Jab Harry Met Sejal 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Jab Harry Met Sejal 2nd Day Box Office Collection: Shahrukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali's film released with a lot of expectations. The trade was hoping that it will provide some relief for the distributors as Bollywood was going through a pretty rough phase. Well, the film opened to a reasonable number on Friday and needed a big upward trend over the weekend. But the trend is suggesting the otherwise. Take a look at Jab Harry Met Sejal collection report for Saturday.

SRK starrer has faced drops on Saturday. According to the early trade trends, Jab Harry Met Sejal 2nd day box office collection will be in the range of 13.5-14 crore.

The film opened to 30-35% occupancy in the morning shows which was lower than yesterday. As expected the big drop came in masses and single screens. The film got an opening there due to the presence of SRK but has now fallen to normal levels. Actually the film is never meant for them so it can be ignored. But even plexes dropped in the morning and noon shows. There was some growth in the evening but it was not up to the mark.

That was evident from yesterday's trend that it is not going to show that big jump. This is an alarming sign as such kind of films have the highest growth on Saturday. But in this case, the film has fallen further. Looking at the trends it seems that the film will be a big box office flop and lifetime collection will fall under 100 crores unless there is a miraculous turnaround on Sunday and Monday. The only plus is the overseas performance where it has collected over 20 crore including Thursday previews. The film has set opening records in many territories.

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52 comments on “Jab Harry Met Sejal 2nd Day Box Office Collection”

  1. This one is gone,lost and off.. Srk should move on with his next movie.

  2. What is the funniest thing ...that the poll on bollyarena page ....will you watch JHMS shows 58% will watch .....Bhai sirf vote mat daalo movie bhi dekh aao ....abhi bhi YouTube k views ki tarah yaha hi dikhao that you are SRKian ...movie mat dekhne Jana 3.2 billion fans of so called global megastar.

  3. Am i the only one who thinks Anuksha is a very poor actress? Just lucky to star in big banners and big supersters successful movies . Certainly the most overrated actress ever!! Alia and Kangana are way better actresses than her, Deepika and Priyanka are already foreigners now.

  4. JHMS Review:
    1st Half is Good & Funny.
    2nd Half is Boring & feels very long.
    Acting by SRK was Superb, Anushka was gpod too.
    Overall the movie is Underwhelming.
    My Rating: 2.25/5!
    My Lifetime Prediction: 80cr

    1. SRK ab 90's ki trh Acting nahi kar pata hai.

      uski 90's ki acting me baat hi kch aur thi

      ab to wo sirf apne 90's ke acting ka Shadow ban ke rah gaya hai

  5. Jab harry met sejal highest 1st day overseas collecrion vala ban gaya
    jhms 3.8M$ 1st day overseas me
    2nd pe dilwale aa gaya 3.4M$ tha opening
    3rd pe dhoom 3 3.2M$

    1st weekend highest dhoom 3 ka hai abhi but ab jhms uska bhi record torega

  6. Tubelight 1st day overseas me 1.2M$ kia mtlb 8cr
    Jab harry met sejal 1st day overseas me 3.8M$ kar lia mtlb 24cr or highest 1st day collection ho gaya

    Tubelight 3 din me overseas me 3.6M$ kamaya or jhms 1 din me hi 3.8M$ ..salman locam star india ke bahar kuch nahi hahaha

  7. Tubelight 1st day overseas me 1.2M$ kia mtlb 8cr
    Jab harry met sejal 1st day overseas me 3.8M$ kar lia mtlb 24cr or highest 1st day collection ho gaya

    Tubelight 3 din me overseas me 3.6M$ kamaya or jhms 1 din me hi 3.8M$ ..salman locam star india ke bahar kuch nahi hahaha

  8. Worldwide 1st day highest collection bhi jab harry met sejal ho gaya
    1st day highest worldwide 2017 :
    Jhms 46cr
    Raees 40cr
    Tubelight 36cr
    Bdn 26cr
    Jolly 2 24cr
    India me itna kam kia jhms fir v worldwide highest ho gaya jhms 1st day

  9. disaster --- 75-80cr lifetime .
    srk fans , srk to class me 20cr deta hai jab normal release karega tab dekhna fad dega ... dekhliya normal me srk ki aukat oto sukar manao class ka jisse film ka aur Jada promotion hojata hai isliye thora bahut Kama let a hai .... tubelight ko to 6oro jai ho ke aas pass vi Nahi jayega

  10. Srk bhale india me fail ho lekin india ke bahar overseas me hamesha record banata hai hamesha achaa kamata hai ..9 back to back 10M$ kar chuka srk overseas me ye mila ke 10 ho jaega

    Or bolly arena plzz overseas coection ka bhi post kro ..jhms record tor dia 1st day highest overseas collecrion ho gaya 3.8M$ kar ke ..usse pehle dilwale ka tha 3.4M$ or dhoom3 3.2M$

  11. Tubelight 1st day overseas 1.2M$
    Jab harry met sejal 1st day overseas 3.8M$ ..
    Salman the local star hahahaha lol
    Highest 1st day overseas me to jhms kar lia ab highest 1st weekend ka record torta hai ki nahi vo dekhna hoga
    Dhoom 3 10.4M$ tha 1st weekend
    Jhms 1st day 3.8M$ mtlb ki record tor dega

  12. Ek or blockbuster overseas me .kyuki overseas me 45cr me rights sold hua hai jhms ka or overseas me 20M$ kar lega mtlb ki 135cr
    Ek baat maan lo srk overseas me bhut bhut aage hai door door tak koi nahi
    Srk ka kharab film overseas me itna zyada kar leta hai ..dilwale 26M$ ..or jhms bhi 25M$ ho jaega ..pk dangal utna zyada positive review or christmas jaha sb jagah chutti rehta bhut din foreign me fir v 30M$ (excluding china collection) ..kyuki ye sb china me release nHi hua ..sorry aamir fans but haan aamir china me sbka baap hai maante hai

  13. the point is not that the film will do 100 crore or not or whether distributors will loose money. even rajnikanth's all films currently has flopped and gave loss to everyone associated with the film, but his stardom can not be questioned as everytime he gives huge opening. this is where srk has failed. this film will fail at the boxoffice because srk failed to give the film an opening. you can't justify a 15 crore opening for someone whom you call a superstar.
    i am asking this question to every srk fan. answer me this honestly. is there any advantage of taking srk in a film? you can give excuse of poor marketing or anything but then what the star is doing, what is he contributing? a ranbir kapoor starrer tamasha took 11 crore opening way back in 2015. and that film belongs to the same genre of jhms and the director was also the same. this film 2 years later with all time hikes ticket prices and gst effect is adding only 4 crore more. if you look closely then tamasha and jhms has opened at similar level or tamasha is slightly better. so actually the boxoffice potential of ranbir kapoor and srk is same or even you can say ranbir is ahead. then there is also adhm which took 13 crore opening in clash on prediwali which also belongs to this genre. srk fans it's time to think deeply.

    after seeing the opening of jhms this is the current star ranking list in terms of initial according to me
    1. aamir
    2. salman
    3. ranbir
    4. srk

  14. Saw JHMS today didn't like it there's nothing positive I can say about JHMS from start to finish boring

  15. 100 to 110 crore maximum.Shahrukh ko Don 3 banani chahiye tabhi wo market me survive kar payega.No more romantic movies.

  16. Akki is always behind 2 khans only...He is always ahead of one. Upto 2010, he was ahead of Salman for 18 years. Now he is much ahead of SRK. Akki only superstar to remain in top-4 always

  17. Although many people are rejoicing on JHMS failure but I am thinking otherwise. Future of bollywood in bad state. Sorry to say but even upcoming films are not that appealing. I am scared that Golmaal 4 & TZH won't under perform. Both should be 200cr+.

    Looking at srk career, I can devide it in two phase. First from 1992-2004 and then 2005-2017.
    Look at the srk first phase.
    You have two ATBB DDLJ & KKHH, Blockbusters like Darr,Dtph,mohabatein,k3g,KA,VZ etc. Outstanding performances in movies like Kabhi haan kabhi naa, baazigar,devdas,swades etc apart from above biggies. Those were the days when movie worked due to wom rather than stardom. He build a strong following both in India and NRI audiences. Became a brand srk and other than him probably no one of his generation was giving big hits consistently in every year.

    Now come back to phase from 2005 to till now. Look at his films. Apart from CDI,MNIK you wont have anything else to be proud on as far as performance goes. At boxoffice you have RNBDJ,CDI,OSO and CE as biggies. Other than these all were disappointment/under performers. These years srk capitalized the brand srk which developed in first phase. His script sense, his performance, appeal towards neutral audience. All went. Many of his films like Ra1,JTHJ,HNY became hit only due to diwali release otherwise they would be big flop too.
    Now from Dilwale,fan,raees & JHMS he struggled for clean hit and upcoming dwarf is also not appealing.

    Sad to see an Icon like srk who despite being not that good looking, unconventional hero became king of romance, an actor who has wide range, a smart business man has taken his career on this level. Where all the non-fans of him is not even intrested in his films, they only love to see him fails like these.
    I am seeing that SRK will go further down after this.

    All the Salman fans there is nothing to cheer over JHMS poor performance. Trade always had less expectation from this but Tubelight is still the biggest setback this year. So no need of any comparison betweem these two.

    Rest Aamir & Akshay fans, no doubt our stars movies doing well but be in limit because if one film of your fav stars performed bad, be aware you also have to face these outrage too.

    Bollywod need to get back on track. I wish Baadshaho, Judwa2, SS,G4,Padmawati & TZH rock at bo.

    1. Are u god??
      Further go down?? U know how it feels when u read suchthings abt ur fav star

      The day his films start opening less than Akki films, I will accept that not now

      1. I have said what I observe or think.
        I am not making comment to please or disappoint someone

        1. @Sky you idiot srk is the best looking actor in the world. No one has stylish looks and unparalleled charm like him. Even hollywood stars bite dust in front of srk in terms of looks. Get a lifr. Show us your face by the way. And he is still one of the biggest stars in the world.

  18. Bai script acchi hogi to chalegi jhms box office prediction 130cr aur ab 100cr ke laale pade hai

  19. Bollyarena plzzz tell me.....
    Kya JHMS india m 2100 screens pe release hui h......or overseas m 1200......|
    All sites pe yhi btaya jaa rha h ki india m 2100 screens pe release hui h

  20. Give the film a chance.you are writing it off even before people got a chance to watch it.why so negativity???

  21. Is he still an important star? Sure! I’m not one of those who thinks Akshay is getting ahead of him. That’s never going to happen. All of Akshay’s hits prove this. However staying ahead of Akshay could hardly be the only game for SRK given all of his ‘royal’ claims in the past. And if he keeps this up he could still fall further. Akshay has at least stabilized himself. In any case a top star’s competition is with his past history and certainly with his immediate peers. It’s not about ‘hey at least I’m still better than most of the other stars’!

    From ’88 (when he returned from a two year break) to ’92 Bachchan (when he left again for 5 years) was easily the top star in terms of initials. There was no one else even close. Similarly some of the final grosses were still remarkable on the failures or underperformers. Often among the top ones of the year. But it was clear that Bachchan was in decline. And we’re talking about Hindi cinema’s greatest star here! Again the fans would wait for the ‘next one’. Over time a pattern emerged. Bachchan too had important hits in this period. The Hum initial bordered on hysteria (I doubt there has been a stronger initial in Bombay cinema since, pound for pound), Aaj Ka Arjun was a big hit at the height of the Rath Yatra riots. Nonetheless there were a lot more underperformers and failures. Because Bachchan’s standard was an altogether different one. SRK was never in that sort of position but the logic is the same. A top star can keep doing high profile stuff for a while and put up numbers that flatter to deceive. Along the way there will also be a success or two but the tide will have turned against such a star. What’s happening to SRK isn’t even historically odd. What is odd though is Aamir’s extraordinary run and Salman’s sudden resurgence this late in his career. In most other cases those two would also be in the same boat.

    I also wouldn’t blame SRK too much for his choices. He’s selected lousy scripts or poor directors or whatever but in fairness all stars do this. Aamir is the exception even by historical standards. Most stars don’t have any out of the ordinary script sense. When they’re successful they get the best productions, they do them, it’s not rocket science. When they need to reinvent themselves they don’t have the judgment because they’ve never had it. Consider the kinds of films Bachchan did (even in the 80s when these worked big time for him, most of the films aren’t a patch on his great 70s stuff, yes he got great success being the one man industry but that’s a testament to his gifts as an actor and a star not to his judgment, otherwise those gifts could have been put to better use in better films)! This is so for every other star too. Barring exceptions here and there. Aamir’s uncanny sense is truly unique. For any industry.

    SRK too has wasted his stardom for at least a decade. He could have done way better in romance, way better on the masala-action terrain and so on. But again it always looks easier than it is. When a star is in decline he depends on an older loyal audience. But the strength genres don’t remain fashionable. The older audience is most invested in these. The star gets older, the genres become stale, the older audience cannot enjoy these efforts in the same way. Meanwhile the newer audience has never been on board for the older genres. The star then attempts newer genres but he’s not as convincing in them because he doesn’t have the same history with them. So newer audiences are still not persuaded and older ones still wait for KKHH2! This is why reinvention is always difficult. The star always falls between two stools.

    Despite all this the media has throughout his career been rather kind to him. At his peak they never called him out for his failures and now for a decade they’ve just pretended he’s one of the ‘Khans’. Aamir was accepted as the biggest very late after he’d been delivering hit after hit for years and then the very biggest grossers. Salman too after extraordinary success. They never got this kind of pass earlier on!

    Now it’s foolish to say ‘it’s over’ for SRK. But it’s equally foolish to say ‘he’s fine because he isn’t finished’. The two sides feed off each other’s exaggerations. I’ve felt for a while that SRK is in trouble. Again in that same relative sense. Those who don’t like him think JHMS proves everything. But those who are fans would have thought there were no problems at all if the film had done 200. One battles the other side’s fantasy with one’s own! I do believe JHMS, if it really does as badly as looks to be the case right now, does mark an important point. He now needs total reinvention. Certainly compared with Aamir or Salman the gulf is now wide. Incidentally I don’t really think playing the dwarf is going to save him.

    All other discussions about his ‘intelligence’ (this too has been a selling point in the media and among the fans) are beside the point. He’s ‘so intelligent’ that he can’t manage his career better when he most needs to. This is his #1 job right? All his ‘marketing genius’ cannot get him films as acclaimed as Aamir’s nor even successes at the same level. We must stop disseminating these fairy tales. Finally about his being rich or richer than many other stars (admittedly Z insists on this the most), again I’m not sure what this has to do with his career (even assuming this is true and I personally think this is another fantasy). Being rich is a not a consolation prize for failing at the box office!

    It’s still not too late for SRK but you don’t develop judgment all of a sudden or this late in the day. It’s true that all his younger peers aren’t doing any better. But the ‘I am the king’ spiel is now reduced to ‘hey I’m at least #3’! I doubt SRK is satisfied with this consolation prize either. Again to be clear SRK has enough history to keep going forward for a while. But being a defining star is something else. I don’t mean this only in the box office sense. With age stars can become defining in other ways. SRK has yet to make any such transition. And the stakes are high

    Source-Copied from an article

  22. Saw the film today it was awful there isn't one positive about this film you will yawn from start to finish

  23. SRK is one of the biggest suparstar of country n he is struggling for collection.Now only matter for audience is content whether u r biggest star or new comer or great performer.Without good entertaining content people will not come to theatre.Hope SRK understand this & focus on dwarf or whatever his next movie is.People need value for money,they no longer coming for superstars.Recent examples tubelight & JHMS.

  24. Ye saara qasoor @Sayar ki kaali zaban ka hai ? Shuru sai hi flop bole ja raha tha. Kar gayi asar us ki kaali zaban

  25. Lifetime collection will be 65crs+...It will be epic disaster.... Mark my words..

  26. Oh.. finally ur website can be reached! A relief.. yesterday I tried to connect for several times but it shows error..
    Anyway, quite shocked with JHMS collection bt it was inevitable.. SRK should do something worthy & fresh. Being stuck in the fans' craze really brings his demotion..
    Bollywood now in a difficult phase.. all hope relying on "Toilet".. let hope for the best

  27. Out of five senior actors..SRK will exit first...his stardom is over...on non holidays he is below Siddharth Ayushman..emraan

  28. Ab to srk aur salman khan ki filmein utna hi kamane lag gayi jitna akshay kumar ki ek film kamati hai
    Ab 3 mein se 2 khans to out ho gaye ab sirf aamir khan reh gaya

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