It is wrong to usrup a date that someone has already announced: Hrithik Roshan

Box office clashes are becoming a norm these days. It seems Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan are at loggerheads with each other. First, it was the clash between Kaabil and Raees, slated for January 2017. Then Rakesh Roshan announced the release date of Krrish 4 for Christmas 2018 clashing with Aanand Rai’s dwarf project starring Shahrukh.

On realising the clash however, the Roshans quickly moved their film from the proposed slot. Hrithik Roshan has also broken his silence saying, “My mom and dad have always taught me that doing the right thing is over and above any profit or loss. I guess Dad felt it wrong to usurp a date that another colleague has already announced.”

Raees vs Kaabil

Interestingly, the SRK's Raees is slated to release the same date as Hrithik’s home production Kaabil, even though the Roshans made their release announcement long before. On asking the question Hrithik says, “I can’t judge other people’s ethics. I must travel my own path, guided by my values and allow others to travel theirs.”

Hrithik admits for the first time that bringing Raees and Kaabil together could damage both the films. “Both films will suffer a little. But both films can also do well, if the content is good. If it’s in your destiny to succeed, nobody can take it away from you. The same also holds good for failure,” he says.

23 comments on “It is wrong to usrup a date that someone has already announced: Hrithik Roshan”

  1. Agree with Hrithik. I think this problem has been created by the producers of Raees (SRK, Farhan and Ritesh Sidhwani). I hope these both movies wont clash because both will suffer a lot only for a Replubic day weekend, which only has one holiday?. I hope that SRK doesn't clash his next release 'The Ring' with Crack . I think they should release The Ring on 25 August(Ganesh Chathurthi), as they will also get the advantage of Bakr-ied (September 1).

      1. SRK and his team did not announce the date Ring officially , wrote about this date only the media, no official confirmation .. But Neeraj and Akshay announced Crack date officially, announced Akshay on Twitter, what SRK not done. so officially date Crack was declared the first

      2. Any proof????He hasn't announced at all? . Get your "FACTS" right before commenting. lol.

    1. Where was the ethics when badshao was releasing on same date and it announced first then kaabio announced.....

  2. i support whatever he said he is right
    koi bhi film banata hai badi mehnat se kam se kam use solo release hone dena chahiye sabhibko bollywood me mil k kam karna chahiye

  3. Now srk responsibility to change the release date of raees and show good humanism after the Roshan decision.

  4. So why did he announce Kaabil on this date when Badshaao was announced first ?? Hypocrite...

      1. Really ? So why did they officially announced that it was postponed ?? Get your facts right man.

  5. First of all I must say avoiding clash with Sultan there was no need to postpone Raees for such a long period. It's can be adjusted some time September or October. Raees chance will get faded as trailer teaser released long ago. Now clash with kaabil is also wrong as this date was booked since initiation of kaabil. Here Hritik is absolutely right.

  6. I think clashes in bollywood are bound to happen. Every one wants holiday slots or festivals, but these are limited so what if two movies clash. Movie with the content will win or both if liked by people. But it would be wrong to say that I have announced this date so this date will be mine. Hrithik should know that there are other people who also have to release their movies.

  7. Where was the ethics when Srk raees has already booked the eid for it but sultan came on same date that's why raees postpone and now there is no chance to postponed raees.....
    Raees is stick to release on 26th Jan and if someone wants to release its movie on some other date then good else come and face the clash....

  8. I think srk should release his film on a small holiday and make it big like salman made eid and aamir made christmas.

  9. how desperate BAAP BETA....when SRK clashing with KAABIL sab rules ethics and MAA BAAP ka lesson yad aaya...JAB MOHABATEIN v.s MISSION KASHMIR hua tab kya Hrithik ka BAAP nahi tha ke MAA paida nahi hui thi...bat karta hai usoolo ki...

    abye tere jaise ke liye ek word hai....SHUT UP and GET LOST

  10. It's all business. There is nothing wrong with releasing a film on a date someone has announced. People don't become big stars by showing ethics in India. All these Roshans and Khans have behind the scenes used every trick in the trade which I consider unethical - working with heroins half their age, skin whitening obsession, buying awards, destroying people who come in their way thru influence, etc. They only shed tears around ethics when their crores are in danger.

  11. Sultan driver ......movie dekhna haram heGA..tu rikSha chala..or masjid ja ..don't get into hrithik

  12. Sultan driver .. ...movie dekhna haram heGA..tu rikSha chala..or masjid ja ..don't get into hrithik

  13. This is all drama created by roshan families....rithik is playing very bad now a days...1st with kankana, then salman, then akshay and other producers...whole industry was against mohanji daroo...why?...

    Once SRK ke announced raees at same date of kaabil...Roshan were angry and they played very well...though they were aware they can't ever release film krish 3 on christmus they declared purposefully
    Krish 3 date same with SRK 2017...krish 3 stories yet is not yet complete and such big budget movie --how come possible -- just wait watch it won't release even in 1st half of 2018...so roshan's want SRK to give thread by their most successful franchise krish...so they wanted give SRK message if he classes with kaabil they will srew his moview also....fair....but why then rithik is saying upbringing etc stories...full"...if his upbringing was so good he would have not said about I don't about others (srk's) upbringing by creating contraversarry.. Rithik -- has gone mad...after suzaane has left him....can understand buddy...hota hai...

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