Jab Harry Met Sejal Verdict: Hit or Flop

Jab Harry Met Sejal Box Office Verdict: Hit or Flop: Shahrukh Khan's latest release has failed at the box office. The writing was on the wall in the weekend but the trend on weekdays is worse.

Like most of the other biggies, JHMS is a heavily profitable for producers. The film was sold at 75 crores to the NH Studios. But the distributor share can be 35 crores at maximum and they will suffer a loss of 40 crores. Also, it is likely to be a failure when it will make a premiere on TV and digital platforms.


  • Production Cost: 65 cr
  • P&A: 20 cr
  • Total: 85 cr


  • All India Theatrical Rights: 75 cr
  • Satellite Rights: 45 cr
  • Music Rights: 15 cr
  • Digital, Merchandising and Ancillary rights Rights: 35 Cr
  • Overseas Rights: 40 cr
  • Total: 210 cr


  • Distributor Price: 75 cr
  • Distributor Share: 35 cr (expected)
  • Verdict: Flop

The total non-theatrical recovery is huge for a film like Jab Harry Met Sejal. Though it is unlikely that the buyers will make much of a profit. The film is a flop in India just like Tubelight which made profits for the makers but was a loss for distributors. In overseas, the things are slightly better but it is not up to the expectations. The film needs to gross more than $12 million for emerging success in overseas markets which is looking tough.

Jab Harry Met Sejal is one of the lowest performance for Shahrukh Khan starrer. It will be a huge setback for the actor as he is unlikely to get such high prices in the future.

Also, tell us what are your views about Jab Harry Met Sejal verdict hit or flop in the comments section.

51 comments on “Jab Harry Met Sejal Verdict: Hit or Flop”

    1. Jhms nett 65cr domestic
      Hindi medium nett 70cr
      Aur overseas mein bhi koi jhande nhi gaad diye hai tubelight se compare kroge fir to lagega hi...

      1. Mubaraka ne 45 crore kma liye h

        or JHMS only LT 70 crore kma payegi....

        mtlb saaf h....

        Srk ka Stardom sirf 25 crore ka h???

        @Rehan bhai , bilkul shi bola aapne

        ab Srk ko sirf Aamir Khan production house hi bacha skta h??

    2. Overseas blockbuster hai ..lifetime 18M$ se zyada ho jaega ..overseas rights 45cr hai

    3. Shah Rukh Khan is now going to slip from no. 3 to No. 8 position as per Bollyarena's criteria of ranking the actors. i.e. on the basis of total net collection of last 3 movies. He is going to come below 300 crore as sum of last 3 movies.

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  1. beta akki fans 3holiday hain tepk ke liye
    agar ab bi 150cr na kar saki tu chup ho Jana hameesha k liye challenge for akki fans

    1. Abe o pagal. Sabse pehle to yeh bata ki 3 holidays konsi hai . Beta full extra holiday bas Independence day ki hi hai . Aise to Sallu ko bhi eid ki hoilday mili thi. Vo to fuss ho gaya. @masoom u r a stupid fan who is frustrated with poor performance of u star.
      Dont care baby Akki will rock.

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  2. wow srk movie 60cr it will be break record all time blockbuster
    if it continue running 2017-3017 tak on cinemas screen

  3. SRK was never my favourite actor but as I love Hindi movies I always watch his movies in theatre till 2013(Chennai express).Since than whatever his movie released I have not seen in theatre (except dear zindagi & he was not a lead character),but I have catch his movie on TV.I am very much sad to see his work – RAEES,DILWALE,HNY.I Have not seen JHMS,but whatever people saying & collection reflecting,it is worst from SRK.No one is saying anything bad about SRK performance as he is one of the finest actor of Indian cinema,but in a movie industry work speak,He is trying but not succeeding.In my dreams I have never though SRK in a romantic movie can be such a disappointing.As many are believing that Hindi film industry going to a very bad phase,worst than that is downfall of SRK “THE KING KHAN”.There was a time when no one was close to compete him.He was top of his game.I think at his age & achieving everything he should concentrate on making meaningful cinema with social message in entertaining way(Aamir & Akshay doing it consistently) without thinking much about giving biggest blockbusters.Full on commercial movie should be left to Salman(He is very good at it) & other young actors.If he not changes his script sense than he will be remembered only for his last good films(DDLJ,CHAKDE,etc) but look at Salman Akshay & others they give a film in couple of years which can be remembered for a long time.AAMIR is in different league.SRK can be in that league of AAMIR if he exit from the race of boxoffice & concentrate on good cinema.All the best for future??

  4. As per All trade sites, Jab Harry Met Sejal is biggest disaster.

    Jab Harry Met Sejal is a Disaster not Flop.

    1. @Joseph

      right bhai ,

      jo movie 160 crore pr Hit ho ,

      vh 70 crore pr to Biggest Disaster hogi.....

      @bollyarena ne sab kuch add krke 210 crore to dikha diye....

      pr budget me 100crore ka Extra promotion nhi joda?

  5. srk fans still watching raees trailer and its song
    some are watching JHMS song on utube
    some fans on twitter bashing other fans and fighting with critics

  6. From that 210 crore, they need to repay some amount to distributers (atleasr 50 crore), like Salman did after flopping tubelight...

  7. Total cost- 85crs
    Total Recovery -210 crs
    Distributors Loss-35-40Crs
    Give back to Distributors -125-40=85crs

    Still 85crs Profit

  8. srk fans still watching raees trailer and its song
    some are watching JHMS song on utube
    some fans on twitter bashing other fans and fighting with critics

  9. SRK is arranging a success party for JHMS just like he arranged success party for FAN...lol

  10. *** Special notification for all SRK fans ***

    From the famous 'Khan trio of bollywood' Srk has been removed and replaced by Irfan khan... Irfan Khan more bankable actor than Srk now.

  11. Eid slot is empty 2018 .
    No one ready to release kyunki Salman se darr lagta hai bhale hi tubelight flop hogae ho.
    119 to 120cr tubelight.
    Which film will break tubelight collection.
    Jhms....out of race failed.
    There is little hope with TEPK or golmal.
    Looking at current trend TEPK struggle to get 110cr but tax free status will definitely boos collection.
    Now days audience want good and best review film with good star.
    They don't want silly type comedy with little social message.
    Single screen audience don't like only message oriented movie they want some action twist and good song.
    Only multiplex audience like message oriented movie with good entertainment thrill with high quality standard.

    1. I'm sick of this nonsense HR DILSE and others you honestly think secret superstar won't cross a 100cr I mean look at the trailer film looks fresh and funny with emotions I think this film has the potential to be in the top 3 grossers of the year aamir Khan films tend to have 2-3 strong weeks whereas others have 2 if content is good.

    2. @HR dilse Abe gawaar wait and watch. Very soon your non actor will start facing clashes. Mark my words. TZH will also underperform and after that there is no way he will het solo release and someone else will start taking eid slot and snatch it from him soon. Just wait and watch.

  12. @prince sharma dangal have some local flavor kushti twist .
    Dangal have all content both multiplex and single screen audience like.
    I agree with u .
    single screen ppl want some fighting kushti
    U never bore to watch dangle,sultan,bajrangi bhaijaan,chennai express,rowdy rathod all these film like single scree and multiplex audience.

  13. Bollywood need hit movie now...2017 is so poor for Bollywood... hit by any actors need it now...I think all actors try to give his best for movie but it's depend on luck movie become flop or Hit?

  14. flop, disaster anything can be forgiven but 15 crore opening can not be forgiven at all. the opening of this film shows that audience from now on may not come to watch his films on first day , so even if he does a good film it might earn average at the boxoffice. it's too early to say but i think dwarf is the last film of his career , no one will sign srk in a film now on after seeing the disastrous opening of jhms. if srk wants to continue acting or over acting he has to produce , act , direct and distribute the film himself.

  15. Look at these akki fans.they are talking like Akshay is giving consecutive 300 crore grossers.atleast SRK have 2 200+ crore films .ok 1 if HNY trade fig is accepted.still 2 150+ and 1 200+ crore films.But Akshay is yet to cross 150, even 135 + crore.And i don't think TEPK is going to cross 150 crore despite disastrous performance of JHMS, tax free in many states ,5 day extended weekend.can any Akshay fans says with certainty that TEPK will do 150 crores.i will accept Akshay has replaced SRK from top 3.
    Please reply Akshay fans.

    1. So you are comparing srk with akshay
      From 2016 to 2017
      Srk films
      Fan ~84 cr flop
      Dz~ 65 cr
      Raees ~ 130cr
      Jhms ~65cr (max)
      Akshay films
      Airlift ~128cr
      Rustom ~127cr
      Jolly ~117cr
      Srk total collection 344cr
      Akshay total collection 494cr
      Akshay is much bigger actor than srk currently
      And one more superhit is coming this Friday Tepk will rock

    2. Akshay Sir ki Films Non - Holidays par aati he or Superhit raheti he..SRK ne himmat karke FAN release ki, Critics ne bhi acche reviews diye lekin fir bhi Flop ho gayi not even touch 90 crore in domestic market. Akshay sir ne 16 Films Flop di he fir bhi aaj vo Super star he. Agar Tumhare SRK ki Back to Back 10 Flop ho jaye to use koi Villain Ka roll bhi nahi dega. SRK ki Films ke budget bhi high hote he or vo bade banner ke sath kaam karta he, Jab ki Akshay Sir low budget film banate he or Super hit hote he.

      Vese bhi SRK is Finished do not compare this over-actor with National Award winning Superstar

  16. i am talking overall, not 2016,17.
    My question is can anyone tell with 100% confidence that TEPK will collect minimum 150 crore as all advantages are there like solo release,tax free in several states,5 day weekend ,no competition from JHMS .looking all advantages below 150 crore will be big disappointment.

  17. Sari life ho gaye amir aur srk best story lete hue aur y dono good acting ker lete h phir bhi salman se pechhe h salman 1 film best story wali ki 600 c par ticket price bhi kam hote srk amir se agar dangal ki tarah 1 aur best story mil gaye to y dono kuchh bhi n truth is truthtruth srk abhi 250 n kar paya 300 kab kare ga amir best story ke sath ata h1 2 year m y kausa bussines hua salman ne sari life low story m ziyada film ko blockbusters banaya h low cast wali film ko blockbusters banaya h truth mano amir aur srk overseas m good h but 1 aur best story mil gaye to y dono khatam hon gy q keh overseas wale kitne srk Amir ki best story walu film dekh rahe h h jab salman 1 2 best film ki to in ko bhol jayen gy.akki king of none holiday jo bat manne wali us ko mano agar akki kitne film flop b hain. Good story ko ms dhoni wali film banaya ja sakta h q best story ko kamyab gone kelye acting ki amir aur srk ki zarorat n h

    1. @chakki Abe lallu your none actor lallu was nothing in last decade. South remakes saved his sinking career. Aamir is biggest global megastar. Tera aukaatless none actor salman bajrangi bhaijaan jaise good scripts se bhi aamir ka kuch nahi ukhad paya. Lallu hamesha lallu hi rahega. Aamir is much bigger star than lallu. Aukaat me reh. Thugs of hindostan will be much bigger blockbuster than chinkara zinda hai.

  18. Anushka passes stools every morning in the toilet. I wash her lovely dirty backside hole.

  19. JHMS is confirm as 'DISASTER' status.
    Please Bolly Arena make it JHMS as Disaster in the Verdict.

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