I’m not a superstar. Superstar is Shahrukh Khan: Salman Khan

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are considered as the biggest superstars in the country. Both actors enjoy a crazy fan following which is evident from the box office numbers.

In an interview, with Filmfare, Salman has said that he is not a superstar and is just doing his job. When asked about the challenges he face as a superstar Salman said,

"I’m not a superstar. Superstar is Shah Rukh Khan. It’s just a job. If you take it seriously, it will go to your head. I’m just doing my job like you people do."

Salman also said that he does not think that Tubelight will break Bahubali record. "I doubt it will break the record. Baahubali jaisi filmen bahut kam hoti hai. The audiences loved it. They didn’t care whether it was a dubbed film. They didn’t care whether it was in Tamil or Telugu… they just took to it."

He also talked about his character in Tubelight. "I’m not smart at all. In fact, I call myself ‘tubelight’. When you’re growing up there’s certain innocence, there’s naiveté, you’re full of life, there’s no corruption. At 52, when you’ve seen the world, you’ve dealt with different kind of people, you’ve lost your innocence in a way… it’s difficult to play something like this. You’re conscious that people will be watching you…ye bachpana kahan se laun. I just had to dig deep into my childhood. In fact, Sohail (Khan) and I began remembering our school friends, recollecting time spent with them and even got in touch with a few. We had lost touch with them. It was good fun to go back in time. A good journey! Also, we have so many kids at home. Unko dekhkar bachpana seekha. We were careful about not overdoing it because it’s an emotional film."

Directed by Kabir Khan, Tubelight has hit the screens today.

46 comments on “I’m not a superstar. Superstar is Shahrukh Khan: Salman Khan”

  1. Ab aaya utt Pahad ke niche. BTW Aamir is a MEGASTAR U 2010 BORN CRIMINAL. AND U ARE A 25% OPENER

      1. @bakwas
        Usme holiday Opener Kitne hai Bata Jara..

        Aamir-the biggest global megastar ?

        Sallu the local star flop star

        1. Abe lallu Salman has given excellent opening even non holiday ready plus bb also open more than pk even bb pre eid

          So don't forget with out sense

          Oops I forgot you don't have sense ????

    1. ???

      Salman ne Srk ka majaak bnaya???????

      “I’m not a superstar. Superstar is Shah RukhKhan. It’s just a job. If you take it seriously, it will go to your head. I’m just doing my job like you people do.”

      Salman bol rha h....shahrukh khud ko superstar manta h.....or vh apne Super star hone ko seriously leta h....

      so....stardom ka nasha....uske uper se ja rha h....???

      shi h....Stardom ka load leke...srk pagal ho gya h.....dull ho gya h?

      1. Abey bhojpuri gawar, first learn to read and write properly. Bhojpuris like you won't understand what is written here. SRK has been the only Superstar who didn't have a bad phase and has been in competition all along. At least Gangu Teli sallu has the heart to accept it...!! It's clearly written here--"hen asked about the challenges he face as a superstar Salman said"

        1. hahaha....words pe mt ja , emotion dekh....

          meaning dekh?

          dekho kese din aa gye h srk k , logo se kya kya bulwata firta h????????????.....

          ab srk ko apni okaat pta chal gyi h.....

    2. Salman Khan is just being nice, he's a big Superstar himself, Obv Shah Rukh Khan has had a better career overall but even Salman Khan is at the top of his game since the past 8-9years! When Aamir Khan was crying as a new born baby in Ghajini and then went college in 3 Idiots aur phir Dangal main burapa ageya! Aamir Khan an overrated actor!

      Aamir, Akshay, Ajay, Hrithik, Ranbir, Ranveer ke pass acting hai is liye chal rahe hain jis din acting chooty toh kahani khatam!

      Lekin Salman And Shah Rukh are Mega Super Stars! Which will not end because of a bad script!

      Salman and Shah Rukh worked because of thier stardom being so humongous but Aamir worked cause of script!


      1. @Servants of Bollywood Abe bhojpuri idiot aamir is biggest star and has highest fan following all over the world and your lallu and hakla are tiny babies in front of megastar aamir khan. Dimlight is set to fail to break opening of dangal which will prove the aukaat of tiny 2010 born baby lallu. And hakla is faded flop actor. Shut your bloody mouth. Aamir has much bigger stardom than fanless hakla and lallu.

        1. Where's the following @manoosvi ?!!
          You think people in China loved Aamir Khan, they liked Dangal, you lot talk a lot about SALMAN Khan, Aamir Khan was boring in 2009 as well!
          Only Shah Rukh Khan has gone through everything, and still in the top 3! Shah rukh Khan and Salman Khan have a bigger fan following than Aamir on social media, Aamir Khan has people liking him not loving him, Aamir Khan can't act that's why he uses his body to change himself! But he won't stay for long, people will forget about him soon, lmao

          Wait and watch in a few year how the game changes, he who laughs last has the longest laugh! ;)
          And don't tell me the shut my mouth or are you one of them Indians who say Bharath mata ki Jai bolo varna maar denge!

          1. @Ghulam of Bollywood, ha ha ha. Biggest joke. You unpadh lallu just search on Chinese websites 90% girls are crazy for aamir. They love him. Even in India he is most popular superstar and loved much more than your hakla and lallu. Lallu's dimlight failed to get 20 cr opening with manipulations it shows fake 21 cr figure but we all know that it failed to cross 20 cr. Aamir is much bigger star than hakla and lallu. Teri aukaat kya hai [email protected]? Who at you to decide who has more fan following? Aamir has highest fan following all over the world among all Indians? Tere lallu aur hakle ki aukaat nahi hai dangal ka record is janam me tod sake. Keep dreaminh. Aamir will never be forgotten. Hakla and lallu are fading stars and you can't do anything. Aamir fans are much bigger than you tiny puny fan base so keep barking it won't help. Dimlight ka haal itna sharmnaak ho Gaya hai ki lallutards bilkul sathiya gaye hai. Go and get some consultation from doctor for your mental treatment.

            1. @manoosvi what are you doing here btw, and who are you calling illiterate, hahah you don't even know who I am! That's your problem, find out first! Aamir Khan is an actor, Salman and Shah Rukh are Superstars!

              @Bollyarena this man @Manasvi used the word G against me! He should be blocked, it's a request :)

              And you if you want to debate, have it a normal behavior, stop using words or trying to insult people!

              I know Aamir Khan is the most famous out of the Indians in China, but Worldwide he will not his that stardom!

              Okay send me one link where people are crying or fainting with one glimpse of Aamir Khan!

  2. SHAHRUKH Khan is KING ? bt u r also SUPERSTAR!!!
    Im #SRK fan forever nd ur Bigg Boss Hosting is Amazing!!
    #SRKian #KingKhan

  3. Tubelight was a war film+Universally appealing+Patriotic+Hot genre+4500screens+3weeks free run+Family movie
    Despite good trailer(indicine had tweeted that it exceeded expectations)+Salman in best phase+Radio and Naach meri jaan hit songs+Director of ek tha driver and bajrangi bhaijaan opening is poor
    Iska matlab SRK ki film JHMS ka kya hoga??

    Audience saving for Toilet ek prem katha+Limited appeal+Metro audience+Vulgar promo with the words of sex+ No family audience+Dying genre+Much lesser ticket price and screens

    JHMS Opening prediction-14 crore

    1. Tujh se JHMS ki prediction pooch kaun raha he ? Chal bhaag yahan se ..... Subah se har msg me JHMS ko ghaseet kar la raha he ...

      1. Haan yaar bore kar dia he is ne. Hur msg me zabardasti JHMS ki negativity kar raha he. Tubelight ke articles me khwa ma khwa JHMS kyun mention kar raha he.

        @Sayar tujhe agar pasand nahin arahi JHMS to chup beth ja. Negativity kyun phela raha he. Thats y some suspect u r a fake SRKian

  4. Whenever Salman tweets for SRK his films underperform
    SRK has no clean hit since Dilwale bcoj this Salman tweets for all his movies since then.
    This dosti is panauti

  5. Aadav and Sayar tum jaisy fan kese k nhe hony chahye.....don't worry..agr SRk aisa hy to tum bhe na bat kro pata nhe tumhra kya ho ga....us ke bat he kyun krty ho pher?jo aqalmand hy woh us ko superstar he manata hy aur jin men nhe woh apne marzi kr skty haen...sub ko respect dena sekho...

  6. @sayar toilet will not work like tubelight masses don't like these type films YJHD open 20cr in 2013, Raees in clash 21cr so just imagine jhms opening rest depends on imtiaz if he recreate jab we met magic then sky is limit

      1. ghr pe sandas nahi h too biwi ghr chodkr jati h fir akshay ne use wapas laane ko sandas bnane ko fight karke bnwata h yehi story h na bhai ,ye dekhne ko jrur koi nahi jaega ,bt i respect akki's timings in comedy so it will only save tepk

    1. toilet-EPK is very Universally appealing film and it will work in every where be it Metro audience or masses audience mark my words

  7. BKD open better than tubelight half gf open better than jolly llb2 proves no genere die if it is made well @sayar

  8. JHMS opening min 30cr plus although i will 100%sure after trailer Srk said it is commercial family entertainer and looks very confident its content, salman time over and srk time starts

  9. Dont act like fool dude no one saves for akshay film all knows tat even a awesom film with akki hav just lifetime of 120 n abt srk whatever be the film opening gonna b 20+ for sure , once trailer comes in full fledge we can expect if 25_30 is on or not n as by trend jhsm being solo can do very well in opening as same type film adhm did 12_13 with clash so hope for best n do try giving good prediction

    1. Darr ke maare dhadkane tej ho rahi he bhai
      TUBELIGHT had first class trailer and promos also superb still poor opening
      JHMS ka to sirf bakwaas promos hi nikal rahe hai, wo vi vulgar
      And Trailer isnt ready yet plus Radha song dissapointed

      1. bhai @sayar tu kaisa srk fan h jhuthi me srk fan bolkr srk k bare me negative spread kar rha h ,tubelight too ab release hogai h too trailors se kya mtlb h ab ,aur promos tujhe pasnd nhi aaya tooo kya kre jin sbko psnd aaya h unka psnd kyu karn Chahta h tu ,aur radha song disapointed h? ye too smjh aata h ki tu srk ki hater h pakka ,radha song mast h dekho utube views bas 24 hrs ms 9 million hogaya h ,aur movie aanw tk too wait kr skta h movie kya h agr tujhe tubelight hi pasnd aai h too bas use positive bolna ise jhms ki compare ktu kr rha h abhi too trailot bhi release nhi hua,dosto koi ise srk fan mat maano srk fan bolkr bht niche krne ko soch rha h ,boycott this anti srk

        1. Chandra Prasad ,u r absolutely correct.This guy is fake fan whose sole aim is to spread negativity.

      2. I wonder what SRK has done in his past life to have a moron fan like Sayar.Even SRK's haters don't spread hatred the way this guy is doing.

      3. I wonder what SRK has done in his past life to have a moron fan like Sayar.Even SRK haters won't spread this much negativity like him.

  10. TUBELIGHT is a day 2 film like Pk dangal and fan even if it collects 18-20 cr on day 1 it doesn't matter it all depends on Day 2 if it can achieve a 20%+ jump than it will be a big hit so don't get to dissatisfied just yet and yes jhms will open big but will not do more than 150cr and that will mainly be down to imtiaz ali story style since jab we met. LAK was boring version of hum tum if you took ranbir's performance out of rockstar it was a really awful film same with tamasha even ranbir couldn't save that pile of dung highway was okay nothing more JHMS will do top end of 150cr and that will be down to star power of srk tepk will do max 125cr and that will be coz of good script and akshay and Independence Day holiday

  11. @sayar people don't have time to watch 5min village story in 2:30hr mark my words in best case scenario toilet can do 70-80cr if jhms accepted universally like love aaj kal then toilet become disaster like kambakt ishq

  12. its quite obvious, critics got together to malign salmans film... people's reviews are so positive!!!..
    .... wait for my review shortly!!!

    Parshyaaa aur KRK... superhit jodi :D
    dono baap beta chaa rahe ho :D

    1. @haar
      Kal tu Apne baap se milkar royega theatre me.

      Tumhare jaroor rowoge ?

      Kya tumhe yakeen hai?
      Ha Muze yakeen hai tum Sar pit pit Kar rowoge ??

    2. @haar
      Kal tu Apne baap se milkar royega theatre me.

      Tum jaroor rowoge ?

      Kya tumhe yakeen hai?
      Ha Muze yakeen hai tum Sar pit pit Kar rowoge ??

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