IMDB Top Indian Stars of 2017

Popular worldwide film database website IMDb has announced the Top Indian filmstars of the year, based on StarMeter stats and page views.

Superstar Shahrukh Khan who was seen in Raees and Jab Harry Met Sejal has topped the list. He is going through a dull phase but still remains the most recognizable Indian actor worldwide. He is followed by Aamir Khan who had a cameo in Secret Superstar. His another release Dangal was released in China where it broke several records. Salman Khan comes at number third and was last seen in Tubelight.

The actors Tamannah Bhatia, Prabhas and Anushka Shetty from the historic blockbuster Baahubali: The Conclusion, are also in the list. Among other popular stars, Anushka Sharma, Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif were placed seventh, ninth and tenth respectively, while internationally recognised star Irrfan Khan, was at number 5.

Check out the full list.

  1. Shahrukh Khan
  2. Aamir Khan
  3. Salman Khan
  4. Tamanna Bhatia
  5. Irrfan Khan
  6. Prabhas
  7. Anushka Sharma
  8. Anushka Shetty
  9. Hrithik Roshan
  10. Katrina Kaif

However, the big names like Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra are missing from the list.

90 comments on “IMDB Top Indian Stars of 2017”

  1. Isko kehte hai real stardom,,,
    The one and only the real Global superstar,,,,,Mr. Shahrukh khan

    1. Haters will say he paid to IMDB too

      But love him or hate him, you just cannot ignore him.

      May be no longer the King of box office but he is still surely King of many hearts.

        1. Tamanna has only 4 minutes role in Baahubali2 ... As-usual fake award like all bollywood awards

        1. Thanks ?

          These are “choti choti khushian” for SRKians till the dwarf movie releases. Yeh choti choti khushian bhi kuch log cheen na chahte hein hum sai ?

          1. I understand that too, that's why I thought you made a very nice comment.. Which was honest.. You said he is no longer the Ruler of Boi.. Considering the 2 Khans current form but indeed this is still Shah Rukh Khan.. Can't be ignored!! Don't roly take d rankings serious but your point is very very true... Cheers mate!

    2. Kuch log ka bhut jal rha kal se Mai dekh rha hoon
      Haters bolenge Srk ne IMDb bhi khareed Lia .Srk ne pehle hi Forbes BBC CNN guardian khareed Chuka hai ...

    3. Bhai, bakio ka ok ok...
      but katrina bhi...
      101% fake list...
      even tamanahhh.....
      2 movie flop then no 1 of the year.....
      All r fake.....

      1. You idiot hit and flop se mtlb nahi hota
        Agar aise hota ranking to Varun 1st pe hota ..2 superhit hahaha

    4. @javed @King,,,,,,,

      srk to someone: please do something in last 5 year my all movie is flop...
      now i am doing some senseless show...
      do something... how i gain popularity...

      someone: okk i arrange u top of the list of imdb....
      now srk : thanks god ....bachh gaya main.... fans ko chutiya bna diya.....

      srk is more powerful star he can do anything.....
      fake name :srk,tamanah,katrina,,,,,

      1. @ srk

        Yaar mein Govinda ki ‘Coolie no. 1’ movie ka 1 song sun raha hoon. Bara maza araha hai:

        “Tujh ko mirchi lagi to mein kia karun”

        Mirchi mat kha. Kuch thanda pi.

      2. Asli me last 3 year se Srk ne clean hit nahi Dia. Lekin haters brha ke 4 saal Bolte hai or ye doglaaaa direct 5 saal bol rha
        Dilwlae Raees semi hit
        Fan jhms flop ..3 saal me 4 movie bhi to bas Kia hai

        Or wow Srk ne ab IMDb bhi khareed Lia .bole na tum jaise jahil log Ko India se dhakka maar ke nikaale a chahiye Ranji tarakki krega

        1. Are bhai last 2 saal Mae srk ne dilwale , fan or jhms ki Jo hit nahi hua . Raees clash Mae tha nahi toh definitely superhit hota . Toh pichle last 2 saal se srk ne clean hit nahi diya. Or overseas Mae sab superhit nahi toh blockbuster hai

        2. are abhi ye haters log to kuch bhi bolenge unpar jyada dhyan nahi dena chahiye wo to ye bhi kahenge ki SRK ne obama ko bhi kharid liya tha...

      3. TED talks senseless show hai uske hisab se or big boss bhut acha ashow hai .ISI se uska asliyat pata chal rha kaise aadmi hai ye

    5. @King,,,,,,,

      even i didn't surprise that when srk is old enough bcz he is no1 in imdb list...

      bcz he is powerful moneyful star of bollywood......

      not acting wise....

      1. Chasma lgwa le @Srk tb acting kya hoti h pta chal jayegi,,,,,
        Lg RHA tum tushar kapoor ka fan h,,,,jisko acting k bare me much pta nhi h,,,,,hahaha

  2. Srk is always no. 1,,,,,
    Ek do film nhi chalne se badshah k stardom me kbhi kmi nhi aa skti,,,,,

    1. Kuch jahil log Ko pata nai IMDb kya hota hai ye list kaise banaya Gaya or yaha pe baaten kar rhe bol rhe Srk ne jhms flop Dia top top pe kaise

      Abe Varun ne 2 superhit Dia mtlb usko 1st pe hona chahiye ?...ek baat ye Bollywood arena ka PURA article prho shayad samjh aa jae

    2. 1-2 nahi beta ..
      last 5 year only 1 clean hit...
      or big thing is that all movie are chutiyapa...Akand Chutiyapa......

      No 1 my foot

      1. Last 5 years ? Me 1 hit ?
        Chennai express blockbuster
        Happy new year superhit
        Dilwale semi hit clash me
        Fan flop
        Raees semi hit clash me
        Jhms flop

        Uske hisab se happy new year semi hit hai ..wow ..Jaa koi bhi site me dekh superhit hai

  3. acha lagega srk ko jhms ke liye filmfare mile to... wo has has kar award rcv karegi or duniya maza lenge dekhkar...#fake award.

  4. Overseas popularity -srk
    Worldwide popularity - Srk

    Ab fir se kuch log ki jalegi or dislike maarenge ..Haan bhai Salman Ko hona chahiye na ? Jiska koi aukaat nahi India ke bahar

  5. Srk ek Aisa superstar hai jo 1992 me aaya or 1995 me itna bara hit de Dia ddlj

    90s me Srk 1st pe rha ...1992 me aaya hi tha or 1992-1999 me 5 blockbuster Dia ..Salman ne bas 3 blockbuster Dia jab ki vo 1988 se tha

    90 me 1st
    2000-2009 me 1st

    Itna kehte hai king. .2 decade rule Kia

  6. See d latest pic of katrina..
    She is emotional..

    I think salman is going to die in tzh
    And katrina will take revenge at d end

    1. ? oh Parshya ? you won't kill me here!!!
      Seems Kabir khan and you are very close?!!
      Between I saw PINK got nominated long with Dangal for best Asian movie the other day... Seems like you and @MNIK bondage is very strong??

          1. Akshay was writing on his writing pad and ink started leaking out. So he went to toilet to wash the writing pad.

            What are you guys thinking here !!!!

    1. Salman bina bolly wood kuch nahi kuch nahi
      Swag se karege sab ka Swagat On dec 22 TIGER ZINDA HAI

  7. Comment:@bollywood arena do you really think this is real list made by imbd this is fan made and fake list where is international fan following
    actors like akshay ,deepika and priyanka are you making us foll Katrina is in the list what is this I can't stop my laugh????

      1. Comment:this is not official made by fans akshay is 3rd biggest action star of this world according to imbd beating Hollywood legendary actors in votes but akshay is not in this list and Katrina and tammanah,prabhas is in list do you really think tammanah and Katrina is more popular than Akshay ,deepika and priyanka???

        1. Akshay fans are really idiot ..Akshay 3rd biggest action hero vala jo list hai vo fan made hai .IMDb ka official list nahi hai vo ..jaake check Kro

  8. Comment:tammanah on 4th position and anushka and Katrina is also in the list haha they have never crossed 30 cr lifetime with there solo films and 70 cr ww with there solo lead movies who has voted for them haha fake list Dena band karo mere pass bhi nahi sara mind ka fan made list hai jisme tushar kappor aur abhishek bacchan ko Bollywood ka top 2 megastars bol raha hai list du kya???

  9. Comment:I have a list of imbd in 2hich they have said that Amit sir is 2nd most successful actor of 2017 after akshay is admire that Amit sir is real megastar but non of the movies of Amit sir has released in 2017 so how he is 2nd most successful actor of 2017???

  10. Imdb,BBC,CNN,Bollywood Arena,Forbes are fake websites only Bhaiofficejodhpur.com is real.Bhaitards

  11. i have got 2 guys in my colony who are hardcore bhai fans - one sweeps the roads in morning and other drives a rickshaw.

    1. that’s good...whatever their professions are, they are still human...and they have their own choice about whom to follow...and who knows, one day that sweeper may sweep u (garbage minded) out...?

  12. what is the base of a ranking which is topped by a man who gives 14.69 crore opening( you can give excuse of flop films of not having content but there is no excuse for a poor opening). till now ajay is the biggest star of 2017 and salman can take the position from him with tzh.
    it's very sad to see that a site like bollywood arena is giving these fake rankings. it's a hard try to promote srk's sinking career. if you are giving imbd star ranking then you should also give star ranking by ormax media.

    1. IMDb ka full form bhi pata hai ? IMDb sbse bara website hai entertainment ka

      And collection hits flops se koi mayne nahi hai is list me you idiot. Aisa hota to Varun 1st pe hota ..

      This type of idiots should be kicked out of India immediately ..

  13. Iss se bada joke kya hoga indians ke liye? 2017 Me sirf akshay varun ajay hi hit film de paye baki sab flop rahe, or unko hi boycott kiya hai. Hahaha what a list. We indian dont accept, you foreiners can enjoy reading this fake list...

    1. @Rudra

      The Imdb STARmeter do not necessarily mean that something is "good." Or his/her movie verdict determined it" They do mean that there is a high level of public awareness and/or interest in the title, person or company.

      Let's take Tamanah Bhatia for example..
      She generated high interest because of the Title "Bahubaali the conclusion" the buzz(in the news, socio media) , trailer effect etc maybe Co actor to some extent. An average user who opens her profile once, following human nature,seeing how beautiful she is will start coming everyday to visit her news or fantasize with her(trust me we have so many beauty addicts fans)... Anyways, the more her visitors(in millions) on a page increases weekly the higher her ranking becomes.
      Don't be surprise next week you see Radhika apte or Raj kumara rao with due respect amongst the toppers. The more people want to know more about a small or big movie... The more the people concerned votes increases, that's just it.

      I normally follow Metacritic for reviews, some cases Rotten tomatoes too, Toi reviews too.... Why should I read reviews of IMDB members who have to present their Credit cards ids or pay $199 yearly to post whatever you like? I do read some but don't rely on them.

      I don't know right from yesterday filmfare predictions and today's article am really asking myself... Some hard working actors esp Akki and Varun did not even appear in any of those lists?? For likes of Aamir n Ajay D fan they already slammed Filmfare award ages ago, even to appear!

        1. Sorry to say but Filmfare awards today and Childrens Prize giving day at school no difference... Both receiver's know they are gettn an award ages before the main day!!

          National award still way way more Respectable and Bigger than these puppet shows!! Fact!!

  14. Salman bina bolly wood kuch nahi kuch nahi
    Swag se karege sab ka Swagat On dec 22 TIGER ZINDA HAI

  15. Deshbhakti ka nautaunki karne wala kaha hai
    Imbd indian stars at the bottom
    1.chakki kumar
    2.chunkey pandey

    1. I see fans normally using their actor movies or DP profile but when a profile name is created to troll a particular actor the truth of the matter is... That actor is so impactful in your life that you find it a pride to associate him with your profile name... Give your name or your idol name and then bash if it will satisfy you rather than hiding behind another name...

    2. Comment:Imbd tumko hi Mubarak ho tera actor deshbhakti me kitna hits diya hai????

  16. Nowdays only these type of lists can make our outdated hero rukh ruhk khan fans happy
    At box office complete domination of Salman and aamir

  17. If sarook didnt got the yrf-dharma support she will not be in this list like unknown kumar

    1. Sharam production ka 2nd movie kuch kuch hota hai tha 1998 me ..mtlb Srk Ko chor ke SB Naya Naya dharma production banner Ko dekh ke movie dekhne jaenge na ?...Srk ne Dharam production Ko banaya hai ..

      Or log ka production banner dekh ke movie dekhne jaate hai ? ..yrf ka Bina Srk ke nikaale or dekh kitna flops Dia hai yrf ne ..Srk agar 40cr krta tha to baki ka movie yrf banner vala 20 bhi nahi krta tha

  18. dishonest man , what 14.69 crore opening are u continuously talking about ? One below average opening can come with anyone . To whom you are calling biggest star of 2017 Ajay , given 10 crore opening to masala film Baadshaho .in comparison JHMS opening of approx 15 crore is much better which is an urban film having less appeal in masses .

      1. Most of your 1st comments always has to do with Ajay...?? Hell not surprising must say...

        Raees... Excellent opening clash
        Jhms... Average opening

        Baadshaho... Good opening
        GA... Bumper opening clash

        Based on all parameters that were considered pre release...

        1. @prashant.. whatever it may srk will be first to retire from top 5 stars of 90s.....your SRK lifetime of jhms is less than ajay sirs Baadshaho... Your star dont know anything other than romance...check slum acting raees n posh acting of sultan Mirza...next time if you talk nonsense about ajay sir...I will show you your star aukaat....first tell your star to do variety roles like.. freedom fighter, police officer,father role,comedy role.... always doing romance

  19. who believes in this Fake List..??
    a list which included Tammanah Bhatia,Irfan khan and Anushka Shetty
    but doesn't includes big stars Ranveer,Deepika and Akshay.

  20. We all know that such lists do not mean much. But when your star is in a bad phase, such small news become a reason for you to have something to cheer about. Even though u know it doesn’t reflect the current reality.

    Agree that Akshay and Ajay deserve to be ahead of SRK, Katrina, Irfan & Tamanna for the year. Not completely aware of the parameters set by IMDB for this rating.

    Anyways me planning to sign off for this year. Some important works for year end which need focus and a fresh mind which sometimes get impacted from the negativities here. Will return some time next year.

    Till then happy Christmas, happy new year to all in advance. And best wishes for TZH, Padman, Aiyari, Padmavati, 2.0 & all other biggies. Take care everyone @bollyarena and all other users.

    1. Take care you too @Rambler bro.

      Return soon with a fresh mind and try to join the Indicine Gang reunion for TZH and the party following it ?

    2. Soldiers comes Soldiers goes but Barrack remains a Barrack!! @Rambler.. You"all always be welcomed mate!! Keep it up with the way you view life as a whole.. See you soon Insh Allah.

  21. Finally #TigerZindaHai trailer hits 1 million likes on youtube first ever Indian film to do so and second film worldwide. Salman Fans lets celebrate this moments as well take a bow guys..cheers to all Indians as an Indian movie achieve this feat no other movie did before all over the world except the latest came n did it

  22. Proud moment for bollywood..
    Tiger crosses 1m likes for its trailer and swag songggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. SRK we simply love u....

    u r the best in world ...which is proved again..

    yeh akki , ranbir ka tumse kya mukabla ...

  24. Post editer is the friend of three khan otherwise all movies describe imbd like tubelight and jhms which get deserve 11imbd acc to srkian and bhaitard

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