Jab Harry Met Sejal Word of Mouth

The word of mouth is updated for all big films one or two days after release. The feedback will be taken from the audience who have actually watched the film in theatres. The general perception in the media and social networks will also be considered. And lastly, the box office numbers will also play a minor role. Let’s take a look.

Jab Harry Met Sejal WOM: 4.5 (negative)

Prediction: 72 Cr 

JHMS has received negative to an extremely negative response from the audience. For most of Imtiaz Ali films, the audience reaction is varied. Some love it while others find it boring. But in the case of JHMS, the word of mouth is universally negative. The film has been completely rejected both in single screens and multiplexes.

OK Jaanu5.626
Jolly LLB 27.4108
Badrinath Ki Dulhania7.2102
Bahubali 29.5380
Half Girlfriend5.654
Hindi Medium8.136
Jagga Jasoos6.868
Jab Harry Met Sejal4.572
Toilet Ek Prem Katha8.0154
Judwaa 26.7125
Secret Superstar7.565
Golmaal Again6.9170

63 comments on “Jab Harry Met Sejal Word of Mouth”

  1. What is the verdict of jhms if it wrap up under the 75cr...please tell me bollyarena please please

      1. From today I will become real and die hard Srkian .
        I will thrash all those who r thrashing jhms as it will beat bahubali2 record
        2 days :-30
        Mon:- 90
        And so on
        I am very happy to be a gobar Khan fans

  2. What is the verdict of jhms if it wrap up under the 75cr...please tell me bollyarena please please....

  3. What is the verdict of jhms if it wrap up under the 75cr...please tell me bollyarena please please.... Its flop or disaster

  4. watched it yestaerday - such a good film - 1st half is awsome --2nd half is ok--
    critics are just spoiling bollywood industryy---
    this film is for multiplex audiance --
    many sites are showing single creen occupancyy-- with is hardly--20 %
    overall showing its a big falure -- but its agood film and will work --- in more multiplex than single screens

    1. SRK is one of the biggest suparstar of country n he is struggling for collection.Now only matter for audience is content whether u r biggest star or new comer or great performer.Without good entertaining content people will not come to theatre.Hope SRK understand this & focus on dwarf or whatever his next movie is.People need value for money,they no longer coming for superstars.Recent examples tubelight & JHMS.

  5. zyada khush mat ho akshay fan ho sakta hai next Sunday srk fan khush ho
    takdeer bade kheel khelti baly anari ya khiladi

    1. Beta Akki choose great script not like lukkha script like jhms which is made to torcher audience and looting his money
      I know Akki had a very bad script sense before and he had done many films for friendship but Akki has changed now
      Superstar of today time is only Akki and aamir

  6. @vishal kaha chala gaya ab . Pehle to dingee maar raha tha . Ki JHMS Hit hogi TEPK ko beat kregi. Kehta tha ki screenshot lelo. Ab kaha hai Vishal . Koi comment nahi kr raha. I m very sad for JHMS par ek baat achi hui ki Vishal ki akad toot gayi.

    1. abhe main film dekne bhi na jaooo--
      agar Salman and Srk are giving opening of 16 to 20 crores ----and even Mubaraka such a family entertainer opens to 5 crores --
      think what Akshay film TEPK will open hardly 7 crores ---
      its after bahubali 2 and now a days too many critics --
      i am very sad for JHMS --and Tubleight
      but i am worried about TEPK--- people are rejecting Bollywood movies ---and might bhi GST effectt--- people are not coming to theaters ----

        1. sure---
          bas ab akshay TEPK ka bas bughet na 25 crores bata dee--
          aur tum log 50 crores kar ke blockbuster bana do- to main kuch nehi kar sakta

      1. [email protected] just wait 5 days more and you will get your answer and if TEPK opening +12cr it will consider better opening than JHMS because JHMS have hit music+top actress+ high ticket price

        1. to maine akshay ko top actress , hit songs ke liye mana thora kiya hain --
          uska standard hi low hain to main kya karo

          1. Beta Vishal yaad hai maine kaha tha ki 4 Aug k baad tune apna sir dewaar par maarna hai . Tab tu bade jawaab de raha tha . Ab dekh le kon sahi hai .
            Tere har comment k screenshot hai mere paas .

      2. Bechara @vishal.... SRK ka film aaya to GST effect ka excuse de raha hai...

        Aamir ko to kabhi credit nahi dega...sirf holiday star naam rakhega... Aamir is a superstar who made an offbeat film that released after his intolerance remarks during demonetization period and made almost 400 crores in India...

        Poor SRK.. All his films r flopping because of reasons beyond his control.... Clash...gst...hollywood movie...Nahi to JHMS 1000 Cr karti India me ?

  7. Arena firstly plz improve ur site
    And plz tell me first ur prediction was 135 and now u changed it accordingly why???

  8. imtiaz ali bhi karan johar aur aditya chopra ki tarah hi hai.. all are one movie wonder.. :D

  9. Mera beet hai ye movie 70cr bhi nahi karegi sal me 2 film me hi srk ka halat kharab ho jata hai jhms footfall max 70 lakh hoga Akki ka 4 th film of 2015 sib ka bhi footfall 86 lakh tha and his 2 rs fans comparing his actor with Akki and taking about srk 2 rs stardom

    1. Footfalls?
      Srk ki 7th highest footfalls Akki ki highest footfalls se jyada hai
      No comparison
      Ddlj ke footfalls almost 5cr hai bhai

      1. Jis Srk ki filomo ki footfalls ki tum baat kar rahe ho na...wo kafi pahle hua karta "tha".

        wo Superstar " tha". ab wo ek Chhota mota businessman hai

      2. Jis Srk ki filomo ki footfalls ki tum baat kar rahe ho na...wo kafi pahle hua karta "tha".

        wo Superstar " tha". ab wo ek Chhota mota businessman hai.

  10. Yeh saara qusoor keri kaali zaban ka hai @Sayar. Ab is kaali zaban sai amir aur salman ki next film ka bura prediction karke un ko bhi duba de.

  11. Once upon a time he was a big star ., i did appreciate him a lot ...he was better and bigger than than Jackie, govinda, sunil, mithun etc . But After series of flops , and disaster movies ., SRK has become the greatest and EPIC failures as an actor and star in the Bolly wood history ... Now it has become very clear he was the most hyped star in the last 100 years of Hindi film industry..so this epic failure and fall from the stardom was bound to happen ..sad for SRK and his fans as he had created lot of hype which he could not live up to...also because Aamir , Salman grew from strength to strength ..Media very wrongly attached the title King khan..King Khan is salman & Mega star is Aamir ..Shehenshah is Amitabh..

    1. @jacky u agree with u bt i dnot agree that srk dont desrve anything ,he deserve for king when he was no.1 over aamir n sallu when sallu n aamir had flops ,so king khan is now absilutely salman ,bt in terms of acting i belive still srk is best there with aamir n sallu stardum is only about gud script n crminal image ,whatever amitabh g is legend even he has no hits for last 10 years bt he will be legend forever like tha srk is also legend n will be legend aamir sallu akki ajay all r same bt in terms of bo presently only aamir sallu n akki is ahead thats it

  12. i watched yeasterday very disapointed for srk n srkians ,worst direction h abhi tak ka imtiyaz ali ka ,na thik sa shuru h na thik sa climax h only focused on hero herion ,urban thinking pata nhi kyu srk ne is script ko select kiya ab too acchi script lekar year me ek movie kare aamir jaise ,n akkians maan liya ab akki nw at 3 srk is 4 akki»»»srk ,ab too akkians ka time chal rha h chlo enjoy it

    1. No. Akki salman ke paas bhi bahut flops hai. Bad phase sabka aata hai. Aur ye movie ghatiya thi isiliye nahi chali

  13. Oh god

    Really it surpassed my prediction 60 Cr Bahubali day1 nett half (121Cr)... lol

    Anyway, finger crossed.

  14. abe kahan gayeee jinko furrrrrrr song sabse acha laga tha.............sab furrrrrrrr ho gaye........

  15. Srkians ke din gaye
    Akkians ke din kavi the hi nahi
    Aamirians muskil se 1 ya 2 hai
    Ab sirf Salman ka time hai✌✌✌

  16. Dear SRK,
    You've compeleted 25 years in the industry and filled our hearts with pride. But today, I unfortunately have to admit, recently you've been disappointing your fans with your poor choices of films. It's been ages since we've seen the charming Raj from DDLJ, the villanious obsessive lover from Darr, the daring hockey coach from Chak de India and many more. Unequivocally you are the King of Romance, but it seems suddenly you're only focusing on commercialization of you're films regardless of the content. Your fans don't expect this from you. Unknowingly, you're somewhere lowering your standards by this. I pray and hope that the situations change and we again get to see 'The Man who not only wanted to rule the box-office but wanted to win our hearts too'.

    Disappointed yet Hopeful Fan❤️

    Weekend – 45 Cr.
    Week – 65 Cr.
    Life Time – 74 Cr.
    Verdict – Disaster

  18. Salman and Akki fans are really manhoos.They make JHMS flop.next week TEPK also go in the same way.

  19. Apart from dr and a few others the rest of srk fans knew this film won't do that well. Rockstar is imtiaz Ali's highest grosser at 70 cr so JHMS will make 75 cr lifetime being imtiaz Ali's highest grosser but a flop for srk just goes to show srk shouldn't have worked with him as urban cinema only works on a small scale(max 5 cities with big star 3 cities with average star and 1 city with non star)

  20. Their is one quality of Salman fans even if he comes with a film like Tubelight too simple n shallow treatment more than opposite of his image they will come so dat he gets 100 crore everytime but others Amir failed in Talash Ajay struggled for Shivaay Akki for Singh is Bling and as far as srk is concerned Fan Now JHMS this is insane Bollywood needs hardcore stardom which only Salman enjoys Although Akki is also excellent in making his films successful even he does 3-4 year so even his fans are hardcore too

    1. @Crap Movie Watcher Abe lallu tell your salman to do talaash or fan like offbeat risky movies and release on non holiday and then it will also fail to cross 100 cr. Salman's stardom is nothing but a bubble. Tubelight with highest screens, eid festive release and hiked ticket price me kya ukhad liya. Talaash released 5 years ago and you fool comparing it with tubelight? Get some brain you moron. In terms of stardom aamir is light years ahead of everybody. Nobody else enjoys stardom like him. Not even salman. Tubelight's opening and foot falls were far lesser than talaash. So aamir is winner. If tubelight released in 2012 then it wouldn't have crossed even 40 cr life time and opening would have been around 5 cr.

  21. forget about aamir and salman is this guy even a bigger star than ranbir kapoor. ae dil hain mushkil was also an urban romcom which was released in pre-diwali with a clash. despite of those two big disadvantages the film collected 13 crore plus on day 1. and this film with all time hiked ticket prices , gst advantage , solo release, no pre-diwali to affect business is adding only 3 crore more. and why adhm even tamasha opening was far better than this which opened 11 crore net on much lower ticket prices way back in 2015 . let’s not talk about ye jawaani hain diwani unless srkfans will have heart attack. according to me jab harry met sejal would have opened close to 20 crore net with ranbir kapoor in similar conditon. so from here let’s not discuss about who is bigger star between salman and srk, let’s first decide who is bigger between ranbir and srk and my vote goes to ranbir.
    many people are blaming imtiaz ali for the opening but do they know that his love aaj kal has the second highest opening day of all time after ghajini and that too with saif.

    so according to me the current star ranking is
    1. aamir
    2. salman
    3. ranbir
    4. srk

    all time star ranking will be
    1. aamir
    2. salman
    3. hritk
    4. srk

  22. @ honest man/ truth, same ranbir and hrithik gave 8 crore opening to Jagga jasoos and kaabil.And u says they are bigger than SRK.please have a treatment.
    BTW, u told if JHMS fails to break opening day of tubelight then u will accept u know nothing about box office.so accept and please leave.


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