Jab Harry Met Sejal promo out tomorrow

Finally, the first promo from Shahrukh Khan's Jab Harry Met Sejal will be out tomorrow. The makers have opted for a unique promotional strategy as the trailer of the film will not be released anytime soon.

Instead, they will release some mini trails of 30 seconds from the film. The first 30 second promo will be out on Sunday during India vs Pakistan cricket match. The second one will be unveiled on Wednesday and the first song will be launched towards the weekend.

SRK explained his new tactics for JHMS, "We didn't want to go the usual way with this film. Imtiaz's films are always about the moments between his characters. So we have prepared the promotional campaign in such a way that the audience gets to catch glimpses of such moments which gets them closer to Harry and Sejal. By the time you go the theatres to watch the film, you already know who Harry and Sejal are."

Imtiaz added, "We have prepared the promos in couplets. So there will be two moments releasing first and then there will be a song that we will launch."

Here are two promotional videos.

53 comments on “Jab Harry Met Sejal promo out tomorrow”

    1. Srk ki har movie me ,

      News , Media , reality show , addvertisement , sabko mila k.....

      100 crore ka to promotion hi ho jata h?????????

      promotion cost ko b budget me jod diya jaye.....to Srk ki sari movies Flop sabit hongi??????????????????

      Kal k hi-fi match me 30 second ki Add me....100 crore diye honge Srk ne....

      Srk bollywood ka esa acter h....jo kmane k liye movie nhi bnata....apni izzat bachane k liye movie bnata h....

      jo Aamir or Salman dono ne mil k ....utaaar li h?????????????????????


      1. Bhikhar Aamir's fans are bhikhari also. They don't have the common sense that promotional costs are also included into salaries. Bhikhari aamir even after TOH will remain bhikhari and behind Toilet Kumar in terms of Payment.

    2. Ek aur upcoming disaster movie of the year coming of romcom genre after OK jaanu,half gf,haramkhor,and many others

    1. great promotions - great marketing strategy-- now only JHMS will get benefit because no direct clash with TEPK -
      otherwise other films get benefit with clashing with Srk Film -
      Good decision -- to release on 4th aug 17---
      as akshay film dont give opening more than 13 crores -- till will not harm much in 2nd week also--
      Jhms should cross 100 crores in 3 -4 days --- to give higer total collections - 220 crores -- min

      1. No he's not he doesn't like Salman but has no problem with Shah Rukh Khan, he's a Aamir Khan fan!

    1. Parshya agar tu akki fan hai toh srk ko kaise support kar sakta hai
      Tune dhokha diya mjhe yaar

    2. i had already told u all that he is SRK fan turned into Aamir fan to counter salman storm.. :D..
      log kya kya karte hai to stop the ultra mega stardom of THE salmannnnn!!!!!!!
      uska dono verdict out..
      he is not a genuine supporter of aamir.. :P
      he has created another id called roric to support his own comments :D

  1. Koi dum nahi,, srk agar dhoom 4bhi karree too dhoom 3ka par nahi kar payegaa,, uska pura zibdagi mein vo kavi salman aamir se upor nahi ja payegaa,, it's is going to be freaking 10years next xmax that he is tisraa khan,,, this time for aamir, aamir ,aamir and sallu ,sallu doing some gd so does akki aur ye srk astak 300sal purana image becnne busy,, I also had faith in him but he is businessman not artist,,, another melodrama coming,, no way ,, waiting for tiger high octane action and the humongous mega adventure thug,,, #another crappy oldy romantic shit

    1. Moron, SRK is a far Greater Artist than your NOn-actor Gangu Teli Sallu and Bhikhari Aamir. He hold the highest Civilian honour of several high profile countries. And his romantic films are classsics. He doesn't need to do Ek Tha Chinkara and Boom 3 like craps which are sold on Hype and then forgotten for ever.

      1. @NN

        gochu , srk k jitne record h , utne aamir ek film me bna leta h?

        or aamir k pas PADAM BHUSHAN or Padam Shree , dono h ,

        srk k pas sirf ek h....

        Kal ka news dekh .....aamir world k top 100 reputed ensano me ek h????????
        srk to dhul khata fir rha h....

        1. Don't use bhojpuri language, I don't belong to your bhojpuri country. SRK was chosen among the 50 most powerful men of the whole world, not like Bhikhaari Aamir. Your Local Padmabhushan is worthless for me. SRK has the Highest Civilian honour of France, Malaysia, Morocco. Nobody knows Bhikhaari aamir in France.....!!!

  2. Yes I think if you release the trailer 2 months Early (like Shivaay and TEPK) The buzz decrease.
    But if you relase the trailer 30-40 day Early like Dangal Raees or Tubelight is better bécause the buzz will be high .
    Currently JHMS have no buzz But after the promos and the trailer the buzz will be more than TEPK, this is a Very smart strategy
    So good decision by srk

    1. Yea,, that was love story with wrestling, struggling,,,, your puny king is 300years back same story, foreign location, road, songs,, same melodrama,, sultan love story was nicely presented ,not same way ur king does,,, that is why people liked and made it 300cr,, that is the point u don't understand u bloody motherpappu!!!!

  3. Scenario is same as CE vs OUATIMD .
    CE - 227 crore
    Ouatimd - 60 crore
    And flop akki fans are expecting to beat SRK's JHMS. Too much fun !!

  4. Haters : "love stories don't work anymore". Well... BKD earned almost as much as Jolly LLB 2. People just reject bad romantic movies but a good one will always have a huge audiance !
    Anyway, good way of promoting this movie. Can't wait for this one to release. Best of luck SRK !

  5. Put anyone is TZH opening will be huge. Put even Tushaar Kapoor , EK Tha Chinkara, its prequel was a Blockbuster of this decade only.
    For Golmal/Tiger franchise u dont need star power anyone can give big opening
    Reason-Brand value is huge

  6. The last time SRK gave biggest hit of the year was 2007 with OSO.But than for some years his films where in top 5 atleast,but last year his film was in top 10 or not didn't remember.even this year due to Bahubali 2 biggest hit is not possible but to remain in top 5 for srk is challenge by his movie harry meet Sejal & next year again it will be very much tough for him as robot 2,Dutt biopic,Thugs will be definitely in top 5 & I don't know more how many big films are coming next year.as every year passes it will become very tough for SRK to give biggest hit of the year.Only one film can do this for SRK is Dhoom 4,but again there he will need one more younger superstar but not Abhishek Bachchan as stakes are very high to become biggest hit of the year.I want to see atleast once when srk Give biggest grosser of the year.He is one among the top superstar of the country & was once biggest superstar of the nation.i think his haters also want to see atleast once he give biggest hit before it becomes to late.

  7. i hav been telling this.. parshyaaaaaa is a SRK fan fighting afainst salman using bichaara aamir's name.. as only aamir is close to salmans stardom..
    he is using his another id called roric or whatever.. to pit against salmans fans :D..

  8. U r r8,,,gd movie works,, bkd was fresh face, story was gd, but srk old face, story same ,roads, songs some melodrama, that is not gd movie so not going to work,, after my name is khan iss bande ne ek bhi assi movie nahi ki, that why without watching it I confident that is will be the same old story

  9. blockbusters of srk
    2008- rab ne bana di jodi
    2013- chennai express
    2018- dwarf ? may be,let's see

    the above statistics proves that even leap year comes earlier than srk's blockbusters as srk gives a blockbuster after 5 years and leap year comes after 4 years.

    but is dwarf fails to become a blockbuster srk should go to haridwar and take a leave from bollywood.

    as far as jhms is concerned let it first become a hit as gangu teli is struggling to give a hit for almost 3 years.

    1. How long did your Gangu Teli sallu wait for HIts and Blockbusters during 90's and 2000's..?? Oh I forgot he was busy competing with Rakhi Sawant, Tushar Kapoor and Arshad Warsi at that time...LOL

  10. SRK's 3rd highest grosser Diwale collection (149 crore or trade fig - 140 crore ) is greater than Akshay's highest grosser RR (131 crore) .what a shame for national award winner actor. Most likely JHMS will also go past RR collection.
    Now Akshay have a solo release on 11 August having full advantage of 14 aug janmastami and 15 august.so no excuse this time .TEPK will have to collect minimum 150 crore.SRK give the 2 holiday advantage to akki.we all know SRK film is not performing well after 1st week or even after weekend itself.so JHMS wouldn't take advantage of these holidays in 2nd week if strong content was not there.so everything is in favour of Akshay.

  11. are srk fans maante kyu nahi ho...srk time is over bahut dekhlia romance ab koi nahi dekhna chahta wahi purana hath failana...salman has over him like amitabh sir did with rajesh khanna

  12. rowdy rathore's footfalls was over 2 crore back in 2012 dilwale's is was lil over 1 crore in 2015...Abe agar RR abhi release hui hoti to collection 200+ hota ....faltu ki comparison krte ho...lol!

  13. Ok let's see Will TEPK beat JHMS ? As I said all advantages are with Akshay .No excuse is acceptable if TEPK not break JHMS.u all are saying Noone is interested in rom com ,SRk time is over.let's see who wins.

  14. It's a shame comparing Toilet Kumar with SRK. Toilet Kumar can't even give more than 12-13 crore opening on solo release. Toilet Kumar's highest grosser is lower than SRK's clash release Raees and Dilwale. Not to mention Toilet Kumar has no HGOTY and ATBB in 26 years. SHame on Toilet Kumar...!!

  15. Abe AGR nhi kia to jhms ko cross to kya ukhad jayega Akki k fans ka vo ek parallel industry h big profits dera h industry ko trade khush h audience khush h....srk fan bawle hogye apne star ko nicha aata dekh bhai yha bakwas krne se accha h use samjhao acchi movie kre....pichle 3 4 salo me ek bhi profitable movie nahi kia srk ne...btao ek traf akki profit pe profit de raha h or srk loss pe loss...srk fans baukhla gye h uske girte stardom ko dekh akki apni gagh baahut badia h....pehle khans me aata tha srk stardom itna gir gya abhi akki se compare ho raha h kucch din me hrithik phir ajay then new stars...lol!!

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