Jab Harry Met Sejal Mini Trail 4

You've seen different shades of Sejal but this one is quite unusual.

Jab Harry Met Sejal releases in cinemas on 4th August 2017!

61 comments on “Jab Harry Met Sejal Mini Trail 4”

      1. @bollyarena team , thanks sir add krne k liye??

        @vishal ....bhai aap bol rhe the , ki aamir ki SS ki diwali par okaat dekhte h....

        bhai...vo sirf cameo h...

        or esi baat h to....SRK cameo me flop de chuka h....vo b salman k sath....????

        log confuse ho gye....ki SRK ki tubelite dekhe ya na dekhe????????????????????????

        @karan singh.....

        bhai tu ab tk 1000 baar kh chuka h....srk ka stardom jyada h....

        to fir tubelite flop kese ho gyi???

        jese Secrate superstar Aamir ki movie h...vese...tubelite b to srk ki movie thi??

        1. Aamir has an extended cameo in SS, more like he did in TZP. But its not going to be like a small 5 min cameo.

        2. @Mahaver-- Abey bhojpuri gawar, how can a 5 min cameo make a film hit..? If there wasn't SRK's cameo Fusslight wouldn't even cross 100 crore on Eid. ANd your idol is releasing his extended cameo on Diwali, proves that his aukaat will be exposed if his film releases on NOn-holiday.

          1. @NN

            bhai NN , amir ki okaat dekh k rajnikant bhag gya ,??? vo b diwali chod k...

            bhai okaat valo ko hi dates milti h ,

            bhikhariyo ko Raksha bandhan or clash???

    1. I m not srk fan. But mark my words, jhms vl do double business than tepk If both movies r good.


      1. Tu 100% likh raha hai @Austin. Aur agar aisa na hua to tere pe case banta hai . Ab 11Aug to 2 good things hongi . Ek to TEPK blockbuster hone k saath JHMS ko beat kregi aur doosra Tujh jaiso ka ghamand tut jaaega.

    2. First mink thanks that u always supported me
      Now come to harry marry
      Max will be 99.99 crore
      Another fan is coming
      Khula challenge hai isshse jyada kamaya toh mai uske account mai 1000 ruppee doonga

          1. Lagta hai bollyarea ke suspend karne ke baat tu jis pagalkhane mai gaya tha, waha pe teri acche se ilaaz nahi hui.
            Tujh jese chuhe ko mai naukar rakhta hoon, aukaat me reh kar baat karr.
            Simply, ek joke marr raha tha, tu mental saala hyper hone laga. Jaa, apne baap ko dara. Kyuki too to kavi baap banega hi nahi

            1. @sayar 1000 Rupaya se toh Tere baap ki bhi aukat pata pad jayegi and Haa mere par aur mere jigar par shak mat karna
              Dono bahut bade hai

              1. "Dono bahurt bade hai"
                Tere chest mai wo do chij bade hai to hum kuch nai karsakte. Duniya mai ladka aur ladki ke alawa tuj jese log bhi hotai hai. Aur fake accounts bana ab

    3. Going by it's buzz and trailer it will be even more crap than hny, dilwale and fan and end up all time Disaster in haklu career

    4. Looks like a great movie, the music seems really good, lets see how it turn out to be! Can't wait wait for the rain song! BlockBuster!!

      1. @rustom..

        Read my comment carefully. I said if both movies r good then only. If tepk is more nice film than jhms then i might can go wrong. Nd as i said i m not srk fan mera koi ghammand nai he. Srk always hits deta aya he romantic movies k sath.

        Akshay is also one of the finest actor. But here apart from fan v need to understand the real fact as well.

  1. JHMS achi movie lag rahi thi par yeh mini trials release krne ka idea bakwaas hai. Thats why buzx for thia movie is decreasing . They should release a good trailer just like TEPK. But I am eagerly waiting for TEPK.
    Akki rockzzzz.

    1. yeah mini trailers ke baad --
      mega trailer release hogaaa ---
      phir logo ko lagegaa only 1 film is releasing in august --thats JHMS

        1. @Utsav you said that you don't want to say anything bad about Shah Rukh Khan or the movie so why are you here spreading negative stuff about the movie! It's okay though I'll see you on the next post of TEPK Flopbuster!

  2. TEPK ka band bajanewali film sabit hogi
    Biggest grosser of the year

    1. @hr dilse agar TEPK ne JHMS ki band baja di tp kya krega tu .
      Sabse pehle to tu apna comment edit kr .
      Highest Grossers of 2017 .
      1. TZH - 250CR +
      2. TEPK- 160CR +
      3. JHMS- 140CR
      4. GOLMAAL- 135CR
      5. RAEES - 135CR
      6. TUBELIGHT- 125CR
      7. JOLLY LLB 2 - 118CR

      1. Tepk 160? More than Jhms and G4? Sorry bro Akshay has no starpower to lift a movies past 139 cr better you accept and you and @Asstav Rajtatti stop joking on every pages mocking Joker kumar. A word is ok for the wise.

    1. Bro far as I know after 7 mini trailers and 3 songs they will release the trailer at the last moment. I don't know the reason behind this strategy but hope it works.

      1. @NN
        There is no practical buzz in the ground level. I dont understand how many fake MBA holders are in disguise as marketing connoisseurs in Red Chilles. What they report to SRK? What SRK is thinking? He needs to renew his PR, marketing team.
        The entire world considers SRK as a marketing genius. Seems like this attribute has gone over their head.
        Tomorrow if this film opens bad, SRK will be ridiculed, written off and trolled and only he and his team will be responsible. Thats a nightmare

        Moreover Bhaitards are sitting with mouth wide open. We have trolled them and now they are waiting for pay-back time and RCE is giving Rickshawalas a respite. Foolish!

  3. mene srk ka "fan" movie promotion ka video dekha tha usme srk keh raha tha ki me asi movie banana chahta hu ki wo hollywood ki movie ke barabar lage , aise movie jo global audiance bhi dekhe aur dekho srk le aaya global disaster movie.are jo new actor hai wo aaj koi new experiment kar rahe movie me . aur ye 25 saal ho gaye fir bhi wahi purana hath felane ka kaam kar raha hai.
    DISASTER OF THE YEAR = Jab Harry Met Sejal..........WORST MOVIE

  4. JHMS buzz is low isse jada low nehi hoga, buzz aage jake barega unlike raees, but from jhms looks long running film

  5. last time srk film carrying low key promotions RNBDJ now JHMS, mark my words jhms will open good at boxoffice but sustain much better as lots of holidays in 2nd n 3rd week

    1. Ghanta!!!
      RNBDJ buzz was low because of 26/11 attacks but promos and songs were good.
      Abhi to koi attack nahi hai?

      1. @Sayar yeh akshay kumar keh thode se jo fans hai woh kam attack karthe hain? #NOTEPK If All Shah Rukh Khan Fans decide to not watch TEPK he will make 40-50cr!

        TEPK is using MODI and swach to promote the movie and get it tax free so that they can earn more money, You guys are telling Shah Rukh Khan to do something new all the time, have you seen Akshay Kumars lineup for next releases, he wants to become MR. BHARAT,

        It's good to do desh bakhti movies, but how many times, it's getting a bit tiring now seeing him in this, after this gold, crack!

        TEPK is looking like a 70-80cr movie!

  6. this film will beat the opening day business of all salman films released on working days. 25 crore plus is certain , even 30 crore plus can happen. srk is playing punjabi so north will rock and anushka playing gujrati, so gujrat will also rock and when gujrat works mumbai circuit gets benifit of that. this film will open huge both in north and mumbai though i don't think the film will trend well.

  7. another tamasha is in making...its imtiaz ali film. never apeal small town audiance even not fully city based audiance...lets c wat shahrukh will do ....i m doubtful for the success ...but do not compare shahrukh khan with akshay kumar . dilwale flop movie collection 148 net and if akshay give 120 crore movue all says hit hit hit. even trade analysts ...thats not fare. akshay is grt hero .he sustai ed so well from last 26 yrs...hats off. but dont compare with shahrukh. from 1993 to 2010 he was undoubtedly no. one superstar. not after 2010...u can not compare amitabh to jeetendra.....

    1. @Sunny Akkiholic how many names you and Housefull and Sayar want to change? Akki Akki Akki ? Dont you have any work to do? Always trying to rub shoulders with bigger Superstars. Get a life

      1. U seem to have gone mad. Why are you taking my name with this guy? Dude, I dont have to be any Sunny or Bunny to give my opinion. Get lost.

  8. @housfull pahle 100cr ka to collection karlene de TEPK phir edit kartun maximum 120cr karegi.
    Akshay pata nahi kab dega 200cr ki film.

    1. are kam se kam akshay sir blockbuster film to dete hai tera srk to happy new year se ek baar bhi hit movie nahi di hai .raees bhi semi hit hai. aur rahi teri 200crore ki baat robot 2.0 aane de 200crore nahi tuze 300crore ka collection melega.

      1. Akki has onky 2 Blockbuster in his life career? So where the Blockbusters come from? Joker land???.
        Srk has over 12 so learn to seek knowledge duffer

        1. tere srk ko keh ki ek hit dede, pata na ho to 2016 dekh le airlift aur rustam blockbuster hai ,aur housefull 2 hit hai aur srk ki fan buri tarah se flop thi. abe hollywood ki jungle book se har gayi thi tere king ki film.....aur 2014 ke baad ek film bata do jo hit hui ho
          happy new year - semi hit
          dilwale - flop
          fan - flop
          raees - semi hit
          dear zindagi - semi hit
          aur jooth lag raha ho to bollywoodmoviez.com box office check kar le....

          1. @sujit zyaada uchal mat?!

            Happy new year - superhit
            Dilwale - semi hit
            Fan - flop
            Raees - semi hit
            Dear zindagi - HIT

  9. Okay, In my personal opinion, the makers need to show some rural aspect, some Punjab, some local colors and flavor with music coz there's this part there in the movie and I sohope is the major screen time. Coz, frankly these mini trails aren't clicking as far as I'm concerned as a viewer.
    Rest good luck to makers and all involved.

  10. I don't understand why people overrated SRK. All right you guys told me when is the last time his movies were good enough to go to watch? Apart from my name is khan all movies has been shit. No content whatsoever, just blindly choosing a ridiculous script and tryna fool audience that he would be cool enough to pull people down the theatre. Absolutely disgraceful! He's better than what he's today. And for God sakes we don't want 52 years old romancing. Time has change a lot. Wake up SRK and fans.

    1. I want him to romance. You have got any problem with that? And if you think Chen ai Express, Raees, Dear Zindagi, Fan, Don 2 were shit then nothing can help you except medical treatment. SRK has the most number of Hindi classics. Few years' under performance in choosing scripts won't matter.

    2. 100% agree ? with u bro ? my name is khan is the only good movie given by srk and for Salman it is bajrangi bhaijan

  11. for those who are crying for the trailer, just wait, the trailer was about to be canceled because of a dude who said that the word "intercourse" is not acceptable , so he did a poll in twitter and he asks for 100,000 votes if we want the trailer or not, here is the result , we did it https://twitter.com/MirrorNow/status/878247090035412994
    so now please shut up and wait for the damn trailer, and thank you, good luck tepk

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