If you don’t want me to win, take this National Award away from me: Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar won the National Award for Rustom this year. However, it created a huge controversy as many questioned this decision. Akshay has finally broken his silence on the controversy.

Talking to the media, Akshay said, “I am observing this from last 25 years, whenever someone wins the award (National Award) there’s always a debate and someone starts a controversy on whether someone should have or shouldn’t have won the award. I have got this award after 26 years. If someone doesn’t want me to get this award, if you feel like, please go ahead and take it away from me."

The actor was speaking to journalists at the Movie Stunt Artists’ Association event in Mumbai where Akshay announced death compensation and insurance for 380 stunt artists between ages 18- 55 years.

He also tweeted in this regard, “So Happy that finally My Stunt Community is NOW insured for their Brave work & Heartfelt Dedication to Entertain the people of this Country.”

26 comments on “If you don’t want me to win, take this National Award away from me: Akshay Kumar”

    1. See haters
      He do a lot of gud works then also he don't want awards ....
      A heart made of gold

      1. ae champanu
        tere se jyada akshay ka film theatre me dekha hun or dekhta hun samjha
        par WO Canadian hai toh hai isme tumhe gusaa hone ka kya baat hai

    1. Thanks parshya for supporting akki
      U always troll salman and I always troll srk
      And we both loeve amir and akki
      Asli bhai hai tu mera

      1. Do a India supporting movie and win the national award and bjp support! Fantastic! Support a good cause and the whole world will be after you spreading bad news about you! Akshay Kumar according to me I think you deserved it but there were better contenders for this award like Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan but at the same time if he has been given the award no one has the right to say anything, this man has been here for a very long time and has given great movies and hits after hits but no one has ever appreciated him! Akki Fan Santanu, Akshay Kumar once said in a interview that he hates fans and people who spread negative stuff about other actors, so well done Akshay Kumar Hates you lol!

  1. you deserve for rustom airlift even baby
    but I'm happy to your answer which is not answer you give a slap on hatter mouth

  2. Great work sir you deserve it haters will bark u keep up your great work and thanks parshya for supporting I wish it also goes to aamir next year for toh he is also a deserving person both are true persons and real indians

  3. U deserved many times but got now
    Bhagwan ke paas der hain Andher nahin
    If you return it will be a shame on our country

  4. A person with the heart of gold, let him be citizen of Canada but he breath and live for India only ...he always do good for the people of his film community.
    A real and reel he is an actor, superstar hero.

  5. You deserve it Akshay. I like your guts and reply. Keep it Sir , you deserved a lot of awards too in your career. Those calling him a Canadian how many superstars are doing what you are to important issues in India that people just overlook? Hope you get more success's again and again. People dont realize what it takes to be a just action actor in 1990s to a versatile superstar for 2 and half decade doing almost any possible roles.
    #Respect from an honest Ajay Devgn fan from Africa most populated and populus Nation aka Nigeria the Giant of Africa#

  6. Rustom was a nice movie may be not par with Airlift but the way people have been critical just shows how some fans here will praise Akshay talk good about him his movies but first to critize him when a class achievement is accomplished. Why? Maybe because their favorite actor has not yet won it.

  7. Please take it from him.ye to kela award deserve karta.kya rustom itni achi thi k amir khan ke bajae ise diye ye to zulm hai amir khan k sath jab bhi wo acha kaam kiya ya to buddhe amitab bachan ko dete ya kisi aur ko.

  8. @Sani D seems you dont know the hatred Akshay fans have for Ajay thats why. I appeal you go to indicine news on 2 related clash articles on Diwali. You will understand more. Uneccesarily without saying a word the pounce on Him with excuse that he is being compared to Makki. Note 90% of Akshay fans hate your Ajay I know you his fans Have respect for him with your comments but still he is no.1 most hated superstar by Makkians. I too when Hrithik had no issues but I won't say more why not visit indicine now and see The Hatred.

  9. There is always a controversy but if it given to Akshay, than no one can take him back. A 25 year long career definitely deserved a big recognition.

    Guys don't ask others to visit Indicine or any other site in this forum. be stick to bolly arena when you are here as both are Bollywood related site with lot of similarity though bolly arena lives in 4G era, the other is still in 2G era.

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