If banning Pakistani actors can stop terror, govt should do it: Varun Dhawan

Recently Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has demanded the ouster of Pakistani actors from the country. The actor Varun Dhawan has remained neutral and said he would respect the law of the land and abide by whatever the government says.

“I will follow what the government of India will say. Jo bhi Bharat sarkar kahegi woh sar ankhon par. The attacks on our jawans were horrible. My heart goes out to them and I stand with the government of India,” said Varun.

Speaking particularly on the call for ban demanded by MNS, Varun said, “The government has to say that. It has to come from the government. And if they take any steps, we will have to see what they do after that. If by banning actors, terrorism can be stopped then they should do it. That is something the government needs to decide first.”

Meanwhile, Karan Johar has said that banning artists was not a solution. “If this was truly a solution, one would take it. But this is not a solution. I don’t believe it is. The larger forces have to come together and sort the situation and this cannot be banning talent or art."

MNS has also threatened to ban Raees and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil due to the presence of Pakistani actors.

6 comments on “If banning Pakistani actors can stop terror, govt should do it: Varun Dhawan”

  1. varun you rocked
    he is right not like selfish karan johar who only see money not the emotions of India
    modi ji is fighting against pakistan for like unemployment poverty
    to make India better if person like kjo will give employment to Pakistani than wat about Indians how unemployment problem solve
    make in India
    give Indians job first than other country people
    Indians are talented
    in every field

    1. Yes I've seen the Indian Coke Studio vs Pakistani Coke Studio. Just compare the talent on these two shows.

  2. Karan & Varun Both Said The Same Thing & I Also Think That Banning of Pakistani Actors Can Never Stop Terrorism & Our Government Should Take Action Against Pakistani Army & Government not Against Actors............

    BTW Pakistan Ban Films of India in Which India Shows them In Any Type Of Bad Manner & not Looking Hindu or Muslim Actors But Last Year Gujarat & Maharashtra Banned Mahira Khan starter Bin Roye Which is a Pakistani Film so that They Banned but Bin Roye never showed any Anti Thing against India................

    India Army Should Send Experienced Soldiers in The Pakistan Border But look Our Indian Soldiers who Died in most of attacks all were Below 25 years old & Newly Joined.................

    First of All Indian Army Need Much More Advanced Defense Because India never Attack On Pakistan Border India always play Defensive which actually I can't Understand Why India always loose Much More Soldiers than Pakistan which is A very Low Populated Country then our So called Greatly populated India..............Still we always looking our Brothers.

    Akki gave Money to the families of 17 Soldiers But I think it will be much more help if He & every Indian help our Government to Make A Strong Defensive Army & Gave Much More Advanced training to our Soldiers.
    SO, We will Loose Our Soldier Brothers much less in Percentage than what is in the present.

    1. my dear i cannot answer your all questions. but i have some knowledge as per geographic study if you see pakistan in top of head of India...see the MAP clearly they are in top and we are in other side.(Bottom/down)

      so logically any child can answer who will be in the power? upwards to downwards or downwards to upwards.

      any force will go faster downwards if through from top not opposite way....this is the big advantage they has and they are using at the time of small attacks....where as Indian army either keep quite or defensive. regardless to say how powerful India is.

      regarding to varun whatever he say i accept it. but as of my opinion both the countries should not allow artist to perform. who will be the responsible to them?

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