If Salman Khan loves Pakistani artists, he should migrate there: Shiv Sena

Yesterday Salman Khan made a bold statement saying that art and terrorism shouldn’t be mixed and Pakistani artists aren’t terrorists. Thus he entered the ongoing war of words about banning Pakistani artists from the Hindi film industry.

The statement invited backlash from the Shiv Sena on Saturday who said that Salman Khan too should migrate to Pakistan if he likes the Pakistani actors so much.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan said, “They are artistes, not terrorists. It’s the government who gives them work permits and visas. Art and terrorism should not be mixed.”

Shiv Sena leader Manisha Kayande said, “Salman Khan needs to be taught a lesson. If he has so much love for Pakistani artists, he should migrate there.”

Salman Khan made the statement a day after the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA) passed a unanimous resolution at the annual general meeting, appealing to all their members to “henceforth, not to work with any artistes, singers or technicians from Pakistan until the situation of hostilities between Pakistan and India subsides and the Government of India declares that all is well with Pakistan and India.”

15 comments on “If Salman Khan loves Pakistani artists, he should migrate there: Shiv Sena”

  1. ignore maro shiv sena ko inke liye to up nd bihar wale bi videshi he gawaro ko ignore maro

  2. Now Saleem Khan apolize his son statement wait & watch . Please at least MIM supporter don't talk about patriotism .

    1. Aby bewaqif ab salman ne kc glt nh bola h smjha..... Agr pakistan k actor terrorist h toh india k gorvrmnt unhe visa nh deti smjha.. Politics h sb... Thoda logic laha smjha.... Agr wo terrorist hote toh wo kb ma bhgaa diye jate shi h smjhta ghnta nh kc aaa jate bak bak krne

  3. These Shiv sena always creat hatred and problems, Salman just ask the simple question, that who gave work permit to them, it's government, then 1st government have to cancel their work permit and visa and then tell them to leave India........what kind of impression we are leaving in front of world, now if someone wants to come in India for work then he will think twice, because don't know suddenly if someone like MNS or Shiv sena threaten them to leave India.....

    Salman did not support any Pakistani actor, he only support artist and want MNS to follow rule, 1st cancel their work permit and visa and them tell them to leave India......Read his statement carefully and then think what he want to say....

  4. He should not ask racist idiots to love any person from any country. And for the people who think they are so funny: He said nothing to apologize.

  5. Yeh Politicians saale anpad log ko kuch pata nhi chalta aur tang adane bich mai aa jayege

  6. these shiv senas are good for nothing and born only to create menace..
    can anybody tell what Good they have done to people?

    1. bracelet wale bhai pehli bar apne or aapke mega * ne sahi bat ki hai...JAI HU...

  7. It's a tactical plan by salman to disrupt aae dil hai mushkil cos his exflame is in the movie and Ranbeer is snatching everything wht he had earlier first Katrina now aish...he is not able to digest tht he is damn cared abt any artist if it's Indian or anyone...

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