Imtiaz Ali’s vision and SRK’s passion for romance is truly a lethal combination that lights up every single frame of the film. Jab Harry Met Sejal is all heart and deserves a watch for Shah Rukh and Anushka‘s crackling chemistry that takes the film to another level. Imtiaz Ali’s this journey is definitely worth the price of your ticket.

JHMS Review by Hindustan Times

Rating: 2/5

Jab Harry Met Sejal is absolutely banal with some hummable tunes. It’s a big disappointment to see Shah Rukh Khan returning to his comfort zone and yet not performing at the top of his powers. Pritam’s songs can do some patchwork, but nothing can rescue this 143-minute of lethargic storytelling. I haven’t found what I was seeking, looks like you won’t either.

JHMS Review by Mid-day

Rating: 2.5/5

Jab Harry Met Sejal' has a few genuinely 'cool' encounters between the lovers. But these are too spaced out and too far in-between to engage us in the couple's destined marriage. What clutters the corridors of this posh-looking touristic 'vilaayat-darshan' are the winking flirty exchanges which lead nowhere. A big disappointment for both the fans of Shah Rukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali. They both need to think about what to do next. In separate rooms, please.

JHSM Review by Bollywood Hungama

Rating: 2/5