It is not fair to take just 3 names while talking about stars: Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan has said that it is unfair to only take the names of the Khans when talking about stardom as there are other actors, who are popular and doing extremely well in Bollywood. He also praised Akshay Kumar's Toilet Ek Prem Katha.

"I think it isn't fair when you take the three names (Shah Rukh, Salman, Aamir) while talking about stars. There are several talented stars in our film industry, who are extremely popular. Akshay's film 'Toilet: Ek Prem Katha' is doing good and people are liking it," Aamir told reporters.

Salman and SRK's recent releases Tubelight and Jab Harry Met Sejal have failed at the box office. When asked if the audiences are now gravitating more towards content-oriented cinema and not star vehicles, Aamir said, "I think every creative person goes through ups and downs. We all try to do good work, which will be liked by people.

"Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don't. I don't think that should directly reflect on the immediate stardom of a person. We shouldn't get swayed by this and continue to do what we believe in," he said.

The actor was speaking at an event to launch a song from his upcoming production Secret Superstar. The film is scheduled to release on October 19 and will clash with Golmaal 4. However, Aamir is not worried about the clash and said both the films will get enough space during Diwali.

"I think Diwali has the bandwidth to take two releases, so that was not a concern. Usually, on Diwali you have two films, very rarely you have one film. Both films will have their own space, the genre of both films seem very different. Golmaal is an out-and-out entertainer, this film for us tells a very important story," he said.

63 comments on “It is not fair to take just 3 names while talking about stars: Aamir Khan”

  1. That's why I like ammir well said Sir
    Ammir and akshay are only superstar
    Ammir bb/atbb machine
    Akshay hit/ superhit machine

      1. Aagya bakwaas kaarne movie hit flop theatrical rights k price k hisaab se hoti h...100 crore se niche max average ho sakti thi to kahan ka low budget reh gya medium budget h...

        1. @milky .. low budget pta h kaise hit hoti h akshay k 120 m hit pr ib high budget rhe to flob kaisi hoti h yad hna .. brother yad hna 120 budget th kaise flop hui thi movie high budget mai

          1. Tera actor kitna hit diya hai big budget film me
            Dilwale semihit
            Fan flop
            Jhms disaster
            Raees semi hit
            Ek bhi big budget hit nahi hai

          2. beta itne jayad tere actor ki movie kamati h to beta akki overall 3200 crore pr h or tera fusslight to 3000 crore pr akhir me total collection matter karta h to apni aukat mat bhoolo
            ab bolege akki jayad movie karta h to tere ator ko kisne kaha h ki kam movie kr ab kya kare inki aukat hi nhi h itni movie banane ki

          3. merigold ka lifetime collection 90 lakha tha or bo bhi big budget movie thi usme kya ukhad liya ter fusslight ne
            apni aukat mat bhoolo autowala fan

          4. Bhai m kisi k fav superstar ko abuse nahi kar raha par har movie ki ek aukaat hoti h...aukaat se baahar paisa lagaoge to haal fan jhms tubelight jesa hi hoga brothers was a below average movie I accept it that's why it flopped.

        2. @Miky
          For u Lipstic under my Burkha is better than TEPK ?? LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA WAS ALSO HIT WITH JUST 10 CRORE BUDGET..
          So u compare ur actor Akshay with actresses of lipstick under my Burkha..
          Low budget actor akshay should only compare with other low budget movie actors like lipstic under my burkha..

          1. @julious if low budget actor low budget se compare karna hai tho tu yaha pe kya kar rahe ho har akshay article mein tumhare comments dekta hoon fir dont compare na ur the one whose comparing uska matlab even somewhere in yo heart u accept akshay can compare to salman see ur comments only explaining so from nexr time u better dont post comments on akshay related articles low budget movie star hai na as u said tumhare kaam kya hai yaha pe and acha mein bhool gaya u dont have aukad to compare with aamir khan right so ur comparing with akshay and making yo self happy i pretty u pagal upar se tubelight flop hogaya tepk super hit jealous factor rona mat beta hit milega

      2. 150 me film banao 4 din holiday 2 open weeks 4500 screens leke disaster do lallu is megastar ???

      3. @beingpremfan pehle mein bola na apne knowledge gain karo baad mein collections budget bada hone do chota movie hit hona chahiye stars ko kya ukada tubelight....

    1. Akki and amir is legend
      @ amir fans support us we will support u and our friendship will never end

    2. Akshay knows how to make good films with low budget, and give producers and distributors good profit. SRK and Salman make really high budget content-free films. They can't even manage budget for the films wisely. Haters said Akshay is 100 cr actor. But they don't know that he releases 3-4 films a year, and gives good profit for distributors. If SRK and Salman start making at least 3 films a year, then I don't think they will be able to gross higher than Akshay's films. SRK is worst than Akshay in terms of domestic collection. SRK usually does 1 film a year, mostly with big directors and big banners, and can't even gross over 150 crs. Akshay does 3-4 and earn about 120 crs each. So decide who is bigger now.

  2. Next Diwali
    Salman Vs Aamir

    Waiting for healthy clash.
    I know this will not happened but I want.

    Kya bolte ho sallu fans.
    Ek bar ho Jaye.

      1. @BeingPremFan
        Good joke...
        Lekin Ek bat yad rakhna agar clash Hua na sallu fans rone ke bhi kaabil nahi rahenge.

        Aur distributor to clash se pahle hi suicide Kar denge kyunki sabne dekha eid blockbuster fusslight ka dhamal. ??

        1. @Parshya Hello brother vs The Earth clash yaad hai? Uss waqt to The Earth ko offbeat film kaha tha...ab Flops of Hindoostan ko vi offbeat kahoge tum log...

          aamir ki dusri patni vi chodke chali jaaegi

          1. @ beingprem fan

            Earth was released 16th dec 1999
            Hello brother was released 10th sep 1999

            Isko clash bolta he tu??

            Fir dangal > vs pultan
            Pk vs > (kick+jaiho)
            Dhoom3 vs (ek tha chuha nd dabaa2)

            Like was many more..

            Salman khan 9 times highest grossing movie of the year diya he na jab mostly aamirkhan nai aaya.. baki kya pata kab usko beat karega. Sapna hi uska.

        2. @parshya Tu pehle apna commenting band kar de! Sallu fans k rone ka toh pata nhi but tu fir se commenting karne layak nhi rahega ??

    1. Yaha solo me disaster deta hai lallu rakhi sawant se clash harta hai ammir se ghanta clash karega ???

  3. Ajay Devgan also great star drishyam great and 100 crs movies like singham and shivaay

  4. Agar ak k aap Fan ho to uska matlab ye nahi k aap dusre star ko hate karo...Sabhi star friend he likin unke Fans ak dusre k Enemy banke Bethe he.. Respect all Superstar☺️☺️

  5. Yaha Pe Aamir ke fans Akkians banke comment karte hai
    Like Utsav Abhijeet Roric Parshya

    Aur bolte hai non holiday non holiday

    Akki fans don't exist. Sab Aamirians etc ki chaal hai

    SRK is over
    Akki never began
    Aamir is hypocrite

    Only Salman is genuine

    1. Star to do hi he... srk jesi fan following kisi ki nai..

      Aur aamir jesa trust kisi me nai..

      Salman to sirf baj raha he dono k bich..

  6. I personally feel this is a very mature statement by Aamir Khan . I personally feel Aamir, Salman, Akshay, Ajay, SRK and Hrithik are Superstars in their own right . Aamir and Salman have completed almost 3 decades in this industry . Ajay, Akshay and SRK have completed 25 years . Hrithik has completed almost 2 decades . So all of them have seen their share of ups and downs . People love them, hate them and respect them but all of them have created their own identity . They will always be remembered by their own personalities, performances, films and fan following . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. @aadav congrats on ur 7th bday! Dude u r a f*cking genius, 7 saal ka ho k trade sites or comment kar raha h ????

  7. Bhai amir be akshay ka hi nam kio Kiya hai amitabh bachan ,Varun , sidarth , Ajay , hrithik , Irfan khan , Sanjay duty and etc to many big star and also talented star living in film industry. Why ?

  8. World knows all three khan no one near agree or disagree but fact is three khans ruling Bollywood fail hit does not matter producer still put good money on khan film no one get number of screen what khans will get everyone have confidence that's the reason khan will get more screen than any one else .
    Flop doesn't matter for khan s.
    After khans any other actor recognized that is great khiladi akshay.
    Love khans and akshay.
    Love hr also

  9. This is called a star Sachin never shouted that I am number 1 the world knew it same with Aamir. If you are number 1 no need to showoff do quality movies and let the BO speak.

  10. One line is in akshay's song accha laga tuje to rakhle nahi te bachke tu nikalle...true 4 haters accha laga toh khush raho nahi to nikallo faaltu mat bolo kisi bhi actor k baare sabki movies hit/flop koi nahi baat nahi.

  11. Stars ki mature comments parho to maza ajaye

    Scroll down karke neeche fans ke comments parho to 90 % wahiyat aur immature comments

  12. @being prem fan Abe tu apne lallu ko sambhal and I am akkian or tu Kya bola akki start nhi hua beta tere lallu ko akki ne hi start kiya man me support karne disasters de the tha hit karaya hai or hn tere lallu ko khatam nhi kiya 5 bar clash me yad haina tera lallu 2009 me paida Hua hai beta akki to 90s se chal the hai local star ke fan in main aamir ko like karta hoon but akki ka fan hoon i
    Or rahunga or hn main Sallu ko bolta nhi tha par jab tak tum jaise bhaitards ho tumhari to ham bajaenge dam se Sallu se bhaitards of india

    1. What a joke akki 90's se chal raha hai, really did you just said this ???????????, indicine,boi sabke stat dekhle
      Akki's total movie from 1990-2003=60
      Hit=5,in 90's akki success ratio=22%, salman=52%
      Akki's hit ratio=12%, salman=32%
      Ye toh srkian troll karne ke liye bol dete hain ki salman was 2009born star, salman ne 12hits diye hain 90'smein which no other actor given till today.
      Lowest sucess ratio among khans, Ajay, akki
      Lowest hit ratio among khans, Ajay, akki
      Highest flop giving actor among khans ,Ajay ,akki
      Lowest hit giving actor among khans, Ajay , akki
      No hit from 1997-2003
      Highest consecutive movies without hit akki 25
      Aur ye hai 90's born actor,thuuuu
      Agar yakeen naa ho raha hai toh indicine,boi,koimoi Jo bhi site jaa ke check karle.
      Beta ghar mein jaa ke bournevita per
      Bollyarena please post my comment I have only stated all the facts

      1. Haa rickshaw wala fan Base Akki 5 hi hit diya tha 90s me lallu
        5 hits to Akki 1994 me hi de diya tha
        Akki 5 hits in 1994>>>lallu whole decade from 2000 to 2009

      2. Akki hits in 90s~8
        Sallu hits in 90s~11
        Akki hits in 2001 to 2010~11
        Sallu 4
        Akki> sallu
        HIt's from 2011 to 2017
        Sallu 8
        Akki 10
        Akki >Sallu

  13. Karan Arjun, Mujhse Shaadi Karoge etc. sirf Salman ki baja se chali....barna flop hojaate. salman ne srk aur akki ko bachaya

    1. Bhai aap joke bhut ache marte ho....... Bhai yaha sbko pta ha salman ki acting ki aaukat......... Zindagi me ek hi achi movie di ha bajrangi bhaijan bs...... Aamir aur akshay sa compare to salman ka saga bap ni karega usa

      1. @aditya tu kiska saga beta h? Amir ka ya akki ka? Personal life beech me kidhar se laata ho yar inn actors ka?!
        Inko fark bhi nhi padta tu Kya bakwas kar raha hai idhar baith k! Uss level pe hai vo

      2. Mind your language Aditya pehle Apne Ghar main nazar Dal pata Nahi Tu khud kis ka beta hai na janye kaha se a jaty hai mou utha ke

  14. Abe Salman flop star tha us samay akki megastar the iske Nam pe gyi hai keval 3 hits 2000 se 2009 ke beech Sallu to ab chala hai akki 90s se chal the hai

    1. @abhijeet tu Srsly Akshay ko SALMAN se compare kar raha h? Aise toh khud k star ki beizzati marvaega tu!
      So acc to u Salman is a 2009 born star! So it means usne ab tak koi disaster nhi dia! 11-12 movies Kari hai jisme se 7 blockbuster!
      Akki ne bhi blockbuster dia hai Kya? 1990s born star hai, 25 saal mein atleast 10-12 toh diye hi rahenge! Ohh sirf 1? Galat hua yar ye toh ?
      2000-2009 k beech mein akki megastar? Tab atleast 1 toh blockbuster Dena chahiye tha bande ko

      1. @mynk knowledge badao apna knowledge nahin tho theek se tho search kar ke baat karo Tujhe akki ka ek blockbuster chahiye toh jaake check karo boi site mein or any other site welcome is a blockbuster and rowdy Rathore is a block buster too ek nahin do blockbusters hai

  15. Salman
    Only three actor they given all time blockbuster with huge appreciation film.
    From last 25 years three khan film record.
    1994 salman hum apke hai kon
    1995 sharuk ddlj
    1996 amir raja Hindustani.
    All three film are recognized Bollywood great film with best footfall.
    Apart from khan only sunny deol achieved this with Gadar.

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