Jab Harry Met Sejal Overseas Box Office Collection

Jab Harry Met Sejal Overseas Box Office Collection: Despite the poor show in India, JHMS has done very well in overseas markets. The film has grossed approx $7 million in the first weekend which is the highest of 2017 edging past Raees.

Shahrukh Khan enjoys some crazy fan following in overseas and it has been proved again with JHMS. Though the growth was limited over the weekend but the film has set opening records in many territories.

In just three days, Jab Harry Met Sejal has become the second highest overseas grosser of 2017 from Bollywood. The film is only behind another SRK starrer Raees. The worldwide gross of the film has crossed 100 crores.



India (gross)
Worldwide (gross)
106.14 Cr

64 comments on “Jab Harry Met Sejal Overseas Box Office Collection”

    1. LMAO.. then what the hell SRK doing here ? send him there instead. He should do film in overseas only. Why to fool indian and loot indian with 2400 ticket rates of disaster film!

      BTW Tubelight collection was without Promotions but JHMS was hugely promoted in Overseas... That's why we call him Promotion's boy, without it he will even fall short of 50 crs....

      1. Hugely promoted in overseas ? Ab mtlb kuch bhi exeuse dega ..
        Jhms bas UAE me promote hua or tu bhool rha tubelight bhi UAE me promote hua tha or vaha ek gaana launch bhi hua tha ..ye Salman fans kuch bhi apne se Bana Bana ke jhuth baat bolte hai hahaha

        1. Box office ka king is aamirkhan he.. sirf aamirkhan..

          India ho ya overseas...

          Overseas indian ho ya non-indian

          India overseas worldwide king aamirkhan

      1. King Kon ???

        # ATBB in 90's#

        sakman 1
        shahrukh. 2....King
        Aamir. 1

        #ATBB in 2000-10#

        salman 0
        srk. 0
        Aamir. 1

        ( vese to 2 h..1st 100 crore ,1st 15 mil Os___Gajni )

        #AtBB in 2010-20#

        Aamir 3
        sakman. 1
        shahrukh 0

        1. Vese 90's me....

          kbhi salman aage , kbhi Aamir , kbhi Sunni , kbhi Ajay to kbhi Akshay....

          es hisab se to....90's me koi b king nhi tha....

          but pichle 2 Decade se Aamir king h....unbeatable...untoucheble...???

  1. Are you crazy Bollyarena ... 61.54 indian rupees in dollars is 9.5 million$ done some research before posting

    1. First try to read the article properly it is indian gross collection were as the overseas it is 7million$

  2. Srk ki filmein chale ya na chale phir bhi srk Bollywood ka King hein aur rahega Jo shahrukh NE 25 saal me kiya hai o to bhul nahi sakte

    1. Abe fake id ke Chacha
      Naam de raha hai akshay aur comment karta hai srk ke liye
      Waise tum logo ki frustration samjh raha hu

  3. 1st weekend 7M$ + 1.5M$ Thursday preview show ..total overseas collection Abhi tak 8.5M$ ho Gaya and tubelight ka lifetime overseas collection 7M$ hahahahahaahaha tubelight jab ki Eid release tha or tubelight jhms dono ko kharab review Mila
    Tubelight lifetime 7M$
    Jhms lifetime expected 18-20M$
    Salman local star sirf India me hi compare kar skte

  4. Srk overseas me bhut bhut aage hai door door tak koi takkar dene vala nahi ..salman ka to.chor hi do India ke bahar kuch nai

    Srk overseas king itna kharab movie 8.5M$ kama bhi lia Abhi tak including Thursday preview show ..lifetime 18-20M$

    Srk ka dilwale 26M$ Kar lia negative review or clash me
    Pk and dangal both 30M$ (excluding China collection )extremely positive review ke Baad bhi kyuki dilwale China ne release nahi hua ..chalo maante hai aamir china me bhut aage hai koi takkar nahi but overseas me overall srk bhut bhut aage hai

    1. beta jiss OS market ki tuh baat kar raha hai. Voh nri marke hai. Dilwale multistarer thi. China mein alien rehte hai. Gobar king LT of 3 movies 3cr in india. China, america, japan , south america, hong kong are real OS market.

      1. China ghanta overseas market hai ..vaha movue release hi nahu hua 5 6 movie ko chor ke

          1. Achaa to sun dangla pk se pehle aamir ka bhi movie hua release china me or 1cr bhi nahi Kia
            Sala bol aise rha jaise kamana se aanjr ka movie China ne achaa kama rha

            1. beta 1cr toh advance booking se ho jata hai. 1cr tumhere aukaat hai
              3idiots 14cr
              dhoom3 26cr
              pk 121cr
              dangal 1240cr
              srk toh 5000 screens mein china mein 1cr karta hai hny ke saath

            2. beta 1cr toh advance booking se ho jata hai. 1cr tumhere aukaat hai
              3idiots 14cr
              dhoom3 26cr
              pk 121cr
              dangal 1240cr
              srk toh 5000 screens mein china mein 1cr karta hai hny ke saath.

  5. lol D3 ka 10m$ weekend bhi nahi tod paya gobar star 4 saal me. [note. Christmas come after 5 days of its release so 10m in non holiday and pre xmas]

  6. Copying a thread from one of SRK fan Hipsteerific

    1. SRK has inadvertently become a mass star who has millions of fans. They love him to the core

    2.They are ready to do anything for him. They've grown up on his universal movies which appealed to all sections

    3.They've grown up on his fairytale life story which perfectly complimented the fairy tales of his movies.

    4.His audience has always been families, middle class aunties, young kids, young boys who sprout his dialogues/lyrics like second nature.. He CANT ignore his audience at small centres who have frown up watching DDLJ or K3G

    5. His audience base which was with him throughout his career doesn't connect with characters like Gaurav, Jahngir Khan, Raees, or Harry

    6. This is when they start feeling betrayed. But they still give his movies a chance. They always turn up for his FDFS events


    But deep inside when they hear others/neutrals criticize his movies they know they're the 'abnormal' ones for still loving him.

    8. And then a film like JHMS comes which makes his fans feel that he's returned to his "King of Romance" roots

    9. That woman who was crying seeing SRK at her side, keeping his pics with her all over her room, that granny, that grandpa who love him a their son, cant see him KISSING, and acting stupid.

    10.The ones who have been with him throughout turn on him for not even getting a simple 'romantic' film right.

    11.And adding the usual overreaction of the media, you get a movie which is destined to be remembered as the one which broke the dam.

    12. NOTE:
    JHMS was always coming because he shifted to an urban base (a base which relies on reviews and isn't loyal to any star).

    Loyal fanbase wants him as their family hero, something since Deewana days.

    13. When you see films like Dangal, Sultan, Bajrangi, PK etc (quintessentially Desi films) doing so well, you don't go sign an Imtiaz film, when u have a Chak De India to boast about.

    14. That's the last thing you should do. For your career, for your box office, for your fans. They love you because of your family entertainers.

    15. If you ignore the fans who made you, they can forgive you once or twice. But keep doing it over and over again, they eventually leave.

    16.Doing movies with directors whose previous films were English Vinglish, Shudh Desi Romance, Tamasha, Firaq = you don't care about your base.

    KRK knows the story revealed by an RCE member. How can a company be so careless?

  7. srk fans OS market ka potential 30m$. From where holly movie bring 500m$ from PLUTO. Srk movie earn among NRI. By combining OS market of all countries potential is 2billion$. 30m are chillar. Srk age hai OS mein nanana..... Blah..... NRI AUDIENCE hai uske paas. China mein nahi south america one of big market waha 200m$ karke dekiye. Inke liye 30m$ pura OS hai

    1. Bol to aise rha ye dogla jaisa aamir ka sb movie utna kamaya hai or nri ki vajah se overseas me srk utna kama rha ..are bhadwe jab kuch pata hai nahi to bhok mt


        DANGAL-229M$ and counting.250m$ should be crossed.

        1. China hmara real dushman b h....
          Or china abhi b hmse war krna chahta h.....
          Kya tu iss bat ko smjhta h...
          Or agr believe na ho to news dekha kr daily.....
          Or srk vha apni movie release tk nhi krna chahta...
          Tera amir ghtiya tha ghtiya h or rhega....
          3-3 saal se hu uppr hua h....wrna wo ghnta b nhi h...
          Dogla khi ka sala

          1. @sayar

            bhai kuch b ??

            China real dushman h , Desh k NeTa ?

            desh k currpt log ?

            desh k guru gantal ?

            Bhai pichle 5 month me Bordar pr kitne Jawan mare gye ??

            1-2 ??

            Pak ne pichle 6 mhine me kitne mare ??

            500-600 ??

            pahle Pak ko to sudhar lo...?

            Or china hmara dushman nhi h...DOKLAM b india ka Part nhi h...vh Bhutan ka part h...

            Bikaoo media Or desh-bhakti k nam pr vote lene vale neta logo ne...

            ye bkwas FAKE news fela rakhi h????

            Or gochu...Srk 3 movies Release kr chuka h..mr @bollywood

            fake @sayar

          2. @sayar,Abe Fan kyun release ki thi pichle saal china mein SRK ne?

            Jaa kar padh kitna paani bachaya Aamir ne maharashtra mein aur 25Lacs donation diya Assam fllood victimske liye.

    2. Kitna bara jahil gawaar hai tu agar aisa hai to akshay ka movie overseas me itna kam kyu kamata ? Usse zyada Varun hritik Ranbir Ranveer kama leta hai oversesas ne ..nri hi agar sirf agar dekhti to akshay itna kam kyu

      Srk ka fan following nahi jaanta hai tb .bhut koi jaanta hai srk ko aamir ko kon jaanta hai India China star

  8. srk fans 26m srk aage hai pure OS mein. Avatar 2billion$ come from pluto. From all countries. China 2nd big OS market mein koi aukaat nahi. Srk purre OS mein aage hai. 100m$ karde with worst movie.

  9. SRK FANS:potenial of OS market of all countries excluding china is 26m$. While china is moon of jupiter cant be added. Avatar 2billion come from JUPITER


  11. LOL!!!!!! SRK is blocking his fans who are asking him to work on script and director. They are very hurt. 2 min silence for them

  12. SRK is no more a big star. Before release his fans were saying it will do 200 Crore where are those fools now. With TEPK Akshay will overtake SRK and will become number 3.

  13. Parshya.....I love u....
    M tumse milna chahti hu.... mujhe tum bhut ache lgte ho.....plzzzz u meet me

  14. An open letter:
    Hello Mr. Shahrukh Khan,
    As I write this and I do want to address it to you, but there are no means to do so directly and I visit this website so thought to do so here in the comment section. As it depicts the poor state of my online presence and the urge to write an open letter to you which has been in the making for practically 10 years.
    Have been your fan since I remember me. Growing up watching you and idolizing the fact that you made it big with being so common like most of us. It gave us all dreams that we can be you and go beyond any limits. You took your work to every corner of the World but, it was us who had the belief and you sold that belief that If I can do it so can you guys. From North to West, We all connected with you. I am no expert in the movie business or how it is even done but I sure am a Cinema fan and you Sir! was the one who made it happen while growing up.
    Your fans want you to be the biggest star in the World forever and that is inevitable. You have become 51, your face tells that, your eyes tells that your presence tells that the ENERGY you have is the same as of a 15-year-old kid. Sadly We don't want that energy only anymore. We have seen that the World that has developed has a lot more to offer but to idolize you. There is better there is more and there is everything that one can do in this World. The dream you sold years ago became a dream of selling your product and at time stuffing it down our throats and the results have not been what you would have ever expected.
    Even after that, We adore you and the strangest fact as it might seem to you is that all your fans want you to do good cinema. You are a big man and surely hundreds of people would be telling different things to you, but they are all just pleasing you I guess.
    Imtiaz Ali is a very fine director. You in order to make your product reach wide start doing these gimmicks that this is the product or there is nothing else. The director who is not used to of this will surely be lost of what has come in his life. The result He will make a bad movie. You did that with others too and your choices are yours to make and it might never change with the arrogance you brought with you from the start of your career.
    What I do believe can change is that people have stopped liking you, you are a big star and they would go see you anytime of the year given the condition that you show them what they want to see and not what you want to prove to yourself even after 50 years.
    Desperation gets the better of us and it has started to get the better of you too. Make a movie without heart, without romance, without love, without everything that you have been selling us for some years now because we do not want to see you in any of that.
    You are a good actor and you will always be and the inevitable of losing the top spot is not that far too. Make cinema where I would happily go spend my money and go again even to do so, but your last outings have not been worth spending my money.
    You had 2 blockbusters in 2007 and 1 in 2008 and that was a great time but what you did you skipped 2009 to not give anything to the audience and when you came back in 2010 it just all went downhill from there. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and that all is a very long time to keep repeating the mistake.
    Would really want to see you doing something that really does make us entertain and brings you back to the spot you so really deserve after all the years of work that you have done.
    From a very desperate fan of yours.
    Good Luck

    1. @shah

      tum jese logo k liye blockbuster ka mtlb Good movie hota h ,

      but OSO kese good movie thi ??

      srk 2006 se bkwaas de rha h......

      are re re....uski to sari movie Bkwas h...???

      kisi time chal gyi so chal gyi???

  15. I think that shah rukh khan has just wasted 7 years of his career ....no good film in such a long time......if he had utilized it properly, he would have achieved stardom like no other

  16. Its clear after mega disaster of tubelight and JHMS

    Sallu-local star
    Srk-limited overseas star

    Aamir - the biggest global megastar ?

  17. @vishal
    Bahot craze Hai JHMS ki.. ??

    Only 10cr Kam pad gaye nahi to 25cr ki opening mil jati.

    Plz don't underestimate Srk's power. ?

  18. Says a lot about the IQ level of NRIs. There is nothing difference between them and indian auto waalas when it comes to IQ. They need to grow up. WTF are they doing in foreign countries? Get a life NRI audience. Grow up and watch meaningful movies instead of supporting shit movies of overhyped crap actors and stop blindly following such actors.

    1. abey itna kyu jal rha h dangal se jads hua ye ? sultan se bhi jada hua ye? bas flop movie itna kamaya yehi jali na tera beacuase of u r anti srk

      1. @Chandra Prasad kahan dangal se zyada Kiya you idiot? Dangal is mount Everest for hakla in overseas. Forget dangal hakla can't break dhoom 3 or pk records in overseas. Aamir baap hai overseas me sabka.

  19. Those who are praising SRK will be shocked again....This time Krrish 4 will clash with Dwarf,,,, this dwarf will be again a big disaster.... Krrish 4 will break all the records on Christmas 2018..... remember this......

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