Impressed with fan made trailer, SRK offers him a job in VFX team

SRK, who has been engaging on a personal level with all his fans, via his twitter handle, was left in awe of a fan’s skills of video editing, that he offered him a job right away.

Shivam JE'mini, went on to incorporate himself in the original ‘Fan’ trailer. The video that took 60-hours to complete, was made with the help of a lot of visual effects that Shivam says he learnt only because of Shah Rukh.

Talking about the video Shivam said, “I have worked on it for more than 60 hours (because the reason behind learning VFX is also 'you', *Red Chillies VFX*) so that you'll see this and wish me ''Happy Birthday!” Hope you see it and like it.”

Well, Shah Rukh did see the clip, and was blown away by the skill that went into the making (of the video) that he offered him a job with his VFX team with a tweet.

2 comments on “Impressed with fan made trailer, SRK offers him a job in VFX team”

  1. Chalo kuch to achha keha esne...
    I like it...
    But kuch Fan aise h srk jo kahte h k UN ne SRK ko award dia h...
    SRK k pure carrier me abi tk koi b UN k award ni mila h...
    R na hi National award...
    Kyuki ye award kharide ni achieve kiye jaate h....
    But I hope SRK done something other Gd job for people. ..

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