It’s a talent how SRK and Salman Khan handle stardom: Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma is one of those actresses who has worked with all the three Khans of Bollywood. The actress has said that she cannot imagine herself handling the stardom the way Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan do.

“I sometimes think about this (referring to stardom) and get scared. I haven’t experienced superstardom like Salman, Shah Rukh or Aamir. But even this (my stardom) can give a false sense, forget about what they face."

“I won’t be able to handle it. It’s a talent the way Salman, Shah Rukh handle their stardom,” Anushka told PTI. Citing an example of SRK, with whom she has collaborated for the third time in Imtiaz Ali’s upcoming project, the actress says, “I recently worked with Shah Rukh and the dedication with which he works, the enthusiasm, the amount of respect he gives to the director despite coming a long way in life, is not easy.”

“I am very sure that if I had become too aware of my stardom, it would’ve been a very difficult process for me. I am a simple person. I’ve never thought that I am special and have believed everyone is just doing their job,” she says. “I believe if I start taking myself too seriously that ‘I am an actor’, it will affect my creativity. Once ego enters your creativity, it destroys you. Stardom gives you a false sense of self. These are transitory things, this will eventually go away,” she adds.


“When I became an actor, everything came at me like a gush of wind. Suddenly I was famous, people were recognising me. It was all too much for me to take. I didn’t know what to make out of it…which direction I wanted to go,” she says. The actress has now ventured into production and her second film as a producer, “Phillauri” released this Friday. “The only good thing God blessed me with was I knew what I didn’t want to do. I knew I don’t want to do certain kind of films, roles or item songs. Not that it is bad but it wasn’t creatively satisfying for me. It took me a while to feel like I am happy in this situation.”

Anushka Sharma was recently seen in her home production Phillauri.

37 comments on “It’s a talent how SRK and Salman Khan handle stardom: Anushka Sharma”

  1. Ya she is right. Srk and salman r superstars because of their talent. No one can beat them in future also......

      1. ye ghanta hai....public ka....maine pehle bhi bola aaj bhi bolt hu....Amir 1000cr bhi karega na tu bhi stardom me piche rahega.....

      2. Bhai tera no milega kya
        The way u thrash Sally fans I like it
        So I want to congratulate u so plz gv ur no or call on 7504304770

        1. thanks bro...ye to trailer hein picture abhi baki hein mere dost..
          I will give u my number when Tubelight and TZH failed to cross Dangal.
          till then enjoy trolling...

  2. Very sensible unlike Kangana who compares her to the 3 khans failing to understand that they have been loved by audience for a long duration of time.

  3. rightly said by Anushka that both SRK and Salman are megastars and they know how to behave like a star. There was a time when things were not going good between SRK and Salman but even at that time none of both stars insulted each other. Dushmani mein bhi courtesy aur dignity ko maintain rakha dono ne.
    But here comes Tingu Khan, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, who does not know how to behave like a star. Even SRK did not do anything wrong with Tingu Khan but still because of being jealous of SRK's stardom, he named his pet after SRk's name. What a shameful act was that from Tingu! And thumbs-up for SRK who did not stoop himself to Tingu's level and didn't even give a shit about Tingu's stupidity.
    And same goes for some Tingu fans like Parshya and Dhakad Anoop who open their foul mouth on every article related to SRK and Salman (especially Salman). And I am damn sure that they would continue to behave like that and would come here with their stinky comments.

    1. hahaha.. lallu ka stardom samaj mein ayega this xmas.
      raju and ranbir usko dhonewale hein...

      1. not taking side of Salman here, just giving my personal opinion. whether TZH will break record or not, that's a different thing but personally I feel that Dutt biopic would not take risk to clash with TZH. but even if clash happens, I am damn sure that Dutt biopic can't beat TZH even on a single day, total collection ki toh baat hi door hai.

    2. Lol!!!
      Look who is Talking,A Salman fan ??
      Salman slapped SRK At Katrina's B'day Party.
      And Aamir tried his best to resolve the dispute.
      And In his Worst phase
      When Abhishek Bachchan was Ahead of Salman,he was busy licking Aamirs feet.
      Became Superstar doing South Remakes or South Craps
      The Genre which was Brought back by
      Aamir with Ghajini.
      Sometimes I think Kya hota Salman ka,
      Agar Aamir ne Ghajini na ki hoti??
      SRK mocked Aamir at Several Award Functions,
      Aamir called SRK a dog in his blog,
      Then he Apologized to SRKs kids.
      So Now,Everything is fine BETWEEN
      So Stop worrying About AAMIR-SRK.
      They are not 'Chameleons'.

      1. i am fan of both SRK and Salman not only Salman. Even i have no problem with Aamir. I am not a blind fan like you. I keep my eyes open and I say what I feel right even it may hurt many blind fans. you like it or not, I don't care but the Truth is Truth.
        Aamir is jealous of SRK and in that jealousy he forgot to follow even common minimum courtesy.

  4. Next superstar would not be among todays' newcomers because when khans retire, they would have crossed 40 and hence lost the age to become superstars. Bollywood's next superstar be a person who is not 20 yet. What about Aryan Khan guys.

  5. Karan Johar has himself said that it is not possible for younger generation to come even close to khans stardom.

  6. Anushka ab Phillauri release ho gayi, now pls concentrate on Rehnuma and give your best.

  7. we know today srk is a big zero , even srk fans are aware of that.
    but it's very ridiculous when some srk fans say that srk was number 1 in 2000-09. i am now going to give some boxoffice datas of 2000-09( source boi.com). srk fans please tell me how srk has been dominating that decade . here are the datas
    1. all time grossers
    verdict- aamir ahead
    2. all time blockbusters
    verdict- aamir ahead
    3. highest grosser of the year
    verdict- srk and hritik ahead
    4. blockbusters
    verdict- srk and hritik ahead
    5. record breaking opening day( only solo films considered)
    aamir-4( mangal pamdey, fanaa, ghajini, three idiots)
    hritik-3( mk, k3g , krishh)
    verdict- aamir ahead
    6. record breaking opening weekend( only solo films considered)
    hritik-4( mission kashmir, k3g, krishh, dhoom2)
    aamir -3( fanaa, ghajini, three idiots)
    srk-3 ( main hoon na, veer zaara, oso)
    [ k3g is not considered as a srk film because hritik roshan was a bigger star than srk when k3g released]
    verdict- hritik ahead
    7. 2 crore plus footfall films
    verdict- srk and hritik ahead
    8. 3 crore plus footfall films
    verdict- hritik ahead
    so the verdict is very clear . out of the 8 major boxoffice achievements hritik was ahead in 5 of the things. aamir was ahead in three of the things and srk was ahead also in three of the things but in all of those three things he was jointly ahead with hritik , solo he was ahead in nothing. so hritik has defeated srk comfortably and has emerged the star of 2000-09 decade. aamir has done lesser films and was absent from 2002-04, unless he would have been also ahead of srk comfortably. so it is again proved srk fans are liars and lying is in their blood because srk has no complete dominance in last decade.

    so 2000-09 decade belongs to hritik roshan and aamir khan.

  8. mujhe toh kapil or sushant singh rajput pe hasi aata hai ek hit film kya de diye apne aap ko superstar samajte hain

    1. Righty said, Sushant has 4 films
      Koi po che
      Shudh Desi Romance
      Detective Byomkeshbakshi
      MS Dhoni
      (PK has him in a cameo remember)
      Noone remembers him for his first three films and fourth one worked because Dhoni was(and is) the biggest superstar of India and fans went to see life story of Dhoni and not Sushant. But after Dhoni movie, Sushant considers himself a star! Senseless.

  9. @ parshya, why are u giving FAN collection ? SRK 's Raees just did 135 crore despite facing a big clash.

  10. @ honest man, abe idiot what a dumb logic u are applying ? K3g was a hrithik's film despite he was only 1 year old at that time.After KNPH he continuously gave average and flops like FIza,yaadein,MK till 2003 when Koi mil gaya released.he only ruled in 2006 when he gave 2 continuous blockbusters like Krrish and dhoom 2(ATHG also).barring records there is a thing which is called 'consistency'.How Hrithik ruled this decade when he couldn't able to give at least continuous hits ? Aamir ruled only in 2008 and 2009.so reality is SRK was the most consistent actor of 2000 - 2009.your continuous blabbering will not change the truth.

  11. sorry bolly arena i should bring bo records from other sites beauase of honest man ,according to boi.com 2000-2009
    srk did 21 movie , blockbusters -4 (all solo)
    super hit/hit -7 Flops/disaster-10succes % -50%
    Hritik di 16 blockbuster-4$ including multistarer k3g otherwise only 3 ),only 1 super hit there koi mil gaya and all other most disasters of 2000-09 decade success %-31
    bhai honest man ise kehte h stardum aur stardum ko nibhana bas tu bo ka records lekar aa rha h srk ko down karne par asli records ye h aur asli stardum ye h bas 2000-09 nahin balki 1992-2017 tak srk sab dil me bo me h tu kehta h hits count nahin hota h lekin bina collection me hit nhi hoti na super hit bhi ,agar kisi ko bhi 2000-09 hritik srk se ahead h too bataiye except dishonest man

  12. @prashant abhishek credit for k3g's record breaking opening goes to hritik, i have counted k3g as srk's blockbuster. k3g was released in 2001. before that year in 2000 the biggest opener of the year was mission kashmir starring hritik which took a record start. in the clash of mohabbatein and mission kashmir mission kashmir took a way better start which establishes the fact that hritik was a bigger star than srk . in 2000 no film of srk opened better than mission kashmir. in 2001( k3g release year) srk had two releases before k3g, 1 2 ka 4 and asoka. i 2 ka 4 took a disastrous 77 lack opening while asoka opened to an average 1 crore. while hritik roshan's yaadein relased that year before k3g took a bumper opening of 1 crore 59 lacks which missed the opening day record by a few lacks ,this is almost more than two times better than 1 2 ka 4's opening. then tell me honestly how srk deserves the credit for k3g's opening. how a man who gives 77 lacks opening can give a 2 crore plus opening with k3g.

    so valid datas prove srk was not eligble to give the record opening of k3g. the record opening of k3g was due to hritik who was much more capable than srk at that point.

  13. @dishonest man ,mission kashmir is a average movie and lost the clash with mohabbatien lol tu srk ko down karne ko kuch bhi bok skta h lekin sach too sach hi rhega n k3g is a hritik film? lol he comes after the interval movie n only appeard in 10% of the film ,opening ka asliyat sun ,pehle srk-kajol jodi aur kkhh ka success karan-srk-kajol thats y its take off gud open n tere logic se aate too after knph fiza released bt y didnt took any gud opens n totally flop movie answer me now

  14. Ok I can accept K3g opening is due to hrithik.But hrithik also gave 3 or 4 continuous flops several times .And SRK didn't gave more than 2 flops continuous.so SRK was the most consistent actor of that decade.

  15. @prashant jhuth ko Accept karne ki jrurt nhi h n srk bas 2000-09 me nhi 90's me v consistence tha only after 2009 he got more up n downs bt still is there for consistency like ce,hny,raaes

  16. @ prashant abhishek 1n 2000-09 decade 2008 and 09 was completely dominated by aamir
    and between 2000-07 hritik was ahead of srk
    let's make a head to head comparison between srk and hritik in 2000-07
    2000- hritik ahead( knph was the highest grosser of the year)
    2001- hritik ahead( yaadein did more business than 12 ka 4 and asoka)
    2002- srk ahead( devdas was the biggest grosser)
    2003- hritik ahead( koi mil gaya was the biggest grosser)
    2004- srk ahead( veer zaara was the highest grosser)
    2005- hritik has no release
    2006- hritik ahead( dhoom 2 was the highest grosser and krishh also bigger than any srk release)
    2007- hritik has no release
    so hritik was ahead in 2000, 01,03 and 06 and srk was only ahead in 2002 and 04.
    so in head to head comparison between srk and hritik from 2000-07 hritik leads srk by 4-2.
    then aamir was number 1 in 08 and 09. so the decade belongs to aamir and hritik and srk was not even in the picture , he was the third biggest star of that decade.

    @ chandra prasad i have mentioned that mission kashmir took a better opening than mohabbatein, so hritik was the bigger star.
    and fiza not at all took a poor start. it took an opening of 1 crore 23 lacks which was also a better start than srk's mohabbatein ( 1 crore 19 lacks).

  17. bhai tu bas tere view me baat mt kar mere sawal bas ye h ki mision kashmir is losser in clash thats it n k3g get opens beacuase of karan-srk-kajol ye baat sab maante h tu nhi maanta too tu alein hi h iska jawab de pehle aur opening jo bhi ho blockbuster jruri h starting me highest h too kya baad me pit diya na ye baat tu kyu nhi maanta

  18. Honest man, abe who will mention about 2007 ? SRK gave 2 continuous blockbusters CDI and OSO.oso was the highest grosser.Hrithik had no film in that year ,it is not my or SRK's problem .in 2008 also he had blockbuster RNBDJ ,2nd highest grosser that means he was ahead of hrithik.so proved SRK was ahead of hrithik in 2007 and 08 also.so overall SRK was the top actor of 2000-09 followed by hrithik

  19. Honest man, abe who will mention about 2007 ? SRK gave 2 continuous blockbusters CDI and OSO.oso was the highest grosser.Hrithik had no film in that year ,it is not my or SRK's problem .in 2008 also he had blockbuster RNBDJ ,2nd highest grosser that means he was ahead of hrithik.so proved SRK was ahead of hrithik in 2007 and 08 also.so overall SRK was the top actor of 2000-09 followed by hrithik.

  20. Hrithik is as big star as Khans are. But the problem why Hrithik is currently lagging behind Khans is that he is not getting solo releases and taking long time gap between movies.

  21. @ prashant abhishek in 2007 hritik has no release, so it is not counted. yes in 2008 srk was ahead of hritik as rnbdj did more than ja. again in 2009 hritik has no release. so till 2007 the lead for hritik was 4-2. if you count the whole decade ( 2000-09) still hritik leads by 4-3. so hritik was the biggest star of 2000-09 decade followed my aamir.

  22. lol honest tu koi alien h kya jo sab nahin mante uska record lekr aata h total decade ,total decade ka total success dekhte h too total decade me successful star only srk followed by hritik fallowed by aamir

  23. mere baat ko reply nahin kar rha h mtlb smjho dost bas iska baat hi sahi maankr sahi smjhkr jinewale jaise chutiya h ye aur samjho iska life hi jhuthi h agar sahi hota too isko sab like karte

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