Jab Harry Met Sejal has a reasonable opening day

Shahrukh Khan's Jab Harry Met Sejal has collected 15.25 crore on the opening day. The numbers are just about decent considering that it was an urban rom-com. However it is nowhere close to the standards of Shahrukh Khan.

JHMS did show a jump in the multiplexes yesterday but it remained dull in single screens. The film will require good growth over the weekend for a respectable number. But that seems tough looking at the early response and the trend on Saturday.

Day 1: 15.25 cr

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14 comments on “Jab Harry Met Sejal has a reasonable opening day”

  1. Bobby sidhu predicted 93 Cr lifetime for #JHMS ....maan gaye bhai tum log sahi mai trade mai baithte ho.....some SRKians were like minimum 120 CR in negative WOM ....go and check Indicine lifetime prediction ..its 75 Cr LOL....Less than Bobby Sidhu ..ab kya bologe....Saturday is Max going to be 17 Cr and sunday 18 cr and after than ...Phurrrr phurrr phurrr phurrrr

  2. Audience keeps coming on day 1 to watch his movie and SRK keeps disappointing them on a regular basis. Watched the movie and the only thing I can say is I am Extremely Disappointed. My rating is 2/5 and I am being lenient here.

    Managed to watch the whole movie (extremely painfully) only because of SRK otherwise it is absolutely un-watchable. My expectations from the movie were low but I am still disappointed. Extremely silly plot, silly characters, silly dialogues, songs un-necessarily popping out. You dont feel a single bit for the characters. I cannot find a single reason to recommend some one to watch it. I have seen few Imtiaz films and this is his worst work.

    Had SRK done this movie 15 years back it may have been acceptable. But today while Aamir is selecting movies like PK, 3I, Dangal, I don’t know what SRK made select this movie thinking that this will bring him back into the game.

    After all the disappointing movies he has done, SRK is still the one after Aamir & Salman who can constantly deliver a solid opening (regardless of genre). But I dont know how long that will continue for SRK as he keeps disappointing the audience again and again.

    This will be both a critical and commercial failure. Box office wise I see this going Fan way and crashing big ways Monday onwards. No way I expect it to cross 100 cr and it will be a flop which it deserves to be. SRK was at the top of his game once and he has failed to change himself with times. His poor script sense is leading to his downfall. The rule is simple. You work hard and intelligently both keeping in view what audience wants. Aamir has done that and made his way to the top. If you don’t you will continue to come down like what is happening to SRK currently. It is a simple rule. No emotions involved.

    The only positive thing which may come out from this movie is that its box office result may force SRK to change his thought process. Be more serious about selecting good scripts, choose a better team and stop taking audience for granted.

    Anyways Hope never dies and it shouldnt. One can only hope he delivers something satisfying in future.

    I was around for this movie only. Might be back around Diwali time for Golmaal 4 as that should be a fun movie. Might be.

    In the meanwhile well wishes for TEPK and Baadshaho. Both are looking interesting. Industry badly needs them to be hits.

  3. 2 din ke andar me Sab ka bandha phoor do ga k
    Jab anushka amir Salman ke saath film banaye to 300cr hoty hain lekin wohi anushka jab sherukh me saath kaam kary 100cr max kyu
    2: jab Salman (sultan) yaash raaj ke saath kaam kary tu 300cr lekin jab srk yr ke saat kaam kary(fan)
    Tu sirf 83cr Sab ko benaqab karo ga

  4. .. beginning of the end of SRK..
    if he really wants to survive.. i feel he should be making movies like swades, chak de etc..
    gaye din romance ke.. unfortunately he hasnt figured out what audiences are looking out from him in the past 8yrs.. hope it's now not too late.

  5. Haters cry over manipulation.BOI fig is 15.5 crore.official figure is 15.25 crores
    Hats off to SRK for giving less collection than actual.

    1. are Film to flop hone hi wali hai....

      na jane kitne Distributer ka life kharab ho gaya hoga

      ab agar Manipulation karke jyada show karega to Distributer gala kaat denge Srk ka??

  6. Film really needed good growth for 2day but no one really expected too much from JHMS anyway dwarf is the main movie for srk( only srk hardcore fans expected this film to smash it)

  7. Fate of JHMS is sealed. There is no way the movie is taking any advantage of holidays in 2nd week. In the hindsight, it is clear now why SRK decided to pre-pone the movie instead of clashing it with TEPK. He clearly knew he didn't have a product to compete

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