Jab Harry Met Sejal averts clash with Toilet Ek Prem Katha

Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer Jab Harry Met Sejal has been preponed to 4 August 2017. The film has averted the clash with Akshay Kumar starrer Toilet Ek Prem Katha.

JHMS will now get an extra holiday on Monday which is a Raksha Bandhan holiday and will be benefited by Independence Day weekend in the second week. This move can turn out to be a masterstroke if the film has solid content. The prepone does show that the makers have confident in their product. Also, the other film will not get the free publicity which was expected due to clash.

SRK starrer will now get higher screens in the first week and can maintain most of them in second. It will be interesting to see if the makers of Toilet Ek Prem Katha also prepone it to 4th August. Though it will be a bad move for the industry.

Stay tuned for more updates.

50 comments on “Jab Harry Met Sejal averts clash with Toilet Ek Prem Katha”

  1. Both SRK-Akki are self made stars who arent product of nepotism like Aamir, Salman, Ajay, HR
    So Akkians, since clash is averted, hope fan war gets over

    1. Aaj toh prove ho gaya
      Srk is bhagoda
      Aaj tak saare clashes jeeta par jab akki ka saamna hua toh bhaag gaya...

      1. 4 baar clash karchuke hai bhai ye dono
        And Akki had postponed OUATIMD in 2013, isnt he Bhagoda by your logic?

    2. Sari excitement khatm kar di 11 august ki. Srk bahut chalu banda hai jab usko lagta hai clash har jaunga to bhag jata hai. Or jab bechare kaabil wale bolte bolte thak gaye par use to clash karni thi uski film ke prmo trailer sab mast tha to kyun na chhoti film se clash karta naam jo banta uska clash jeet ke.
      SRK is not a king khan he is a #ChaluKhan ???
      11 August ki sari excitement pe pani fer diya Chalu Khan ne.... Abe film ka naam 2 saal bad rakha vo to dhang ka rakhte naam original nahi hai to film kahan se hogi. RomFlop.Com

  2. SRK need a big grosser just to be in top league.This movie will determine whether he is in top 3 or just he is losing his stardom over the period of time.Movie is romantic film for which SRK is known for & also they are biggest hits for his career(DDLJ,DTPH,KKHH,KHNH,RNBDJ) & this films are universally accepted & still people watch on tv.Over the period of time we have seen the biggest of grosser are not following any pattern,just look last 10 biggest grosser of those years (Ghajini,3 idiots,dabangg,tzh,Dhoom 3,Pk,Bajrangi,dangal,etc) they all are different from each other.Now SRK coming with romantic film (his strength),can’t expect anything less (Content wise & business wise).Only problem for SRK movie is TEPK,But still TEPK is not typically AKSHAY’s big film as its business will be limited.So SRK have to deliver big film not necessarily new club for Bollywood of 400 cr but atleast 300 crore or atleast biggest srk grosser beating Chennai express.So all the best to SRK.

    Also good decision of not clashing,Stardom at stake minimum 300 cr

  3. Sure shot by Srk.
    Akshay was much interested in effecting srk film.
    But now his film will effect by srk film.
    Ab akshay ke loose motion pakka.

    1. @vishal

      Dekhlo tumhara bhagoda duniya ka sabse bada star ????

      #fake stardom(media) - Sallu n srk

      # real stardom-Aamir n Akshay

      1. Haan parshya srk sabse rich family main paida hua tha islie usne sari media ko khrid li

  4. Good move by SRK . Now both movies will earn good and there will be no competetion . @ bollyarena please update ur predictions page according to new dates.
    Jab Harry met Sejal = 160 cr
    Toilet Ek Prem Katha= 110 cr
    (Acc to mixed to positive WOM)

      1. Thank you bollyarena . Love you.
        I m really happy that u care for ur viewrs and reply to their comments . Bollyarena is the best

  5. Toilet Ek Prem Katha :-
    Negative Wom = 100 cr
    Mixed Wom = 110 cr
    Positive Wom = 145 cr
    Extremely positive Wom = 185 cr+

    Jab Harry Met Sejal:-
    Negative Wom = 120 cr
    Mixed Wom = 135 cr
    Positive Wom = 170 cr
    Extremely positive Wom = 200 cr +

  6. Finally the title of the film is out and what??jab hary mets sajal lol???? they didn't able to find the proper name so i think they should keep the title of the film untitled it suits more and talking about clash acha hua Srk na preponed kr diya warna ya film nahi chalte ab 1 week hi chal payegi kyuki after that it will be crushed by TEPK.300cr the star who is struggling for to get 150cr going to get the double of it ????

  7. Bhai Screan count of #JHMJ is 4300 + like Sultan✊✊

    If compare to Happy new year 3850 Screen???

    With 44.97 cr @boxofficeindia ????

    Brake the records only Srk??????

    Weekend will be Highest non Baahubali2 film??

    Second week TEPK 2800 Screen maxi ????

    #JHMJ is 1800 big Crush on 2ed week????

    Will be fourth & Last film to release in china?

    After Dangal Tubelite & Baahubali2 continue in 3 ed month?????

  8. This is the best news.
    Wonderful decision by king khan
    Opening and first weekend records are in danger and lifetime will be around 220cr
    It will treat to watch srk as a Punjabi
    And tepk will definitely collect 150cr
    So guys get ready for both movies and both will blockbuster
    Please all akki fans should support srk movie and srk fans should support akki sir movie
    Because both actors need biggest grosser
    And @rajkumar tu abhi tak dangal ke sdme se bahr nhi nikla

  9. now tzh and jhms both will have a solo release on working day. lifetime can not be compared as tzh is a xmas release but opening can be compared. srk fans always say that opening proves stardom and srk films fails because of content. now let's see who is bigger in terms of opening. both are releasing solo on working day to isbar bahnabazi nahi chalega. let's also see if jhms opens bigger than dangal or not , tiger zinda hain definetly will.

    1. Dude TZH has action and is massy. Plus ticket price are high during X-Mas. Also there is winter vacation holidays. Plus TZH is an action film sequel.

      And I think TZH will easily get 5K+ screens with most expensive ticket price

  10. @parshya,
    Why aamir is not releasing on his favourite Christmas
    According to aamir fans, yrf decided the release date of TOH and aamir knew nothing

  11. This doesn't bode well for SRK. His movies are already struggling past the 1st weekend & on top of it he gives up a big holiday weekend to a relatively much smaller movie. Rakshabandhan isn't a very big holiday. At the max it'll only give 2/3 cr additional revenue. Practically SRK has left 2nd week completely open for TEPK. Akshay wasn't in anyway looking for a 3500+ screens for TEPK. Even with Rustom, he agreed for lesser 2200 screens. TEPK is made on a controlled budget of 30 cr & would've gladly taken less screens than JHMS. By averting the clash it seems SRK isn't very sure of his own stardom If by any chance JHMS fails to go beyond 1st weekend then not only will Akshay have a big holiday week for himself but, SRK's dwarf movie won't get solo release too

    1. No, he has made the right decision. Jhms would easily collect over 100 crores easily.....and others srk films falied to go past the weak due to lack of appreciation from audience. But if this film gets it then there is a problem for tepk and it will also tak advantage of other holidays too

  12. @karan singh tubelight is a ramzan release . so it's ideal to compare jhms with tzh as both are working day release. dangal vs jab harry met sejal vs tiger zinda hain will give a perfect idea about who has bigger initial pull between the three khans as all of them are working day releases.

  13. Honest man, abe TZH will take bigger opening because it is franchise film and will carry extraordinary buzz at the time of release.so don't make stupid comparisons.

  14. Parshya, abe it is your Aamir who is bhagoda.he postponed Secret superstar to diwali which was to release on 4 August.here SRK only preponed his film to 1 week as 4 august slot was empty due to your bhagoda Aamir.

  15. Dishonest Joker-Isn't it Gangu Teli's best phase..? Then why is he behind Prabhas and Aamir..?? Yuckk...!! You should feel ashamed. And why TZH..?? Compare Tubelight with JHMS as both don't have any action(Tubelight still has war). Shameless Gawar doesn't feel any shame seeing Dangal's worldwide collection and barks about opening all day where he has been molested by Bahubali by some 300% margin.

  16. @dishonest man
    Oh sorry you are not salman fan
    Because according to salman fans, salman is bigger than movie
    I am also from one of them who think salman is bigger than movie
    So don't bring excuses here until you can't face them
    And JHMS is romantic movie which people hate nowdays
    So, tubelight vs JHMS will give us real picture of stardom

  17. @sayar aamir came with higher ticket price with dangal in xmas and got just 2 crore more opening than bajrangi bhaijaan. if tzh just opens few crore more then it's ok but if tzh opens way bigger than dangal and jhms then thhere is no excuse.
    fan also had dhamakedar action but still opened lower than a sushant singh rajput film on holiday, why?

  18. @honest man Dude TZH has action and is massy. Plus ticket price are high during X-Mas. Also there is winter vacation holidays. Plus TZH is an action film sequel.

    And I think TZH will easily get 5K+ screens with most expensive ticket price

    So ticket price/ trailer reception/screen counts/genre matters and in all aspect
    Chinkara Zinda Hai>>JHMS

  19. @rajkumar ki to dangal ne maar li
    Bro 50 crore to weekend mein ho jayega
    To ek baar aur bahubali dekh le
    It's request to all, please go and watch bahubali with your family members
    Bro I can understand your situation
    Wait for tepk trailer and Teri ek baar aur bjne wali hai

  20. What’s wrong with the people nowadays? They just can’t praise a person for his good move. Rather they will just praise their idols for whatever they do. Last time srk went for a clash even though kaabil was announced for that day much earlier. but the makers of kaabil sticked to that day and talked nonsense about srk although srk was silent all the time. the makers of kaabil could avert the clash easily by shifting their date coz raees was postponed several times.This time the makers of TEPK did exactly like Raees but in stead of barking, srk quietly shifted his movie to another date and let go of a big holiday for a much smaller film. now in spite of praising him, people are calling him a bhagoda. Can’t you realize how big a heart is needed for such a brave and kind move? Pathetic losers.

    1. Nobody does good to anybody in Bollywood. Its a dog eat dog world there. Last year SRK didn't give up Eid holiday for Sultan. Salman simply muscled him out of that date. To take on Salman khan in his current form & that too on Eid holiday is simply impossible with a capital "I" even for SRK, forget about old clashes. Similarly, SRK took on Hrithik for Republic day clash coz he was sure, he would come out on tops. Hrithik was on a low after losing out on Mohenjodaro & taking him on was easy. But in case of TEPK, SRK knew he has too much to lose. Not that JHMS' lifetime collection will be less than that of TEPK. But, the investment in the movie & recent history of SRK make it a risky venture for a clash. TEPKhas a controlled budget of 30 Cr whereas, JHMS will be 75 CR+. Also, Akshay is coming with back to back 4 hits whereas, SRK is coming on the back of a complete failure of Fan & partial hit in Raees. So, at 100 Cr TEPK will be a success for Akshay while JHMS will be another failure for SRK even at 130 Cr.

      1. I understand your logic bro but i dont agree on the point that salman muscled srk out. I think that was a mutual decision taken by salman,srk and aditya chopra together. The next day after srk shifted raees from independance day, aditya chopra announced thugs of hindostan for diwali although amir always relleases his film on xmas. And the very next day srk announced the dwirf movie for xmas 2018. That clearly indicates aditya chopra let srk's film to have a solo xmas release and in exchange srk shifted raees for his best friend-aditya and salman.

  21. Dishonest Joker-ABey Gawar, where was songs and promotions for Fan..? Comparing a niche film with a Universal film. And Yuck on you in spite of getting molested by Prabhas in opening this Gangu Teli sallu fan doesn't stop barking about openings...!!! TZH should give 100 crore opening like Bahubali 2 if Gangu Teli sallu has any stardom near Prabhash.

    1. BHAGODA is someone who runs away after hitting by car
      Its called Hit and run like LALLU

      BTW are you @RaeesNN on twitter
      If not pls give me your twitter handle

  22. Now SRK and Akshay fans should unite and praise this decisions. Smart move for both filmsides and let there be peace between fans. Wish a huge success to both JHMS and Toilet !

  23. @karan singh salman is bigger than the film but not bigger than mathematics. first thing is tubelight will release during ramzan , second and the most important thing is jhms will have advantage of gst tax which will not be in the case of tubelight. so they can not be compared.
    tzh and jhms both will release on working day and both will be benifited by gst tax , so the competition is fair.
    @sayar dilwale has action , emotion , comedy, romance but still opened just 20 crore net on the same xmas. you will give excuse of clash but was the opening extraordinary. even if it was a solo release it would have not crossed 30 crore net on day 1 which makes it similar to dangal which had no action.
    @nn then let's compare tzh with dhamakedar action film raees. raees had 55-60% opening in morning shows despite of releasing on lower screens and shows. let's see what would be the opening of tzh on morning shows which willl release on much more screens and shows than raees. so the occupancy level should be lower than raees according to that logic. and who said fan was a niche film . it had more actions than bajrangi bhaijaan and prem ratan dhan payo. watch the trailers of the films, you will get to know. and fan had a song, zabra fan with gorilla dance by srk.

  24. Dishonest Joker- Tubelight can definitely be compared with JHMS and it will be definitely proved if JHMS opens bigger than Tubelight than Gangu Teli sallu is a Looser. This shameless gawar is continuously comparing a CHristmas period release with a Non-Holiday release. SRK himself clarified that Fan was a Niche film before relesase. That's why Gangu Teli sallu fans are called gawar people, they don't have the capacity to identify NIche film as Gangu Teli sallu never does Niche fillm. ANd what song are you talking about..??. Was Jabra song part of the film..?? And who dances like Gorilla, go watch Radio Song and you will see what Gorillas are like with Bloated face and Tummy. Why can't Gangu Teli salllu give the biggest opening in INdia like Bahubali 2 in his best phase? Tell me one thing, WHy Gangu Teli sallu in his best phase is miles behind Aamir and Prabhash.?? THe truth is he never was no, 1.

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