    note:Dangal is out of reach for sallu fans.
    sallu fans tum log kab todoge BB ka record?

    kuch toh sharam karo bhai..
    2015 ka record aab tak chase kar rahe ho.

    1. Damn it!!! Who Cares????? Everyone is waiting with bated breath for 1 n only 2.0(Robot 2) Akki will show his true potential with this universal (full commercial) film
      Some haters will say its is Rajnikanth film while everyone knows Rajnikanth doesn’t have market in Bollywood also Robot didn’t collect much here…..
      Even Rajnikanth himself said Akki is a original hero of 2.0 not himself
      So all said n done it’s AKKI SHOW ALL THE WAY…
      So from Jan 26th 2018 every record will be broken n new one created with each passing day

      1. if you are saying it will do 2000cr in hindi market then you are the most die hard fan who is going to get hurt very soon ,,,even 2000cr ww is not possible max possible case ::150cr hindi ,20million overseas i dont know about south ,,,do not over hype

        1. Rehne de @ singh. Yeh 2.0 pagal hai. Kab sai bated breath le kar betha hai. Muhe darr hai kahin marr hi na jaye kai breath kab sai rok kar betha hua hai

          1. Main nahin tu marega sabse pehle 2.0 ko storm aane de Jan 16th ko shetty aur saif ke pagal fan

            1. Haha. Mujhe sach mein teri tension thee kai tu kab sai saas (breath) rok kar betha hua hai.

      2. Some films are such a huge that star cast don’t matters.like who thought kagna’s movie Tanu weds Mannu will do 150 crs (but that was well made),Ranvir singh will give 180 crs with Bajirao,that to with SRK’s competition (But that was universally acceptable movie),Bahubali again was such a magnum opus that everyone was thinking alone in Hindi it will do 200 crs that to with prabhas in lead,Where our own Bollywood superstars are unable to reach there,having good fan following (eg akshay,ajay & many more) but Bahubali 2 did more than that as it was one of the biggest with touching content.So robot 2 will be huge in Hindi as well,if akshay’s role played by any younger star also (Siddharth,tiger with some fan following),that film gonna be huge.So robot 2 is one such film which will open bumper,than content of the film will take it to some of the biggest collections if it is like.

        1. Aur yahi baat Aamir Khan k fans k dimagh mein bhi daal do, Kangana jo Revolver Rani jaisi 10 crs ki film se pehle 150 crs ka TWMR diya tha, to kya hum ye kehne lage k she is bigger than Akki coz he never touched even 140 crs. Bahubali crossed 500 crs without any known face alone in hindi, then why couldn't dangal cross 350 with teesra khan, despite better film than mentioned above. Why couldn't pk cross 300 despite best film of all time. Aamir never mattered in these high collection. It was mixed of everything. Acting, Story, Screenplay, Direction and little bit star power of Third Khan

      3. Akshay kumar hihihi canadian actor robot 2.0 me villian hai not an actor ?
        Ye movie hindi me b 200cr ni kar paegi akkkins rajnisir k sahare me bhi hindi version namumkin 200cr karna

        Only Aamir Srk Rules?

    2. Abe Idiot tum kuch sharam karo, in last 8 years aamir has given only 3 hits and 2 flops....kuch toh sharam karo aamir.....

      Bhai aamir se bada lazy star aaj tak nahi dekha.....1st he do less movie and only release his movies on Christmas period (which have Most Holidays)......Biggest lazy and Biggest coward star of Bollywood......And funny thing is that his fans talk about other actors holiday release....Abe sharam karo Varun ki holiday release se problem hai inko......LOL

      1. Very true sg

        This Aamir fan are stupid sol garadhya

        I said same Aamir is cowerd who do less movie and that also in Christmas and his fan called other actor take benefit for festival

        Really big shame on tingu fan spl garashya

    3. beta a tingu best story ke siwa kuch n adita chopra ne kia kaha tha sharam rum karo salman ko eak bb jaise story mil gaye to tingu ka kia gal ho ga dangal good story pk too good story kabhi low story ko sirf hit to kar ke dekhaye 2 year m 1 fulm w bhi har chese good hoti phir

    4. Abey ghochu Parshya, aise bol raha hai jaise Dhoom 3, PK aur Dangal Aamir Khan k wajah se hit hui ho... Put him in JHMS aur Tubelight, it won't even cross 50 crs. Even akki is bigger star on fan following and box office pull atleast he dares to release his film on Non Festives and make it a 100 crs film unlike Aamir who always wants to come on Christmas and if he doesn't get that period he skips the whole year without any release, Ex : skipped 2015 bcz srk was on Christmas with Dilwale and will skip 2017 coz his baap salman is on Christmas with TZH

  2. “It’s a very different role. I am really excited to play my character because it’s actually a role that sees me in very different light”

    Dear Jacqeline all roles will be challenging for non-actors like you. Dont worry you will look good as you are paired with another non-actor.

  3. sallu fans har article me mere comments search karte hai
    aur sidha dislike karte hai without reading :)

    sallu aur uske fans ko pura expose kiya hai maine.

    1. HaHaHa, this Idiot think that he expose Salman fans....LOL

      Abe Gadhe you know that you are KRK of Bollywood Arena, just like his followers follow him only to abuse him similarly here people wait for your stupid comment, so that they can laugh on you and abuse you......

      Ye pata nahi kis duniya main rahta hai.....LOL

      1. yeh duniye mein nahi rehta but aamir ke ghar ke bahar gate par banda rehta huya bonkta rehta hai. As everyone knows he is aamir pet dog

  4. I think you are mistaken, Daisy is not yet finalize, there is no official announcement about her, its just rumor like Sidharth and Aditya Roy......Taurani only confirm about Salman and Jacqueline, rest of the cast is yet to be announce......Just wait for the official announcement....

  5. Lol 2.0 hindi version will not cross 150cr open challenge take screen shot.
    Just over hype not all day is sunday same not all film is bahubali2.

    1. Challenge accepted.
      It will cross 150 in Hindi market.
      Lgi 500 ki, lele screenshot.

  6. Though I am not happy with the Director's choice, but its wrong to judge someone so quickly.....If Taurani and Salman has taken Remo then definitely they have seen something on him.....Remember same way Adi (YRF) and Salman trusted Ali Abbas zafar and he give us Sultan......Aamir trusted Nitesh and he give us Dangal......so anything is possible.....and I thing with good script any director can give good movie.....don't forget that Abbas Mastan has also give one of the biggest disaster of 2017 (Machine).....

    So guys be positive and wait for Trailer and Movie......

  7. Are you people really sure that Aamir, Salman, Akshay, SRK, Ajay are Bollywood actors. Looks like they r from different industries. You all should be proud of them, whosoever fan u are. They all have kept Bollywood intact in their capacities. So hail them all for their efforts and work

    Regards All


  8. Tingu salman's Liliput zinda hai and Liliput ki race will be finished. tiny flop star liliput salman lacks starodm compared to Aamir, srk, akshay. even ajay devgn is much bigger star than lallu salman in fan following.

  9. It should be Saif Ali Khan in the lead role.
    He is the Best for the Race Franchise.
    Kyunki Race inhi ki thi Ar inhi ki honi chahiye.
    He is the Found Perfection for Race Franchise.
    He Should Not Be Ignored.
    So #SaifAliKhan BEST #RACE3

    1. @Fans You are right. Race 3 star cast is bakwaas and miscast. especially salman who doesn't know ABCD of acting and boring screen presence. he will ruin race franchise. he can't match up to saif's charisma and style. there should be Aamir or Srk or even akshay to replace saif instead of salman.

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