Jab Harry Met Sejal Budget, Screen Count, Economics

Jab Harry Met Sejal Budget, Screen Count, Economics

Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer Jab Harry Met Sejal is releasing this Friday. Produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, the film is directed by Imtiaz Ali.

Jab Harry Met Sejal Budget:

As per the sources close to the film, JHMS has been made on a budget of 85-90 cr (excluding SRK’s fee). After adding his market value the budget will be up to 125-130 crores.

Jab Harry Met Sejal Screen Count:

The film is releasing in approx 3400 screens in India. The makers have opted for a more controlled release as the film will have more appeal towards the urban audience. While in overseas it is one of the widest Bollywood release ever and screen count will be more than 1000. The film is simultaneously releasing in all international markets.

Jab Harry Met Sejal Economics:

JHMS is already a heavily profitable venture for the producers. The Indian distributor rights are sold at 75 crores to NH Studios. Thus the film should go over 150 crore for recovering costs for distributors.


  • Productions Costs: 70 Cr
  • Marketing Costs: 20 Cr
  • Total: 90 Cr


  • Satellite Rights: 45 Cr
  • Music rights: 15 Cr
  • Digital, Merchandising and Ancillary rights Rights: 35 Cr
  • Distributor Price: 75 Cr
  • Overseas Rights: 40 Cr
  • Total: 210 Cr


  • Recover Costs: 150 Cr
  • Hit: 160 Cr
  • Super Hit: 195 Cr
  • Blockbuster: 225 Cr


Jab Harry Met Sejal is mainly for the urban audience so the expectations are not that huge. The biggest drawbacks are the director and a poor promotional strategy. However, there is Shahrukh Khan and a hit music which can ensure a good opening. It will be a good start if the film manages 18-20 crore on opening day considering the genre. The lifetime can go up to 150 crores if it finds appreciation among its target audience.

Round Up:


Jab Harry Met Sejal

SRK, Anushka
Imtiaz Ali
Red Chillies Entertainment
Release Date
4 August 2017
Run Time
140 min
90 Cr


Also, tell us what do you think about Jab Harry Met Sejal budget and screen count in the comments section.

41 comments on “Jab Harry Met Sejal Budget, Screen Count, Economics”

    1. advance booking 45% delhi ,hydrabad 70% AB .. mumbai ,banglore 45% advance booking ..maybe cross 22+

  1. I just hope that after this, SRK renews his RCE team entirely. RCE is the worst team of the world headed by the best actor.
    Worst marketing.
    Ek Salman ki PR hai, criminal se devta banadiya. Ek SRK ki team hai....has ruined him from 2008. They have no astute minds, no advisors, no supervision. SRK is too lenient on his staffs.
    SRK's downfall came from 2009(When he started doing RCE films back to back)

    1. Blaming SRK's PR is right actually.
      PR of 3 khans
      1. Salman Khan
      He has one of the best PR team. It doesn’t do show off. Salman had a “Bad Boy” “Criminal” image before 2010. He wasn’t doing right films. But then his PR changed everything. Trade consulting, Being Human foundation and all.

      2. SRK
      His is the worst PR. From 2009 SRK is continuously doing films under RCE-leading to his downfall. His PR handles his twitter account and was thanking even Sumit Kadel and Umair Sandhu. They have destroyed JHMS before release by all crap marketing. There are no advisors and SRK is one superstar who has no idea about the pule of Indian audience. If he wants to be back on the game, RCE staffs have to be replaced. Pooja and Mandhavi are destroying him.

      3. Aamir Khan

      The man doesn’t need any PR. He is no.1 star, he is the brand himself, he is the box office emperor. He knows audience, marketing, taste and bx office like no other. Neither did his team destroy him like that of SRK, nor improved him like of Salman. He is all by himself.

      1. Until Bobby chawla was the CEO of RCE, everything was fine.
        After this Venky Mysore became CEO, all is ruined. He focuses on KKR only and even in KKR can't give good squad, puts Surya Kumar Yadav, etc. Movies pe to bilkul focus nahi

  2. Isn't the distributor price 62 crs? Plenty of trade ppl saying that it's sold for 62 crs. Do reply @BollyArena

  3. Releasing same number of screens as Raees.if opened to occupancy 55 % - 60% then 1st day collection would be 20- 21 crores.

  4. Who is the head of NH studio? Bechara kangal hogaya hai. Pehle shivay, fir Fusslight aur ab JHMS.
    #KRK said this

  5. Well the collections should be verify often because Red chillies will manipulate figures..... Imtiaz Ali last directorial was not that good.... his film are often difficult to understand.... SRK as usual has done many movies in the same role.... SRK has become old .....

  6. 150 cr is a huge task if it will go mixed wom and only a free week and if Toilet find appreciation then the game is over
    First week screen count 3400
    2nd week after toilet 1800 - 2000 screen
    Because bahubali 2 released on 6500 + screen all India so in hindi area only 4500 + screen available and toilet will get 2500 + screen

  7. The film fully depends on content if it got 3400 then it should atleast collect 25cr+ bt in reality it won't.The film will collect 18cr on day1, weekend-60cr, 1st week 88-90cr, Lifetime 125-127cr.Verdict-Average.

    1. Only 1 day for the biggest Festival for SRKians!!

    2. Srk ka fee add nahi Kia hai nahi to agar 90cr budget rehta to 110cr me hi hit hota 160cr me nahj ..total budget 130cr hai

  8. @bollyarena
    Tubelight budget 155 cr
    Jhms budget 90 cr ???
    Sallu market value 70-75 cr
    Srk market value 35 - 40 cr ???

    1. Thoda dimmag hai tere mai?.....
      Movies budget don't determine market value. It's different. Until 2002 Salman's market value was less than Bobby Deol. Now it is less than Aamir Khan.

    2. Re jahil gawaar kab kka manipulate ? Boi me trade figure batata hai or baki jagah producer figure usko tu Manipulate bolta hai..HNY kitna. Baar bole ki Tamil talugu me bhi release hua tha or boi bas Hindi ka batata hai

  9. To be honest ,160 crore for Hit is looking very difficult considering urban film and limited appeal.So, most likely SRK will miss a clean hit once again.but still hopeful that film proved to be good and surprise the audience.

  10. Irrespective of box office most important is SRK's film should find respect from audience.As lately opening is no problem for his films but trending is below average.collecting 135-150 cr with opening of 15 cr is far better than collecting 200 cr with opening of 35-40 cr.Opening day x 10 times=lifetime Collection is good achievement for SRK movie.

    1. Hope itna karey. Ami to bahut khush hojaunga...
      waise tera TL ka prediction 280cr tha, ye kamm na ho

  11. I pity those who want to see 53yr old buddha's love story in theater

    Anyway... Max 60Cr verdict Flop

    1. I pity those who think 60 year old Gorilla impotent man sallu is macho enough to see his films like Chinkara Zinda Hain. After all, all of his girlfriends ran away from him...!!

  12. Urban rom com or banao ..abe ye to sochna chahiye ki movie aisa banao Jo sb audience ke liye perfect ho .. chote cities me bhit affect hoga jhms ..targeted audience ka movie hai ye ...imitiaz Ali hamega multiplex movie banata hai ..sirf main single screens hi book karta hai baki pura multiplex .....Raees ko 60% multiplex tha jhms ko 90 % hoga ..vahi Raees ka 55% single screen tha jhms ka 30% hoga mushkil se ..

  13. 155 crores plus definitely
    20 crore plus on friday
    22 crore plus on saturday
    25crore plus on sunday
    25 crore plus on monday rakhabandhan
    15 cree plus on tuesday
    12 crore plus on wednesday
    10crore plus on thursday
    total first week collection will be approx.132 crores and after that bacause of toilet it will collect approx. 25 to 30 crores on second week and on third week around 10 to 15 crores and so on.
    Now its lifetime collection will be approx. 175crores to190crores.
    And the vedict will be superhit.

  14. pity those who want to see 53yr old buddha’s love story in theaters.

    Anyway… Max 60Cr verdict :- Disaster.
    Another Disaster for SRK after the flop of Dilwale, Fan and Raees.

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