IT opens with record breaking $51 million on Friday

Hollywood horror film IT has registered a monstrous opening of $51 million on Friday. The film has exceeded all expectations and has also shattered many box office records.

IT has recorded the highest opening ever for a horror film and R-rated film beating Deadpool. It is also the biggest start ever for the months of September and October. Earlier the film also grossed $13.5 million on Thursday previews which is also a record for an R-rated film.

The film was expected to open with $60 million in the opening weekend which still would have been a record. But now it is projected to gross massive $100 million in the opening weekend. These numbers are just out of this world as IT was not a superhero film nor it was released in Summer. The film had practically zero star value as the major cast consists of kids.

Meanwhile, IT has collected 1.75 crores in India on the opening day which is a decent start considering that it was an adult film and had limited screenings. The film has topped the opening weekend in India beating all new and holdover releases.

7 comments on “IT opens with record breaking $51 million on Friday”

  1. Saw IT today found it emotional but the tv film of IT was more scary I was waiting to get scared but nothing happened insidious series is the best option if you want to get scared

  2. 'It'is an cultural phenomenon in the US and btw there is a very big difference between Hollywood and Indian film industry ... Hollywood is more of a content driven industry on the other hand Indian film industry is more star power driven

    1. With the success of dangal and many other movies shows that it's not star driven, its more about content in India!

      1. How much have other content movies done in India compared to Dangal.

        375cr chodo 275cr chodo 175cr chodo 75cr nett bhi nahi kiya.

        Aur ek aisa khatam star(killed by Aamir with Ghajini in 08) jo un content movies se bhi kam diya hai last film mein.

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