I want to produce a film with Akshay Kumar: Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar have made cameos in each other's films. Now SRK who owns Red Chillies Entertainment, says that he also wanted to produce a film with Akshay Kumar.

In an interview to DNA, SRK talked about the collaboration between Salman Khan and Karan Johar with Akshay. "It should be collaborative. And it should have been done a long time back. But it’s very good that Karan and Salman are making a film with Akshay. I wanted to do that. But the story and all didn’t work out. I’m sure he is really open to it. I think whenever there is an opportunity, as producers, we should make this happen. Firstly, we should get this correct. They should not be taken as individuals, as Karan or Salman. It’s Dharma and SKF. They are different identities, they are film producers. It’s about the company, not about individuals. So, two companies have come together to make a film with a big movie star. Similarly, we at Red Chillies do it too.

Maybe, Dharma and Red Chillies, or YRF. Filmmaking should be collaborative. The more collaboration there is, in music, filmmaking, storytelling — you will have better films. Tintin was made by Steven Spielberg, who loved it and he produced it and let Peter Jackson — who owned it — direct it. It’s something Steven Spielberg always wanted to make and direct, but he found that Peter Jackson has it, he said, ‘Let’s collaborate’ and make it together.

He also talked about making a film on Mahabharat. "It’s my dream to make the Mahabharat for the screen. It’s been for years now. But I don’t think I have the budget to do that. I would love to do it, but I don’t think I could afford to. Unless I collaborate. But not with Indian producers. There have to be international producers on board for this one because Indian producers and Indian films have a limited market. This one has to go out into the international markets. So you have to collaborate with someone who’s international. You don’t take up a subject like the Mahabharat and make it any less. It should be on the scale of a Baahubali or an even larger one."

On the word front, Shahrukh Khan's untitled film will clash with Akshay Kumar's Toilet Ek Prem Katha on 11 August 2017.

24 comments on “I want to produce a film with Akshay Kumar: Shahrukh Khan”

  1. Who the hell said Megastar Akki doesn't deserve National Award??? Just see the poll results Akki got more than 43% votes compared to his competitors Aamir(29%), SRK(23),& Suriya(2%).
    To haters just open your eyes and see the fact.
    Moreover SRK wants to Produce Legend Akki to save his sinking career and cash on stardom of Akki

    1. Buddy.....how is srk going to save his sinking career........he is just gonna earn a lil bit of money that' all and that too if the film doesn't flop... and it will be risky to rely on megastar akki's stardom......

  2. Shows that SRK and Akshay are friends and their clash has only made their friendship better. Whereas their fans keep fighting with one another and waste their own time. Grow up guys, whats the point of fighting when your heroes are best of friends.
    Example:-Akki fan Santanu, Dr. Jehangir etc

    1. @Donald, do whatever you say i love SRK SRK SRK...and SRK SRK SRK....and SRK SRK SRK.....baki all bullshit.

  3. Haters will keep on hating and fighting
    Lovers will keep on spreading love and achieving success

  4. As I always say, SRK is the one the best person on this world. But some people don't understand this.
    Friends and business both should not come between in friendship- SRK
    Want to watch both SRK and Akshay sir in one movie.
    Hatts off to both SRK and Akshay sir.

  5. national award winner vs ghanta award winner on 11th august 2017
    by the way 11th august is a special date for srk. in 1995 on the same date he lost to nana patekar's hum dono with two films on same day , guddu and odyhi.
    let's see what happens this time. i am sure srk will win though as tepk is a small film.

    1. National Award winner vs multiple International Award winner. By the way Gangu Teli sallu doesn't even get Local small awards although he sweats his head off dancing in award shows, not even the prestigious Filmfare and his fans talk about awards..!! Not to mention Looser of All clashes talk about King of Boxoffice Clashes...Height of Irony ??

    2. @honest man at 1:45 pm That loss was nothing as big as Yeh Majhdar(31 lakhs, disaster) vs Agni Sakshi (BB) of same nana patekar in 1996 by Salman. And in 1993 Salmans 2 movies Dil tera aashiq and one more had lost with Ajay Devgn's Ek hi Raasta.
      And yes you are right, 11 August is special date for him, he had thrashed Sunny Deol's Khaafila when it clashed with Chak De India.

    3. Abe gawar
      Janeman was a very big film
      It had an Indicine made megastar as well
      But still don crunched it

  6. This is like saying 'Sorry dude, for what I did to you with CE 4 years back. Kindly schedule your TEPK to some other date. We can do something together'

  7. srk or Ajay devgan ke relationship ache nahi iske bawajud srk ne Kaal movie Karan johar ke sath produce ki thi ajay devgan us mein aye Hollywood mein bhi aisa hota hai ek badda actor film produce krta hai dusra badda actor us mein kaam krta hai srk or akshay Kumar ki koi fight nahi dono actors middle class family se thy apni mehnat se star banne

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