I was offered Rajinikanth's role in 2.0: Aamir Khan

Rajinikanth starrer 2.0 is one of the most anticipated films of next year. The film is a sequel to 2010's release Robot which was a huge hit. The second part of the franchise is going to be the biggest project in the history of Indian cinema. The film went on to floors after a lot of speculations about the lead cast.

Now Aamir Khan has revealed that he was offered the lead role in 2.0. In a recent chat with Komal Nahta, Aamir Khan said, “There’s a film coming robot, 2.0, I am a big fan of Shankar and I am big fan of Rajini ji. In fact, Shankar offered me that film. Rajinikanth was not feeling well so he called me to do this role."

He explained that why he rejected that film. “It’s a superb script and it’s going to do very well but whenever I used to shut my eyes, I used to see Rajini sir in that role," he said, adding, "Then I told Shankar, won’t be able to do it. Only Rajini sir can do it. He is irreplaceable.”

He also praised the film and said that it is gonna break all records and will be the biggest hit in all languages. Also starring Akshay Kumar, 2.0 will hit the screens next year.

47 comments on “I was offered Rajinikanth's role in 2.0: Aamir Khan”

  1. Aamir hota to bhi film mai aik ki superstar hota aur ab Rajni hai to abhi bhi aik hi superstar hai film hai. Before you call me Akshay hater remember that even the director of 2.0 only called Rajni the superstar. He once tweeted Superstar Rajni and Akshay.

    1. bhai
      ek baat janta hai..The Great Ashoka ke naam ke aage Great lagta hai aur Alexander ke naam ke aage bhi Great lagta hai.

      but agar tu in dono ko ek sentence me rakhe to 'The Great' Alexander and Ashoka' ya fir 'the great' Ashoka and Alexander.

      thik waise hi yaha 'Superstar' ka matlab Dono Akshay aur Rajnisir hai.

      Akshay aise hi nahi pichle 25 saalo se Bollywood me bana hua hai..aur abhi to wo one of the most paid actors of bollywood hai

      bhai Tu bata agar isko Superstar nahi kahenge to kisko kahenge.??

      aur haa Rajni sir ek level up hai...wo Superstar nahi..Megastar hai??

      1. Itni lengthy logic denai sai pehlay actual tweet to parh leta.

        100th day of 2.o shoot. Ufff...finishd 2 major action sequncs including d climax with Superstar n Akshay...

        1. wo isliye kyuki Akshay South me Superstar nahi hai..aur Shankar ke tweets aur movies mainly South indian logo ke liye hoti hai.

          Rajni sur ki filme North me nahi chalti...Agar North me 2.0 ka Collection 200 crore gaya to wo sirf aur sirf Akshay ki vajah se hoga

          haa... isse pahle Akshay ki kisi bhi film ne 200 crore nahi kiya hai but isse pahle Akshay ki filmo ka budget bhi to bahut bahut bahut kam hota tha
          agar Akshay bhi saal me 1 film 100-110 crore ki budget wali krni lage to uski filme bhi 200-250 crore krengi.

          bhale overseas me akshay ke Fans kam hai
          India me Kisi bhi superstar ke fanbase ke brabar hi Akshay ki Fanbase hai.

          Isliye Akshay superstar hai

    2. That the greatness of aamir
      That's why I love Akki and amir as both r ground to earth person
      There are users like tiger murda hai who use to say him Canadian
      Okk he is Canadian but he serves for india and ita population but he didn't kill innocent people like ur star do

    3. i m big fan of rajni sir
      my fav super stars-
      hindi- 1. Aamir khan ,2. Akshay kumar
      punjabi- 1.Diljit Dosanj, 2. Raj kakra
      Tamil- 1. Rajini Kanth, 2. Suriya,
      Telugu- 1.Mahesh babu , 2. Allu Arjun
      kannada- Sudeep

    4. Rajni is a bigger superstar than any actor...anyway I am atleast happy that no ajay vd akki in maybe last 5 or 6 articles...its pointless. ..both parties know who is bigger superstar and eho is a better actor...

      1. Have you been reading other articles @Ceiling?? So you havent seen comments of a particular set of fans? You need glasses!! Read all thats why i had to start being my old self and regarding no one i said some hard hitting facts but reason everyone knows @2.0 and the other guys who pretends to end fan war but number 1 to bring back his real colours. Please read previous articles and time posted.
        Earlier i said if they dont start talking their jealous talks no one will bash anyone and respect others but i forgot some characters can nsver be changed!! Every damn fans supporting GA even AAMIRIANS and apart from our 2 Srk fans who hates Ajay, every fan groups praising,wishing Ajay sir good luck so why Akkians again? They dont know the more they condemn Ajay the more it shows stupidity and jealousy.
        Its not that they are alk the same on twitter many Akkians and we Srkians are praising GA,with its circumstances it still a bumper opening so why these few people are all over Ajay?

    5. Lallu south me sab bare actors ko superstar kehte hai jaise superstar rajni power star pawan kalyan young star ntr etc Bollywood me koi movie ka poster me superstar nahi likha rehta amitab sir ka bhi nahi pata kuch rehta nahi aa jata hai much uttha ke???

  2. Akshay ne ek Baar bola vi hai ki jab retire ho jaega vo to Canada me shift ho jaega ..YouTube me video dekh le

    Toilet Prem Katha release se 1 din pehle army se jaake Mila taki promotion ho aise baki din kaha rehta hai ..itna ghatiya aadmi koi kaise ho skta hai

    1. Comment:Bhai sun...Bharat ke veer app k idea tum to shayd nhi hi Diya Hai...n wo shayd tmhare help k liye app bhi nhi Hai..??

    1. Akshay ko is liye zyada vote hai kyuki ye robot 2 ka post hai to bhut se akshay fans aaenge honge yaha prhne. Srkian ka isme kya Lena dena

  3. Did you know before 2010 salman was not even in top 7
    Srk aamir hritik akshay Ajay Emraan Shahid john Ranbir > salman ..stardom of local star salman

    Salman Tushar or Abhishek ke league me tha .nahi yakeen to khud box office ne Nazar daalo

    1. Comment:chal tu a parle tere jaise ko tasalli mil jayegi..

      >Most successful Bollywood actors 1990 – 1999
      >>>> We finally have the analysis of the most successful actors between 1990 – 1999. It’s a decade that marked the rise of the three Khans, while Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar were growing their fanbase and delivering quite a few hits in between.
      >SALMAN KHAN leads in every category – highest net collections, success ratio, hit ratio and the best average per film. He also has the highest grosser and the most watched film of the 90s in Sooraj Barjatya’s Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.
      >SALMAN and SHAHRUKH are the only two actors to average more than 10 crore plus per film.
      Most number of films:
      Akshay Kumar – 42 films
      Ajay Devgn – 33 films
      Salman Khan – 29 films
      Shah Rukh Khan – 28 films
      Aamir Khan – 23 films

      >Total Net Collections for each actor between 1990 –1999:
      Salman Khan – 375 crore
      Shah Rukh Khan – 327 crore
      Ajay Devgn – 221 crore
      Akshay Kumar – 196 crore
      Aamir Khan – 186 crore
      >Average net box office collections per film between 1990 – 1999
      Salman Khan – 12.9 crore
      Shah Rukh Khan – 11.7 crore
      Aamir Khan – 8.1 crore
      Ajay Devgn – 6.7 crore
      Akshay Kumar – 4.7 crore
      >Success Ratio i.e Above Average or better
      Salman Khan – 52%
      Shah Rukh Khan – 39%
      Ajay Devgn – 36%
      Aamir Khan – 35%
      Akshay Kumar – 24%
      >Hit Ratio i.e Hit or Better
      Salman Khan – 45%
      Shah Rukh Khan – 32%
      Aamir Khan – 22%
      Ajay Devgn – 18%
      Akshay Kumar – 10%

      1. Sorry are you sure of the success ratio?
        Box office India forum has it as 90s

        Sunny Deol
        Ajay Devgn

        My personal stat

        Sunny Deol
        S R K

        Others are right...✅

        1. BOI is €rap. Deol wasn't as bigger than others. He just had biggest hit Gaddar. Sanjay Dutt was pretty big in early 90s. Second half was SRK and Govinda.

          1. Successful movies...ghatak jeet ziddi border, arjun agnish etc thats what they are refering...not Hit counts rather from Above average- BB

          2. Comment:Bhai aaplog har site pe dekhlo na uske bad khud aaplogko Pata chaljayega koun tha aur hai sabse bada star phir comments karna bekar me bina janehi khudko sahi mat bolo OK

    2. Aur ab sab usse piche hain by the way it all started from Dus Ka Dum wen He defeated Srk in TV no.s and then Wanted turned the Tide with Dabbing turning out to be Out of the syllabus game for his haters

  4. If megastar aamir did 2.O then b-grade hero kumar will not be a part of it...thats sure

  5. Holiday release me ek dum ghatiya movie ho koi entertainment na ho commercial mobie na ho usme ye sb itna kamaega
    Srk salman - 120-130cr
    Aamir - 80cr
    Akshay 65cr
    Hritik 70cr
    Ajay 40cr

  6. I cant understand why he rejected this film.

    Coz of Aamir and Rajini it would be huge in china and India

  7. Even Aamir said it will be an All Time Blockbuster
    No Doubt Rajni sir is the Biggest Superstar of indian cinema but In Hindi version it will run due to Superstar Akshay kumar coz Rajni sir movies never fared will in Hindi version compared to Bollywood movies

  8. We r thinking it was akki role but it's a lead role. Wow!!! Kar dete toh aag laga deti. Aapke paas toh china bhi hai. 3000cr hota. Ab 1500cr muskil. Akki ki overseas popularity nahi hindi mein.

  9. I always believed that GA would open huge in the extended weekends. Secret super star will eventually get it there, slow and steady. Aamir is not known for having tremendous fans, but what he does is he make sure the cinemas are quality. Slow and steady wins the race by the way at the end of the day. My predictions: GA 135-140 cores
    Secret superstar: 75-90 cores.

  10. Get ready for biggest spectacle all records will be history and it will really show akki haters his true megastardom as Hindi collections will be due to him all know that all vimal films will be history

  11. Aamir is honest actor.He could have did this role & can achieve 500 cr in Hindi but he didn’t want to do that role which even audiences want Rajnikant to do that role.earlier also Aamir in an interview said if Hirani approaches him for Munna Bhai he will send them to Sanjay dutt.

  12. Hahahahaa Agar Aisa Hota To Akshay Ki Aamir KhaN Pitai Karta Movie Me To Me Shirt Utar K Nachta Canadian Chuu ??


  13. @ bollyarena : What is the producer figure for Secret Superstar? Why no update on its day 1 collections?

  14. I think Amir KO pta tha wo second lead role milega use wo bhi vilain ka but fir bhi Amir KO ye role krna chaiye tha ase moke bar bar nhi milte I think it's big mistake Amir

  15. Imagine Aamir and Akshay duo in 2.0 !!??? All records in north would be history. But yeah, Aamir is right about Rajni sir being irreplacable. After Aamir's statement, I have a fresh confidence in this movie!

  16. Good decision by ammir sir he is not suitable for chatti role ammir sir pe dangal tzp,3 idiots jaisa movie suit karta hai

  17. Hindi version not even touch 150cr .
    Challenge .
    Don't see dream akshay can give 3 movie with 100cr.
    But he cannot give single movie with 150cr.
    2.0 akshay have extended cameo like amir in SS sharuk in DZG.
    Intention of every rajni film director to show as much as possible to rajnikant in a film.
    Akshay doing this film only to get some popularity in south india.
    Akshay doing this extended cameo movie to only part of big budget movie akshay no one take akshay in Bollywood for big budget film.

  18. AJAY sir crushed fake stardom of MAKKI. Kaha Raja bhoj kaha gangu teli. Yaha aakar mujhe pta chala ki akki k bhi fans h lol like roric abhijeet etc

  19. Ajay sir without sheety 84 cr akshay without holidays 134 cr
    Akki is way bigger star than kalwa

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