I am concerned about audience's reaction rather than box office: Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan said he is not thinking about the box office collection of Dangal and rather wants the film to touch the hearts of people.

When asked about if Dangal will collect 40 crore on opening day he said, “I don’t think so (it will make Rs 40 crore) as it’s a non-holiday time. I am not thinking about the numbers I am concerned about the audience’s reaction. I don’t have interest in numbers. I just want the film to touch the hearts of audience." He was talking to reporters yesterday.

Aamir’s wife Kiran Rao says even for her money is not important, but audience love matters the most. “Our biggest victory will be when people will like the film. We have made this film with so much love, we hope we have done justice to the film. People coming and watching the film will be an award for us,” she added.

Aamir Khan also said, “I am happy with the response that we are getting for Dangal. We had a screening for media and even you all liked it.

Aamir is also not thinking about winning awards for Dangal, including the Oscars. When asked his opinion on Dangal going for Oscars, Aamir says, “We want the Indian audience to enjoy the film and that’s the biggest award for us. I am not interested in awards. This year, we are not eligible. Next year, we will see as it’s a process, the committee here (in India) has to chose the film if it’s chosen, then I can talk about it."

Some of the award functions have already happened even before the release of Dangal which is considered as the best film of 2016.

8 comments on “I am concerned about audience's reaction rather than box office: Aamir Khan”

  1. Stop lying Amir. Everybody is concerned about collections specially when you are producer.

    1. thats why salman earning money by doing masala films by fooling his fans...

      1. What the hell by fooling? People are not so fool to watch anything. They want Entertainment and Salman provides it.
        By your logic if audience is fooled by Salman so easily then imagine how huge star he is. People have blind trust on him. They watch anything staring Salman which is not the case with Amir. His film has to excellent to achieve what Salman's average films achieve.

        1. You are absolutely right #Tiger Average actor only make avrage film. Sorry friend don't take seriously ha ha ha... Its just for fun. But truly hats off to #dangal
          Yaar what a classical movie. Maja aa gaya movie dekh ke

          1. Abe acting aur film ka kya relation hai? Kya BB aur Sultan acchi nahi hai?
            I am not saying Salman makes average film. I am saying Salman has Megastardom to turn an average film in to blockbuster. Get it into your dumb head.

      2. Are dumb
        Movie watch by people only for entertment

        Anyways i forget that you are blind from mind

  2. Amir khan is a good star and also a great human being...
    There is only 3 khans u can believe in Bollywood ......hrithik,ranveer,ranveer are also good but they should act good in there films
    U can't believe on them ,picture can be good or boating...........
    So I think Bollywood need some good actors who perform good in every single film

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