Jab Harry Met Sejal 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

Jab Harry Met Sejal 1st Weekend Box Office Collection: Shahrukh Khan starrer has grossed approx 45 cr in the first weekend. There was no growth over the weekend which has sealed the fate of the film at the box office.

The number is decent for an urban rom-com film. But there was the presence of Shahrukh Khan which boosted the collections otherwise it would have been much lower. Also, the numbers are nowhere close to the standards set by SRK as it is the lowest opening weekend for him in recent times.

Looking at the early trends on Monday, the film has got a slow start. There will be heavy drops in next couple of days. The film is now likely to even fall short of 75 crores in the lifetime.

Day 115.25
Day 215.0
Day 315.50
Day 47.15
Day 53.0
Day 62.25
Day 71.75
Day 80.75
Day 91.10
Day 101.0
Day 11-141.50

51 comments on “Jab Harry Met Sejal 1st Weekend Box Office Collection”

      1. @hsv
        Weekend king khan
        Then other days sabse bheekh mangta hai ki plz ek Rupaya dedo to increase collection of movie

      2. Red chilli calculator start hogya hai sunday se brothers...lagta he 100cr pahoch ke rahege.

    1. Mon - 6
      Tues -4
      first week --60cr
      rmng week --- 6-8cr
      lifetime ------ 66-69cr disaster

  1. Decision to prepone the film 1 week backfire big time.if it would have released on earlier scheduled 11august then probably it would have crossed 100 crore .

  2. SRK's film are earning more in clashes after 2014.
    Dilwale - 148 crore
    Raees - 134 crore
    In solo - FAN - 84 crore
    JHMS - 70 - 75 (expected)

  3. I salute Srk n Akshay kumar for their script sense unlike Salman Srk doing same kind of genre.. When u r a senior actor u shud do biopic documentry atleast Action movies not romance mental kind of acting..

    1. Khans can't survive anymore with their botoxed Faces until unless having agood content for their age with well execution since they are loosing their sheen amongst the people, particularly the youth of India who are well educated and well informed, Thanks to the digital world.

      Akki movies are content driven now a days see, airlift, rustom, jolly llb2 and TEPK. They all are social relevant and well written to find the audience.
      Or else like Bahubali, it should be a never seen before visual spectacles.

      Its time for the wake up call for all khans, kapoors, johars and chopras as they can't hoodwink Indian audience anymore in the name of entertainment. Either you change your way of seeing us or we will change your perception.

  4. If he is the king than everyone that exist in the world is the king in their field.
    Now new title for SRK is king of flop movies!!!!

  5. HGOY
    Both jhms and tepk not able to cross tubelight collection.
    Jhms already gone from the race
    For tepk day by day film craze going down almost all Bollywood site saying tepk craze going down.
    Let's see what tepk will do it got tax free status in some of the state if india.
    Tepk and jhms struggle to cross 100cr also.
    Jhms max 80 to 90
    Tepk 90 to 110cr max.

    1. Jabardast buzz create karke gobar Khan ne kya ukhad liya
      These type of content oriented movie doesn't require buzz
      130 toh confirm hai

  6. Overseas me record tor rha .overall overseas collection jab Harry met sejal ka Abhi tak 8.5M$ hai (1st weekend 7M$ or 1.5M$ Thursdays preview show )
    Srk ka itna kharab movie overseas ne itna zyada kama rha ..india me fail bhale ho lekin overseas me hamesha record banata kabhi fail nahi hota

  7. Many ppl commented here that Salman and SRK can pull crowds only based on their stardom unlike Aamir who needs content to get people to watch their films.

    Fan, Dear Zindagi, JHMS, Tubelight are all proof that its the most stupid logic ever.

    Aamir is the only Khan who has not delivered a complete flop in the last 17 years..

    Superstar kaun hai ab bolne ki zaroorat nahi.

    1. I love amir also but dhobighat was released in 2012 sayad was disaster only 14 crore
      And plz don't say ki isme aamir nahi tha ya guest role mai tha qki I HV watched this movie full

        1. Hahahaha Lol ..44cr dhobi ghaat hahahahahaha ..14cr kamaya hai or ye 44cr bol rha ...most jahil gawar person

      1. Dhobi ghat jaisi movie me agar jitne bhi characters hai,Usko top actors & actress ko hi liya jaye tab bhi wo utna hi business karegi.Until starcast jhoota promotion kare,Hype create kare & promotional song shoot kare,tab weekend me Jyada business ho jayega.Dhobi ghat makers were honest and not created unnecessary buzz for movie.

  8. Tubelight overseas lifetime collection 7M$

    Jhms 3.5 din me hi 8.5M$ including Thursday preview show which is equal to half day ..lifetime overseas collection jhms ka 18-20M$ ..overseas king ..door door tak Takkar Dene vala nahi srk ko overseas me

  9. Overseas me jhms blockbuster or ussi ke saath srk ka 24 blockbuster ho Gaya
    Overseas me 45cr rights me sold hua jhms or overseas me lifetime collection 18-20M$ho jaega mtlb 120cr tak ..again blockbuster

  10. Srk ka itna kharab movie overseas me itna achaa kama rha ..Abhi tak 8.5M$ kama lia including Thursday preview show (weekend 7M$ , preview 1.5M$ total 8.5M$ )
    Or ek salman hai jiska overseas me tubelight 7M$ hi kamaya Eid me release krne ke Baad v..local star salman bas India tak hai

  11. Srk ek kr record banaya ..back to back 10 movies 10M$ overseas me total 13 movie hai srk ka 10M$+ overseaas me
    Salman local star ka bas 4 movie 10M$ + Gaya hai aaj tak
    Aamir ka 5 lekin aamir kam movie bhi Kia hai Salman se

  12. Srk overseas me bhut bhut aage hai door door tak Takkar Dene vala nahi

    Srk ka itna kharab movie overseas me itna kama rha or aamir fans ye Mt bolna plzz ki aamir aage hai overseas me
    Ek baar overall records dekho overseas me khud samjh aa jaega
    Dilwale Average review 26M$ that too with clash
    Pk and dangal extremely positive review fir v 30M$( excluding China collection) agar srk ka positive review rha to 50M$ krega Christmas me or srk ka movie China ne nahi hua tha

    Ya I agree aamir China me sb se aage hai koi takkar nahi but overall overall se srk lakh Guna aage hai

    1. Abe bewkoof tere ko kuch pata hai ya nahi.SRK ki 3 movies china mein release ho chuki hai.Aur china mein ab release ke liye bhi stardom chahiye waha.12M$ max. karegi JHMS 18-20m$ kaha se ho jayega be.Dilwale ka bhi 26M$ tab hua jab woh kaafi non traditional territories mein release hui thi.Hum ne to nahi bola un territories mein yaha dangal release nahi hui un ka total Dilwale ke 26M$ mein se minus karo.


      Cum. of all 3 Movies-0.5M$.Ab yeh china mein nahi hui release yeh bakwaas mat karna.waha kutta bhi nahi poochta SRK ko.

      Why to exclude China from Dangal and PK Collns.
      Don't try to be oversmart and call them as 30m$ collns.
      18th ko Turkey aur 24th Aug ko Hong kong mein ho rahi hai release Dangal.250M$ tak OS jayega Dangal ka.

      Dangal+PK colln in OVERSEAS>>>>>SRK Career OS Collns.

      AaMIR IS 1-10 IN OVERSEAS right now.Tumhare bakwaas kar dene se kuch badlega nahi.Aamuir ka OS mein bas Aamir hi competitor hai.Aamir SRK se lakh guna aage hai 2009 se OS mein.

      1. Abhi tak 8.5M$ kar lia or ye lifetime 12M$ bol rha vaah ..Raees ka 3 din me 6M$ tha smjhaa ..jhms lifetime 18M$+
        Ye aamir ke fans bhi bare Ziddi hote hai ..Dangal PK se pehle aamir ka kon movie china me kamaya ?
        Or oversmart fact tere saamne hai danhal bas china me utna kamaya

        In log ko sharam bhi nahi aata srk se compare krte ve overseas me ..Srk overseas me 1000 guna aage hai sb se ...reocrds dekh le ..Aamir ka 1st 10M$ 3 idiots 2009 me or Haan 7M$ bhi nahi kia tha usse pehle

        1. Aage tha 2009 tak,us ke baad Aamir ne udha diya SRK ko.Ab Aamir 1-10 hai Overseas mein.18m$ agar ho gaya to mein Arena mein haar maan kar out ho jaonga warna tu aacept karega Aamir 1-10 hai ab OS mein.Bol manjoor. US/Canada mein 1 bhi 6m$+ movie nahi di ab tak SRK ne.
          Aamir ne 4 de di.
          Aur yeh to NRI Market ki baat hai,non NRI Market mein to bilkul zero hai SRK.

          7M$ Fanna(2006) ka tha aur us time ATG Overseas(NRI Market) mein 10M$ thi KANK.Koi Zameen Aasmaan ka antar nahi tha.Aage zaroor tha us samay NRI Market mein SRK.

          China mein Dangal aur PK se pehle bhi 3I aur D3 bhi ATG thi India se.AAGE DEKH KITNA HOTA HAI CHINA SE.8-10M$ ki chillar se koi global star nahi banta samjha.

  13. this film has not failed because of content, it has failed because of srk's low initial pull. the 15 crore opening sealed the fate of this film on the opening day itself. this is the worst opening for any khan film this decade.
    by the way let's see srk's unbelivable consistency in all genres
    dilwale( masala)- semi hit
    fan(thriller)- flop
    raees( action)- semi hit
    jhms( lovestory)- flop

    claps for the biggest superstar who can't give hit in any genre.

  14. SRK fans give excuses of clash...

    last two solo film of SRK
    Fan - 84 crs
    JPMH - 74 crs (expct).

    so plz from next time don't cry like baby over clash... and accept the bitter truth.

    BTW, Although Tubelight was a Ramadan release... it saw jump on Sunday from Friday but JPMH failed to collect as much as 1st day despite releasing on Normal weekend!

  15. SRK fans - "Salman is nothing without masala"

    but after JHMS, SRK without Masala
    Fan - Flop
    JHMS - Disaster

    even with masala film
    Raees - Semi Hit
    Dilwale - Flop but Semi Hit given by Media..."

  16. @ honest man, "the film has not failed because of content ".pagal ho gaya hai kya. Main reason for failure is poor content and script.if it would have taken 25 crore opening then its lifetime collection would have max 90- 95 crore.because it bound to drop badly from day 2 due to extremely negative word of mouth.
    BTW, Salman started this decade with 6.85 crore opening of Veer in 2010.so how JHMS opening is lowest ?

  17. Is JHMS failure changed anything ? In 2006 from KANK to HNY in 2014 SRK delivered 11 consecutive hits or above and KANK to Dilwale (2015) 12 consecutive successful films.This streak came to end with FAN which was 1st flop in 11 years after Paheli in 2005.no other actor have this unique record.gangu teli Salman and tingu Aamir can only imagine this record in their dreams.

    1. Now SRK can only imagine to enter 200cr at the domestic box office. He can only imagine to give a clean hit. Salman, Aamir have been giving Blockbusters in the recent years. Despite the failure if Tubelight, it was still an average movie, not flop at the box domestic box office like FAN of SRK. Even Akki has been giving series of clean hits in the recent years, when SRK is struggling to give sigle clean hit.

  18. Srk or Sallu me competition hai ki is sadi ki sabse badi disaster kaun dega interesting competition between 2 old man hahaha per lag rha hai Sallu thode se margin se had jaega srk is king of this field now koi nhi Sallu tu jail jaega na wha tu 1st hi rahega buta mat manna

  19. @prashant abhishek but with 15 crore opening the film would have not done much in lifetime even if the content have been good. with a 20 crore plus opening 100 crore would have been achieved. he is the only khan who has missed the 100 crore net ( that even 2 times) after all the three khans entered the 100 crore club first.
    veer took 6.85 crore opening way back in 2010 when srk's highest opener was 6.76 crore with rab ne bana di jodi. so if that was bad then what about srk.

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