If Pakistan has opened its arms to Kaabil, we should also: Rakesh Roshan

Indian filmmaker Rakesh Roshan said on Thursday that if Pakistan had opened its arms to Indian content by allowing Bollywood films to be screened in the country, then India should also reciprocate.

"All I want to say is that if Pakistan has opened their arms, we should also move forward," he said.

"The film has been released in Karachi, Pakistan, last night (Wednesday) with a 11 p.m. show and it was houseful. Today (Thursday), the film is releasing all over Karachi, Rawalpindi and Hyderabad (Sindh) with 3 p.m., 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. shows. However, the rest of Pakistan will open the show for the movie tomorrow (Friday)," he said.

22 comments on “If Pakistan has opened its arms to Kaabil, we should also: Rakesh Roshan”

  1. Arre Bjp walo kidhar hu...kaha gaya Hindustani...
    is se ek bat tu sabit hui...Roshan family paiso ke liye kitna bhi gir sakti hai...
    first he inflate his figures
    now desh bhakti gayi bhad me paisa aane du pakistan se...
    third he is hindu tu question ka sawal hi nahi...
    ab dekhte hai kaha sacche bhakts or koun koun hai terriost.

  2. boycott his Kaabil and boycott his future projects...no matter if Hrithik/ Srk/Sallu star in it or any other star...with filmkraft
    True toughts from SRK die hard fan...

  3. Bollywood Arena pls do not compare Raees with This Jaahil...
    even deep down evry1 know he inflate figures...but Raees correct...only 5% diffrence which bcz Raees is holding well in ss more...

  4. band karo ye ladna jhagdna Bollywood film pakistan me realease karo or waha se paisa india lao
    par pakistani actoro ko kaam deke india ka paisa pakistan mat bhejo
    kuch bhi ho profit india wale ko hona chahiye

    1. @dev, hate Pakistan but love money.This is the problem with fake nationalist like u who will sell our nation also for money.

  5. Think if srk did this government boycott raees and now kaabil screen in Pakistan now one can speak government silence.

  6. bang bang (140) + mohanjo daro (55)
    + kaabil (85-90) = 280-285 cr.

    fan (84) + dear zindagi (68) +
    raees (130-135) = 282-287 cr.

    HRITHIK = SRK = 1

    1. You cannot count DZ as a SRK film as it was just an extended cameo... If you consider last 3 films then take Dilwale (145+ cr).

  7. Kool guy, abe idiot why are u adding DZ collection ?it was not SRK's lead role film.add Dilwale instead of DZ.only to show hrithik = Srk u are adding his cameo role film. Chal bhaag yaha se.

    1. since when a 35 min. role is considered as a cameo !

      srk shot for 49 days for dear zindagi !

      gadhay, bbtr accept the truth & stop complaining !
      BE HAPPY - i am not compairing with salman & aamir !

  8. It's ok for Hrithik to beg Pakistanis to watch his film as it is nationalism according to SRK haters. Double standard based on religion.

  9. if SRK says this all the haters will insulted him
    but when this motherfucker says it no one cares...
    Rakesh money dog

  10. their r some persons who knows only to talk negative , some r neutral and some r always positive.

    if some politicians or other activity team saying negative or taking any point out proportion - one should note -- they r born to say negatively and spread negatively in society.. and they will whole life spread the same.

    similarly above some guys have posted some negative statements --- "what is that" so guys -- remember famous rakish khanna song .

    "pehla pathar wooh margin jisne pap na kiya hoo" from roti.

    Be positive, be tolerant , hAve patience, pls don't spread negatively -- every action as reaction"

    If rakish roshan has welcomed Pakistan decision -- let him welcome.. it's his opinion..

    we should respect his call , or if dint like be tolerant...and pass comment as didn't like but no nasty statement or taunting as he , u and me all r citizions of same society..

    we r not America -

  11. @kool guy. Fan was not a masala movie...and dear zindagi mein shahrukh khan ka cameo tha...

    Another fact

    Bang bang (4000 screens) + mohenjodaro (3000 screens) + kaabil (2350 screens) =9350 screens

    Fan ( 3800 screens) + Dear Zindagi ( 1200 screens) + Raaes ( 2800 screens) = 7800 screens

    1. mohanjo daro - same league as fan ! .. non.masala - niche audience !

      PLUS.. bang bang clashed with ^ haider ^

      mohanjo daro clashed with ^ rustom ^

      fan & dear zindagi - solo release !

      1. Fan was clashing with the jungle book and it was non holiday release.
        Dear Zindagi was released in only 1200 screens.

  12. ab kaha gyi deshbhakti......kaha gye bajrang dal aur mns ke kutto....bhauko ab bhauk....
    pehle sabne bola raees aur adhm ko ban kro because of pakistani actor and takla is openly relesing his movie kaabil,,,,,kutto ab bhauko kaha ho mns,bajrang dal.....

  13. Thank you bolly arena for changing theme..
    This theme is very good..
    Again thank u..

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