Jab Harry Met Sejal Mini Trail 1

Meet Harry in the first mini trail. Jab Harry Met Sejal releases in cinemas on 4th August 2017!

The story revolves around Harry & Sejal’s journey across Europe. A search for Sejal’s engagement ring makes Harry understand love & relationships better. Sejal experiences new found freedom, security & solace in Harry’s company. And in between all of this… there is love, life, lies. thrill, fantasy and the voice within.

52 comments on “Jab Harry Met Sejal Mini Trail 1”

    1. Yeh imtiaaz har movie mai kuch na kuch ghumata hai is movie mai bhi same
      Mahabakwas trailer aaj tak ka
      Srk ka career toh gaya

      1. Mini trailer,, movie will be mini hit or nano-hit,, I just watched srk begging during inings break ,,shame doesn't exist in srk ,,###crap movie

    2. Nice one but this movie sud perform exceptionally well warna srk ka graph neeche jaayega
      Long live srk

      1. Hahaaha c is srk fan sayad
        Par I am his biggest hater
        We r like north and south pole if the earth

        1. @arena plz post an article how selfish srk is
          Match dekhne aaya auk India ko harake chala gaya
          The biggest panuti for india

    1. puri tarah bakwas tamasha type movie only for cities....but i hope songs would be good..par mini trailer se nirasha hui pata chal gaya rom kom type movie hai aur kuch nahi.... kuch naya karo srk sir

  1. The last time SRK gave biggest hit of the year was 2007 with OSO.But than for some years his films where in top 5 atleast,but last year his film was in top 10 or not didn’t remember.even this year due to Bahubali 2 biggest hit is not possible but to remain in top 5 for srk is challenge by his movie harry meet Sejal & next year again it will be very much tough for him as robot 2,Dutt biopic,Thugs will be definitely in top 5 & I don’t know more how many big films are coming next year.as every year passes it will become very tough for SRK to give biggest hit of the year.Only one film can do this for SRK is Dhoom 4,but again there he will need one more younger superstar but not Abhishek Bachchan as stakes are very high to become biggest hit of the year.I want to see atleast once when srk Give biggest grosser of the year.He is one among the top superstar of the country & was once biggest superstar of the nation.i think his haters also want to see atleast once he give biggest hit before it becomes to late.

    1. I want him to be bounce back and show the world his "aukat " I have been waiting to for almost ten years,,, altest when aamir doesn't have release then become top of the year, dwaft will not be top,, there is thug

  2. Great promo, looks like this film will be a full entertaining movie, something that was missing from Imtiaz Ali's recent films. SRK is here to win !

  3. Lo g ho gaya!!!!
    Jai ho Bollywood !!!!
    Ek taraph bajranhi bhaijaaan, bahubali, dangal jaisi movies, dusri taraph aisi crap ...!!

    1. Bhai, you definitely need treatment. Dangal Strom in China has made you mentally ill. Best trailer of the year? Good joke. For me its unimpressive and hardly create any buzz for the movie.

        1. Dude @NN he is right
          This film has flop written all over it, Such films are completely obsolete. Max 80cr
          Be a fan not a blind fan who says "Wrong or right, King khan is the might"

          Even Salman has started choosing good universal scripts. Here SRK is stuck in his prime 90s or 2000s days.

          1. I liked it so I appreciated it. If a crap film like BKD can be super hit then what's wrong in doing a love story..??? Don't spread negativity being an SRK fan.

  4. Ajay Salman can, if trailer would have been good then tera gangu teli Salman to khudkushi kar leta.

  5. I m n SRK Fan and I found it absolutely ridiculous. I m sure film will flop
    Salman-Aamir-Akki fans are so lucky! Their stars are choosing so good films
    Sadly SRK prospects look over. That is why I only debate about past:(

    1. I liked it. I think it will be a great love story. If you don't like then stay silent. Don't spread negativity.

      1. Its the comment section of a trade site. I m free to give my opinions sans being abusive

  6. Typical imtiaz ali film only for cities 150cr max and that's coz of srk also otherwise struggle for 70+cr

  7. About srk... as usual... overacting... fake style & pathetic old man looks...
    About movie... Same old Romcom... same old confused friend / love confusion...
    About result... Same old Flop or at best Semi Hit...

  8. Everybody is liking the teaser .except some mental asylum returned paglapurians.

  9. Again Punjabi boy out of India location uper se manoos ne match harwa diya
    Learn something from Baahubali

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