Jab Harry Met Sejal Monday Box Office Collection

Jab Harry Met Sejal Monday Box Office Collection: Shahrukh Khan starrer has fallen further on Monday with collecting around 7.15 cr. The drop is more than 50% from the opening day.

It was a holiday for Raksha Bandhan but it did not help Jab Harry Met Sejal collection much. The prices have been reduced at most of the plexes yet many shows were cancelled all across the country. The film can drop further on Tuesday and Wednesday as it has been completely rejected in all circuits. Jab Harry Met Sejal box office collection in 4 days is 52.95 crore. The film will finish its lifetime run at 70 crores as it will be out of most of the theatres in the second week.

Day 115.25
Day 215.0
Day 315.50
Day 47.15
Day 53.0
Day 62.25
Day 71.75
Day 80.75
Day 91.10
Day 101.0
Day 11-141.50

30 comments on “Jab Harry Met Sejal Monday Box Office Collection”

  1. Really sad news for distributors. After tubelight the onus was on JHMS to recover some lost costs but didn't prove to be the one. Hope TEPK proves to be profitable, fingers crossed

    1. Ab wahi log keh rahe hai ki script acchi nhi thee isliye movie nhi chli jo keh the ki aamir to sirf achee content se movie atbb detA hai...
      Kyun ab kahan gya stardom
      Ye to ghtiyaa se ghtiyaa movie bhi hit krwa dete thee ab kyun achee script chahiye
      Or waise bhi sirf achee script se bhi jayada fark nhi pdta jayada se jayada movie hit ya super hit ho jaayegi..
      Atbb dene ke liye stardom bhi hona chahiye
      Aur yahan stardom ka mtlb die hard fans nhi ki uske liye Mar Jayein ya uski ghr mein pooja krien
      Wo fans jo uski har movie jaake dekhe aur achee lge to appreciate krien nhi to criticize bhi krien...next time achee movie krne ke liye kahen.. ab to direct touch mein bhi hai via social media.....
      Now all hope on tepk....

    2. boxofficeindia says 6.25 cr so 1 cr manupulated today.....there were heavy promotion and corporate booking otherwise lifetime 70cr would have been difficult.

      1. Abe jahil gawaar kitna exeuse deta hai tu .. Manipulate kaise hua vo Bata na boi trade figure batata hai or ye producer figure hai

        Corporate booking ka rona kab tak krega ....Tere jaise jahil ko kutta ki tarah maarna chahiye nanga kar ke beech sadak pe

  2. Today( tue ) + wed + thur = 7-8cr
    First week 60cr
    Lifetime <70 cr
    All time Disaster

  3. I wonder who are those 28% people who rated HARRY MET SEJAL as Good film ??? . If you liked HMS , then you guys deserve movies like FAN , DILWALE , HNY , PRDP etc

  4. As I. Commented most of the time earlier both JHMS and TEPK will not beat tubelight collection.
    JHMS now out of the race.
    Let's see TEPK able to beat tubelight lifetime collection.
    M not praising tubelight its disappointment film but still it will lead jhms tepk.
    Hope tepk will beat tubelight and will become 2ND biggest movie till augest.
    I have doubt for TEPK it's just buzz report.
    Don't mind plz

  5. TEPK will be a huge hit...
    sharukh ka time ja chuka....
    public pagal ni rahi ab...
    crowd ko kuch naya chaiye wahi purana ghisa pita ni chalne wala ab.....

  6. At least Salman paid distributor back 55 core but here SRK film will not be able to earn even dat much as Tubelight 120 cr is always a reasonable total since unless it's a Salman Khan or Amir Khan film but still 100 crore is 100 crore but here tide is totally different SRK is struggling to chase dat after a decade srk is back on 70-80 crore

    1. Holiday release samjhta hai jahil gawaar? .. Tubelight agar non holiday me aata to screens bhi kam milta or vo bhi 80 90cr me ruk jaata
      Eid release tha is liye 120cr chala Gaya or 2 week free run bhi tha kki movie release nahi tha 2 week tak
      Jhms ke agle week toilet hai ..aona dimaag tu kaha rakha hai apni g**nd me rakha hai kya?

      1. G.... Srk fan ro rha ab jab CE ayi thi Tab kaha gaya Tera open week is srk ko kisne roka ta wide release se ye bta pehle sabse jyada avg ticket price hone k bawajood flop de rha hai lagta hai tune apna dimag g.... Mein se t... K saath FLush kar diya

  7. Why yesterday you said murbarkan will be flop? The movie can do 55-65 and can be average - semi hit
    Other Hand srk JHMS is doing 15+ in weekends and 7+ yesterday only because of promotions.. he is still doing promotions.. otherway the collextion was 15.25 friday 13.50 saturday 14.5 sunday and 5 monday
    Srk will do Anything for a 100 crore and for that the movie need 6 cr today 5.5 Tomorrow and a good 4.5-5 on 7th day then the movie will be arround 68, and than need a hold of 2,50+ on friday good jumps on wweekend.. But will be difficoult Even with that the movie will do MAX 90-95

  8. salman's highest opening days on non holiday
    1. bajrangi bhaijaan- 27 crore approx
    2. kick- 25 crore approx
    3. tubelight- 20.5 crore aprox
    4. dabangg2- 19 crore approx
    5. jai ho- 17 crore approx

    gangu teli srk with all time hiked ticket prices, gst help failed to beat any of the film mentioned above. without gst effect and all time hiked prices it may would have failed to beat the 13 crore opening of ready. as far as lifetime is concerned i can explain srk's condition today by quoting a famous dialouge from srk film in my style

    hume jeete ek bar hain
    marte ek bar hain
    shaadi ek bar hota hain
    pyaar ek bar hota hain
    aur chennai express jaise blockbuster bhi ek hi bar dete hain

    ( srkians can you guess from which film this dialouge is taken)

  9. @ dishonest man, abe gawar SRK have 10 blockbusters in his career which will become 11 after BOI update Baazigar.only behind Salman.
    Is JHMS failure changed anything ? In 2006 from KANK to HNY he delivered 11 consecutive hits or above and KANK to Dilwale (2015) 12 successful films.FAN was the 1st flop in 11 years after Paheli in 2005.No current actor have this unique record.your gangu teli Salman can only imagine this record in his dreams.

    1. Tw le an JHMS bi pit gayii re Srk fans ki frustration dikh rahi hai yahan baithne k bajaye Film dekh aaate tw acha rehta

  10. Eid slot 2018 is free any actor have guts to release film to show they are also do blockbuster movie on eid.
    not for sharuk and Salman.
    Not a single producer actor or director have guts to release their film on eid 2018.
    All waiting for Salman announcement on eid.
    If Salman not releasing he's film then only other actor dare to release their movie on eid.
    Power of Salman.
    Ek film flop hone se kuch nahi hoga tubelight flop hue to b kisiki himmat nahi hori eid 2018 ko release karneki.

    1. Tell your salman to have guts to face clash. No aadmi ek bhi clash nahi Jeet paya apni career me usse kya darna. After compare zinda hai flops mark my words your lallu dont get a solo release anymore. This is my open challange.

  11. SRK was never my favourite actor but as I love Hindi movies I always watch his movies in theatre till 2013(Chennai express).Since than whatever his movie released I have not seen in theatre (except dear zindagi & he was not a lead character),but I have catch his movie on TV.I am very much sad to see his work - RAEES,DILWALE,HNY.I Have not seen JHMS,but whatever people saying & collection reflecting,it is worst from SRK.No one is saying anything bad about SRK performance as he is one of the finest actor of Indian cinema,but in a movie industry work speak,He is trying but not succeeding.In my dreams I have never though SRK in a romantic movie can be such a disappointing.As many are believing that Hindi film industry going to a very bad phase,worst than that is downfall of SRK "THE KING KHAN".There was a time when no one was close to compete him.He was top of his game.I think at his age & achieving everything he should concentrate on making meaningful cinema with social message in entertaining way(Aamir & Akshay doing it consistently) without thinking much about giving biggest blockbusters.Full on commercial movie should be left to Salman(He is very good at it) & other young actors.If he not changes his script sense than he will be remembered only for his last good films(DDLJ,CHAKDE,etc) but look at Salman Akshay & others they give a film in couple of years which can be remembered for a long time.AAMIR is in different league.SRK can be in that league of AAMIR if he exit from the race of boxoffice & concentrate on good cinema.All the best for future??

  12. Hope TEPK work better.
    Atleast akshay get super hit with TEPk.
    If TEPK fail last and final hope of Bollywood is always TZH.

    1. Forget Bollywood, only Telugu and Tamil cinema is the hope of Indian Cinema... Bollywood is finished... Now, the next ATBB after Bahubali 2 will be Robot 2, then Sahoo and then Mahabharat...

  13. SRK need a movie under Aamir Khan productions' banner to save his sinking career.... ???

  14. good sign for bollywood kyuki aajkl log stardom ki hisab se movie nhi dekh rhe balki
    achi story wali movie dekh rhe h chahe star koi b ho

  15. chakkians khushi se uchal rahe hai Chakki ke success se nahi balki Srk k failure se...
    inki happieness bhi Srk p depand hai...

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