Jab Harry Met Sejal Trailer Review

Jab Harry Met Sejal Trailer Review

  • Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma
  • Director: Imtiaz Ali
  • Producer: Red Chillies Entertainment

Based in Europe, the trailer shows a love story between tour guide Harry and newly-engaged Sejal. SRK is a tour guide, as shown in the first glimpses of the trailer, “A tour guide wjo is lost”. Anushka, on the other hand, is an engaged woman who is looking for her lost ring. The two comes across each other and share a series of adventures. In the end, they both fall for each other and the film goes to India for the climax.

From the promo, it looks like a typical Imtiaz Ali film. A man is lost and searching for the meaning of life. He meets girl and both have fun before the girl tells him what he really wants. However, there is often a critical backdrop and some twists in Imtiaz films. Also the director uses a lot of metaphors and focuses more on character development. It means that this might not be everyone's cup of tea.

It is amazing to see that how a director can make so many different films set in the same universe. The visuals are terrific which is kind of given because it is Imtiaz Ali's film. Surprising there is no romantic track in the promo despite it being a love story. Also, the dialogues could have been better.

Overall it looks like a fun film which will appeal towards the multiplex audience. There has not been much revealed in the trailer which is a positive.

Rating: 3/5

The film will open well at the multiplexes. However, it needs a couple of chartbuster tracks for the masses to come on board. The rom-coms are not working anymore and it will be interesting to see how it will fare in the long run.

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60 comments on “Jab Harry Met Sejal Trailer Review”

  1. Romcom maybe not working but SRK will make difference & movie will open to 14-15 cr & weekend will be 43-48 cr.If movie is good than 125 cr plus,if average 100-110 cr & if not like than 75-85 cr.I hope it breaks raees record.

    1. Es movie se 10 times better thi ,

      jab we met.......

      same story.....same bhagode girl-boy connection ......

      srk , karina ka roll kr rha h ,

      or Anushka , shahid ka...........

      srk bhot dukhi lg rha h , har scene me............

        1. Abhey o lorhu........ aukaat me reh apni...... tere jaise log srk ki laterine saaf krte hain....... trailer review ki aukaat nahi hai teri.........

      1. Amir khan esa acter h ,

        jiski movie bina Huge promotion , 7000 sejal ,PM modi se mile , anti rekision movie PK , 18 scene dekar ,

        srk ki tarah 100 crore ka promotion (extra promotion) kiye bina.....

        Biggest oppning kr skti h ,.........

        or release k 5 month baad b , 2000 crore kr skti h .

        etni okaat to , hollywood valo ki b nhi????

        POC ....5 month bad ,China release hoti , to 50million b nhi kr pati??????

        1. Abey bhojpuri mahaveer, who will come to see your bhojpuri aamir if he does promotion?? People don't even come to meet him on his birthday. Neutral audience are simply interested about his movies, NOT HIM. SRK's fans miss him when he is absent from sometime on social media..?? THey will start crying if he does no promotion, cause they love him as much offscreen as they love him on screen. He does it for his fans. Bhikharis with no popularity don't need to bother about promotion. And probably you are another bhikhari soul so this type of fun promotions looks like 100 crore promotion to you..!! Bhikhar aamir ka fan with bhikhari soul...!!

    2. Although I want this movie to be a big Time flop, but whatever assumptions you have made, are looking most suitable one's. and movie is likely to end in range of 100 (+/- 10) crore.

    3. 14-15crore???? this movie stars srk not akshay kumar.even if it doesnt open upto expectation still it will earn around 18-19crores opening day and weekend around 55-60crores.and monday partial so 4day total maybe in the range of 70-75crores.After that content comes into play if it clicks with the audience movie will earn if it doesnt click it will underperform and collect around 120-130crore in the box office

  2. " The response so far is nowhere close to Raees , that was at different level altogether.A 20 crore+ start from here for Jab harry met Sejal would mean the credit would go entirely to SRK's pull .But at this point in time ,it's looking like it'll fall short. "
    Source - Indicine Q & A

  3. This movie is looking Promising
    Story will be Amazing and Imtiaz Ali always tells the story in a different way so he'll not disappoint us..
    And When the KING himself is Back wid his fav genre ROMANCE... nothing more needed to be Said!!

  4. 1.5 stars because rom coms are not working anymore and srk is not in form so no expectations

  5. my review 2star
    final business- 80cr
    verdict- flop
    reason for flop-
    1- srk overacting
    2-srk not looking sardar in getup
    3- srk does not know how to speak punjabi
    4-rom-com ring kho gayi pyar ho gaya phir vapas india chalo
    5-some plot from jab we met
    6-radha and beech beech song average another worse no blockbuster song
    7-only one open week
    8-only 4days it could earn than fell flat
    9-after bahubali people are more aware for movie
    10-final reason rom com movie not suitable for 55year old actor

    1. 55 years old actor?first of all he is 51years.second of all.What you know about acting to say srk is overacting?Have you done any course in acting?Have you achieved something in life to demean srk?negativity mat fela.agar pasand nahi aya toh chup beth.logo ko enjoy karne de.kya hua tera tepk ko?movie buzz is decreasing day by day.if movie gets leaked in internet.movie wont even earn 60crores.But I dont want that akshay kumar is a great actor and he deserves better fans not bitter people like you who haven't made much in their life so they talk nonsense about others.cheers

      1. @Bollywoodlover dil pa mat la yaar....55 ho ya 51 ya 52,53,54 point is he is old enough to play this kind of role...abe tujhe uski overacting achi lagti hai to apne dimag ka ilaj kara...rahi baat tepk ki woh hit ho ya flop apne ko kya cheers

        1. @mnik woh romantic hero ka role karein ya he does any other roles.tujhe kya bhai?mat dekh na baat khatam.negativity fela kar kya milega tujhe?

        1. Aur yeh raha humlog ka astrologer mnik.jhms is tubelight.lol.though you havent seen the film..aur kuch boss?bro thugs of hindustan ka collection bhi bata do fir.anyhow tu negativity felate reh boss.mein chala.kuch log zindagi mein kuch ban nahi pate toh dusro ki negqtivity felate rehte hai.cheers bro?

      2. Unbiased rankings of current Superstars that @ their best can skin out a character through their gifted talent which is acting.
        1. Aamir/SRK/Ajay
        2. SRK/Ajay/Aamir
        3. Ajay/Aamir/SRK
        4. Ranbir
        5. Ranveer/Hrithik
        6. Hrithik /Ranveer
        7. Akshay
        8. Sushant
        9. Varun
        10. Salman

      3. Aur buzz buzz chilla Akki KO buzz Ka zarurat nahi hai jolly low buzz 117 Cr hit
        Airlift low buzz 128 Cr Superhit
        H3 low buzz 110 Cr hit
        Rustom low buzz 127 Cr Superhit
        Aur srk fan high buzz 80 Cr flop
        Dilwale high buzz semihit
        Raees high buzz semihit
        Aur jhms flop/AVG hoga

        1. Arey o ujde chaman akki ke gatarchap saf karne wala rajpoot tera ider Kya kaam hai nikal yaha se,gaya tha tera chutiya actor womens world cup final mein promotion karne,jakein India ko harake aya agar jeetein to hungama machata tha tatti kar ke aya London mein,toOh tera chindi actor ke pass comment marle,tere jaise 3rd class walein ko is jagah bolne ki hakh nahi hai,agli bar ider uder boukte hue dikha tere ko Canadian star ke ghar mein gatarchap saf karane lagaunga,phir gataron mein baitke utsav karletein rehna

  6. Rom - com are not working anymore.then what are these ADHM, Badrinath ki dulhania .

    1. In bkd there is a social message
      And adhm have multiple chart buster song
      Both are missing in jhms
      So it going to be at most average...
      And more tend to be flop...

      1. Bhai tu rehne de.chartbusters songs dekhne ke liye koi bhi movie kyu dekhega?jab youtube pe they can see?adhm released during diwali where people tend to go watch movies and spend time with family.If jhms content clicks then definately it will fare well and may even challenge tepk in 2nd week.if content fails movie will still be an average fare cause of the holidays in first weekend and 2nd weekend.and this movie does have some great songs like safar and radha.

  7. is se pehle SRK ne jitne bhi romantic role kiye yeh role sb se mukhtalif hai SRK ne nonlinear character play kia hae wohi Pehle ki Tarah apni arm nahi phelayi so yeh overall different love story hai SRK guide bana hae SRK ke expression fantastic hai dialogue bhi ache hae agr 1 se 2 song next ache a jaye tou tb movie complete package hai

  8. Haters 24×7 waiting for article on srk to spread hate for srk. But wait and see..
    Look above my comments how may hate comments r there

  9. The positive thing about the trailer is that they haven't revealed much. It is an Imtiaz film so I am expecting it to be more than a simple rom-com. Agree with @bollyarena that there should be some twists in the plot. Let's see if they can prove to be interesting enough.

    The negative part about trailer was the mini trails that were launched before. Half of the trailer (that too the first half) is something that you have already seen so the impact goes missing.

    I would rate the trailer 2.75 only because it lost half of its charm to the mini trails otherwise would have rated it higher.

    Don't know why but the rush of excitement is missing for this movie. May be because I am not excited to see SRK now in a romantic movie. Last time I felt the crazy excitement was when #Fan was releasing. Was completely blown away when I had watched #Fan's trailer. Though the movie didn't match the expectations that trailer had created. SRK-Anand Rai movie I hope shall be the one which can generate that level of excitement again.

    All said and done still plan to watch #JHMS to see what a talented combo of SRK-Imtiaz-Anushka can deliver.

  10. Indeed.... Anushka Sharma has her boyfriend and he met a guide and she spends many days with SRK..... She went to club with SRK at night....Is this sensible in reality????? how can a girl leave her boyfriend and spends some days with a guide????? how can audience accept a movle like that????? i think its jabra fans movie.....

  11. Bollyarena as always you are bit harsh on SRK movies. Let's see. I believe this movie has every chance to cross 25+ crores.

  12. @Prashant Abhisekh
    ADHM had too much hype-Fawad Khan controversy, chartbuster music etc.
    BKD is not a rom-com. Its a Love Story. Same for YJHD
    Both were desi. Had mitti ki sugandh!!!

  13. this year highest grosser for bollywood movie is still raees so jhms could be nw overtake the raees ,only another movie shoulb be hgoty this year that is only tzh otherwise srk's hgoty after 10 years can happen whatever this is not big for khans ,aamir is far away bollywood should make like bahubali big scale movies(like dangal not happend every time like sunday )

  14. jhms definitly open above 20 crs can touch 30 cr opening haters ki bla bla sb waste h aug 4 pe pehle kuch comments dekhkr lagta h ye log srk ko niche karne bhgwan se puja bhi kar dete h too much hate this haters lets see on aug 4/5 then talk abt stardum of srk ,i challenge u it will surely open above 20

  15. I agree with bollyarena
    3* from my side

    From now SK n SRK will struggle to cross 150cr forget 200cr. ?

  16. Ab Bhakt kaha hai, agar is so called desh bhakt ke jagah hamara ture desh bhakt ShahRukh Khan hota to abhi tak Bhakt to road par nikaljaate aur shahrukh ko pakistan jane ko kehte

  17. Its a good trailer from the beginning m just saying its a 100% multiplex audience movie.
    It will open good in multiplex and average in single screen.
    Only name of the movie hurt single screen audience movie name is not Indian flavoured.
    Overall it will do good to very good business hope shark will bounce back with this movie.
    My opinion it is a sure shot winning movie of sharuk khan enjoy.

  18. Now I really feel ashamed of akshay he could not be an Indian
    Jis ko India ka flag nahi pakadna ata vo Kahana deshbakt hai, hero is real canadian

    I will boycott toilet akki ko sabakh sikhana hai

  19. Mujhe akshay kumar se ye ummid nahi thi, usne india ko bahot apmanit kiya jo india ka flag ulta pakadke, now he already provide that is not real deshbhakt, he is Canadian aur apni film hit karane ke liye ye akshay deshbhakti ka dikhava karta hai, I am going to boycott toilet aur is akki ko sabak sikhana hai

  20. @ utsav, abe illiterate gawar akki ke 4 consecutive hits pe uchal raha hai.SRK ne 2006 me KANK se 2014 HNY tak 10 consecutive hits di hai.FAN was 1st flop after 11 years.pehle akki ko 10 consecutive hit dene de.nikal sale 13 crore opener k fan !

  21. Ya i know.i also don't want to talk about akshay.but his some fans repeatedly talking nonsense about SRK.just because he is not able to give a clean hit they are comparing a decent actor Akshay with a superstar SRK.

    1. Bhai prashanth Canadian star Decent actor,no way he is big gatarchap actor Aur uska ujda chaman utsaav rajpoot uska gatar saf karte rehta

  22. It will be average movie...once again he will purchase award... whatever he does in acting he is behind Ajay Devgan,Amir khan and Akshay Kumar

  23. Still JHMS will collect more than last year's diwali disaster shivaay 84 crore.

    1. Yep exactly we all know RCE calculator...I think it will cross Bhahubali collection also

    2. dont worry....you will see the difference on 11 August,,,,, the story of JHMS is irrelevant ,,,on the other hand TEPK is a movie with social messages who fight back for his country with politicians to bring development..... TEpk is the clear winner.....

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