Imtiaz Ali releases script of Ranbir Kapoor starrer Rockstar

Director Imtiaz Ali has released the script of his critically acclaimed film, Rockstar. The director shared a video speaking much about Rockstar and how he started writing it after Socha Na.

In the Facebook video, Imtiaz says, “By this time it acquired a different character, Jordan himself acquired a different character. This changed the film and I am actually happy that it didn’t get made earlier.”

“One of the differences in Jordan was that in the earlier version, Jordan spoke very well. He was creative and articulate, he would joke around and be interesting. He was written at the same time as I was working on Geet. And Jordan somehow sounded the same way that Geet would have sounded. But later when I went back to making the film, I realised that Jordan tries to express his feelings and thoughts through music because he couldn’t talk about it. It was then, that I made Jordan an inarticulate character. A character, who would more likely make a fool of himself than otherwise,” he said.

Imtiaz went on to confesses that he has the most intimate relationship with Rockstar, of all his films. He has always said that he felt Rockstar is not a perfect film, but the script does have this purity, the character a complex one to film — and he observes that the movie followed the character and his whims more than the path that it was set out for.

Watch the video below.

In 2011 when Rockstar released, I knew it was not mine to judge anymore. All these years later, it still remains close to my heart because with Jordan I explored situations that I thought were key moments in an artists life. Today, with the help of Film Companion, the script of Rockstar reaches you - it's yours to read, study, understand and even come back to me with questions!you can get the scripe at the following address - http://www.filmcompanion.in/article/download-bollywood-movie-script-rockstar

Posted by Imtiaz Ali on Thursday, February 16, 2017

Rockstar, which released in 2011 went on to win several awards including best actor for Ranbir Kapoor. Imtiaz Ali is currently working on Rehnuma starring Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma.

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    1. Maybe for people who only care about box-office collections, but Highway was a genuine piece of art.

  1. Sahi bola clemk in my view highway deserves Oscar best film I hve ever seen....

  2. Come on ranbir release ur dutt biopic on Xmas.i m 100% sure u will beat any actor except Aamir.
    Dutt vs tzh...maza ayega.

    1. TZH ke naam se abhi se phatne lagi hai teri... 4 open weeks mile toh Dangal ka record tootne se koi nahi bacha sakta... i am damn sure that Dutt will be postponed.

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