If Dhoni decides to be an actor then we need to think of Plan B : Sushant Singh

Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni is equally brilliant with his acting chops, says Sushant Singh Rajput. The actor is playing the role of the MS Dhoni in his biopic. The star says he realised that Dhoni is a very good actor when the duo were shooting for an ad film together regarding the movie.

“He (Dhoni) is a very good actor. If you watch one of the videos we did, where he is asking me what’s there in the film, the scripted lines were just five-six. I came up with some lines, just like that and he reacted on them. “Then I reacted, then he did. So he is a very good actor.

Sushant believes if the cricketer ever decides to turn his way to Bollywood, other actors might have to think of an alternate career. “Well if he decides to be an actor then we need to think of Plan B, because he is very good at whatever he decides (to do),” Sushant said.

“Normally when we do fictional characters, we don’t have a reference point. But when you’re playing Dhoni, you have a reference point. Body language, mannerism or may be playing
style. I had to take care of that too. Because very quickly I realised that I could be very good in the film as an actor, but I could still not be convincing if I don’t remind you of him. Those were the things which we took care of so that there is no jerk,” he said.

“I am a big fan, so getting a chance, talking to him, he is answering my questions…in between, in breaks I used to ask him how to hold a bat. MS Dhoni, telling you, it’s surreal. There are many things that’ll stay with me for a while.”

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