I want to do a horror comedy: Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar recently attended the closing ceremony of the 48th International Film Festival of India (IFFI). The actor spoke about the kind of film he wants to do after doing a number of films that had social messages.

He said, “I think it is very important to do films that talk to people and give them a message in a commercial way. When I did Toilet Ek Prem Katha, we commercially sent a message to each and every member of the audience that it is important for every house to have a toilet. We showed it in a comic way. We also showed a love story.”

“When a documentary is made, not many people watch it. So, I thought it is more important today than ever to do something for my country and this (making films with a social message) is the best way to do it. Since I am in the industry, I want to show people something new.” Akshay added.

When he was further asked that after doing comedy, social and romantic films, what is that one genre that he really looks forward to in the near future. To this, the actor said that he wants to do a horror-comedy. He said, “I really like horror comedy. I want to do a film like Bhool Bhulaiyaa. I want to work in a film like that. I am looking for a good script.”

The horror-comedy genre has not been tried much in Bollywood. But after the success of Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn's Golmaal Again, we can expect more films like this.

48 comments on “I want to do a horror comedy: Akshay Kumar”

  1. Every movie you do is horror for the audience and your performance provides comical relief also .... Result is every your movie becomes horror comedy

    1. Hatsoff to u Akki sir....


      If u all AKKIANS (@abhijeet, @rudra,@[email protected] etc...) want me to accept GA belongs to Ajay .... Ok no harm in it... I accept GA belongs to Ajay

      Happy everyone....

      If u feel I am creating negativity or bad image for Akki sir then ok I won't troll or bash any Star even if others Troll Akki.....

      Now it's upto u to handle them....

      If everything goes out of hands only then I reply in kickass manner.....
      Now no fan wars......

      1. This is my gift to u AKKIANS on this article.....
        No more trolling from my side......

      2. Lol 2.0 @2000cr
        You never troll akki haters
        @tiger zinda hai always say bad about akshay sir but you never bashed him
        None of ajay fans trolling akshay
        There is difference between trolling others favourite star or creating negativity for ur own favourite star
        We akkians are not saying you to accept that golmaal is ajay sir movie
        if you believe it is rohit movie then no problem. Keep it up to u don't force others to accept it but problem is,
        you unnecessarily bashing ajay sir without any reason
        What you mean by, it is up to u guys to handle akki haters???
        You are also an akki fans so it's your duty to troll akki haters but not unnecessarily and we are with you.
        By the way, earlier I liked your style of trolling others favourite star when it was @2.0 vs @ devgn
        But nowadays it is @2.0 vs no one. As you are an akki fan so your behaviour shows that akki fans are not happy with the success of ajay golmaal and @2.0 in coma and this is hurting us ???but the fact is nowadays akki is on 3rd after salman and aamir.

        1. Then y don't u troll Akki haters....
          Its not ur duty...
          I troll only those who I think deserve it...
          I can't about trolling every Akki hater....
          If I go against someone then u have to go after someone....

          1. @karan ok bro I won't troll any Star or Ajay unnecessarily....Fine.......
            But I have freedom to express my views......Mind it....

                1. The fact is I don't want to troll Aamir n Salman that's why I spare these guys....
                  But u Akkians want me troll them then I will rip them apart.....
                  I want unity of Akkians......

    1. That means he is coming back to my favourite comedy genre. He should collaborate with directors like priyadarshan. This is where akshay is at his best. I have watched bhool bhulaiya many times a horror comedy. Hare ram hare ram...

  2. Bigger flop ..he is all time flop actor having 55 flops and call herself a superstar ..he should be kicked out of Bollywood as week as from India too .taking Canada nationality then doing deshbhakti drama so that no one can question about his Nationality

    He have no recrods ..even Varun Ranbir ranveer is ahead of Akshay ..Ajay hritik is far ahead of Akshay

    1. Call herself suits him as call himself is for men's hahaha and one more collection as well as not as week as ..ye auto corrections bhi

  3. So according to [email protected] ..Chennai express and Golmaal again both have done 200cr + and he is giving credit to Rohit just because Rohit makes movie entertaining massy ..so what about Rajkumar Hirani ? 3 idiots pk ka credit usko milega ? Kyuki Rajkumar Hirani world class movie banata hai ..to kya credit Rajkumar Hirani Ko mil jaega ? Nahi na .
    Akshay ke pass 150cr bhi nahi hai is liye aise kar rha ...Akshay 2020 se pehle 150cr dega kya ?

  4. You should make a movie Priyadarshan sir your pairing with him was brilliant.
    BB,Garam Masala,Hera Pheri,De dana dhan

  5. Ignoring some pathetic fans like roric and 2.0 i want to say that akki is doing a very very good job ..he is currently very consistent after salman and aamir..
    Akki is not bigger than khans..bt i always want to watch him 3 times a year..and if all crpss at leat 150 crore its a big deal..he has gained the multiplex audience trust after long time..he always had fan following bt one universal film in good date will justify tht..
    And aaki gave 90% record occupancy with a bad film like blue..
    Most of his films have taken excellent openings in lst decade even doing 4-5 films per year
    Yes it hurts many fans for his canadian citizenship bt as long as he is doing good films we respect u

    1. Stop Barking on Akshay kumar’s Citizenship and Fake patriotism,he’s the No. 1 and sometimes No. 2 in Tax paying,
      he is one among no.1's Bollywood Superstar in Social Couse,
      #Self defence Center for women (free)
      #Bharat ke veer for Army
      #He often Donate Money to Farmers And For Army Welfare…
      #He Donated Money to Uttarakhand Flood Victims Families
      #Apart from that In past many times he donated money to needy persons..

      Stop jealousy from his SUCESS.
      If the content of movie is brilliant than it doesn’t need any festival… Bahubali 1 and 2 are examples.
      Many akshay kumar 100 cr movies are example..So stop jealousy and praise someone’s hard work… (needs Guts for it)

      Those Who says that Akshay kumar is a Canadian and showing fake patriotism….Ask yourself what you have done for your Country. His Canadian citizenship was a HONORARY citizenship.
      If an Indian got a honorary citizenship of other country it doesn’t mean he is not an Indian…
      If it’s the excuse to troll someone than
      #Ex President Pranav mukharji Got Hanoray Citizenship of ABIDJAN

      #Dalayi Lama, Malala Usuf Jayi And Nelson Mandela got citizenship of Canada too and According to you all these are CANADIAN??

      #Amitabh Bachchan have honorary Citizenship of Deauville

      #Former RBI GOVERNOR Raghuram Rajan have honorary Citizenship of AMERICA..(How its possible that A American was the governor of India??)

      #According to you all, Lata Mangeshkar JI was not INDIAN bcoz she had honorary Citizenshipof Houston and Surinam.
      #Yash Chopra had honorary Citizenship of SWITZERLAND
      #Anupam Khair have honorary Citizenship of Texas USA, So is he

      You all have shit mind, You Have No Sense Of Humor And zero Mentality only because Akshay kumar is not you favourite superstar..

      1. @DKS
        You are right bro. We all know this haters are simply suffering from some mental disorder. Otherise why they abuse the pride of their own country.

  6. Wow Akshay wow isme dekha ki Golmaal se Ajay horror comedy me 200cr kama lia to isne socha ki ye bhi horoor comedy movie Bana ke 200cr ke lega hahahahaha ..listen Akshay ..agar horoor comedy movie tune Kia bhi to 130cr se aage nahi brhega ..even agar Golmaal me Akshay hota to 130cr aage nahi brhega because you have no stardom ..housefull 3 105cr hahaha

  7. No 20cr opening no 150cr lifetime no HGOTY no ATBB no 3cr footfalls no 300cr worldwide only 2 blockbuster in his entire career ..and now thinking that by doing horror comedy he earns 200cr like Golmaal again hahahaha

    Without deshbhakti ka drama Akshay Abhi 70-80cr me hi rehta jaise 2015tak tha

    Ajay is 100000 times ahead of Akshay ..Salman rules and then Ajay

    1. All the haters who r saying that Akki range is of 130 cr only
      Then Rowdy Rathore released way back in 2012 at 132 cr (boi)
      Then for 2017
      Rowdy Rathore – 186 cr(adjusted to today’s period)
      Go n check it….
      Reason is Akki not doing such kind of movies now (fully commercial) if he does movies like that it will easily cross 200cr……
      But he is doing more niche, less appeal n only multiplex oriented movies …
      That’s it….

      All the haters who r saying Akki success is due to Deshbhakti then in the past many stars(i won’t mention names so that there is no fan war) did many Patriotic movies most of them flops n Disasters…..
      Then Deshbhakti is Akki fault no it’s an asset for him….
      To b Frank Audience is connecting n Identifying with the Patriotic characters with Akki n not others……
      It is just that simple…….
      Others r good at negative or villain portrayals coz they look like one…..
      It’s that simple…..

      It’s all over now…...

    1. Srk Salman dost hai fir v fan war hota hai na ..Salman Aamir dost hai fir v fan war ho rha hai na
      Akshay fans are biggest do*la I have ever seen ..vo SB hum Salman fans Ko istemal krti hai or Peet peeche Salman bhai Ko gali dete hai troll krte hai ..Salman bhai ne sahi Kia Akshay se larai krke

  8. if akshay can make r balki"s padman a 100cr movie than he is basically flopproof.

    now reading the pulse of the audeince makes or breaks a star .here is my top 5 of the best and the worst people who can read the pulse of the audeince.

    this are the top 5 best

    1. Aamir khan and S. S. Rajamouli ( what they just did is simply historic they have to be num 1)
    2. sallu ( his opening weekend records is a sight to be seen , sallu mania is real)
    3.in num 3 i have 3 guys
    rohit shetty( currently the best comedy director and also a very good action director. his movies do huge
    business in halls and on tv. each and every movies of his are big hits on tv and with that he
    also do hit tv shows which made him a very popular guy and a household name)
    akshay ( he can make a hit with any director now and that is a big statement)
    raju hirani ( he would have been num 1 if he made more movies , but whatever the rate of growth in the
    business of his movie by movie is phenomenal)
    4. Varun dhawan ( growing by each movie, if this rates continues he will be num 2 within two years )
    5. anand l rai ( king of low budget movies, he really has a connection to the audience)

    now the worst 5
    1. ranbir kapoor ( after besharam, bombay velvet , roy and jagga jassos he has to be num 1. its seems like
    he has no idea who his audience is)
    2.saif ( a very good actor who use to be liked a large section but now by seeing his current nonsense
    movies that section of the audeince is forgetting why they liked him in the first place )
    3.farhan ( another talented actor,than director, than producer, than musician lol whose completely lost his
    way with audience)
    4.kangana and all the producer and director still making movies with her ( self obsessed and self centered
    people )
    5.abhishek b ( lol after playing the main lead of a very popular movie like bol bachchan why did you play
    second fiddle to srk in hny and even third fiddle to akshay and ritesh in housefull 3 lol i mean
    really why)

      1. Not just marigold. Watch epic horror comedies like Tubelight, jai ho, veer, ready, bodyguard, kick, dabangg 2, prem bartan dhoke aayo, suryavanshi, saawan, karan arjun, and many more. I am sure you will love them. ???????

  9. Absolutely correct karan Singh 2.0 this is what we expect this is the thing which is correct we are not forcing you to keep quiet but retaliate only when necessary all akkians are with you bro remember that

  10. Agar Golmaal again movie ka title Golmaal again nahi hota, baki sabkuch same hota like direct, actors, release date, story and all, tab kya ye movie 200 cr ka business kar pati?????

  11. Nowadays Akshay kumar demand is more than all khans and other vimal type actor which have no single 100cr without rohit sheety

  12. At #IFFI2017 red carpet:

    Reporter: Whats the next (big) thing you'd like to do, Sir? [i.e. an ambitious film]
    A star: I wanna do a horror comedy.

    Reporter reminded him of a horror comedy (a south remake) which he did in the past.

    Reporter: Like that 1?
    A star: Yes, yes. >>> Continued.....

  13. It had me in splits. :D :D
    Bechare gareeb star ke, wish ko toh dekho! :D Achanak #GolmaalAgain ke Blockbuster success ke baad, iss gareeb star ko Horror Comedy ke kuch zyada hi bukaad chad gaya hai.

  14. Akshay Kumar big star than Ajay devgun. But I like Ajay sir also. But jab baat akshay sir ki aati hain toh koi bada star nahi Akshay Sir se. He is only hope of Bollywood. No khan in the list all are old tired. Love u Akshay Sir.
    1.Akshay Sir
    2.Ajay Devgun
    3.Varun Dhawan
    4. Hrthik Roshan.
    5.Ranveer singh

  15. Comment:salmon khan is biggest disaster actor of all time given 15 disaster and 40 flops in just 75 films list 22 clashes never won any clash against top ten actors lost clash against rajni sawant given only 1 solo hit last decade only depends on festival and solo release for hits never given 100 cr movie in clash disaster actor of all time lallu khan????

    1. @Utsav Rajput yes exactly. And also don't forget that he is a local star with no identity outside india. He got so called fame only after 2010 and that also due to masala movies which india' s 90% of illiterate backward audience likes otherwise even in india he would have been a flop star with 0 fan following had india been an intelligent country like China or any other foreign country. Even in india he was nothing before 2010 when he was doing non masala movies. And his gawaar 2 kodi ke slum awara fans are doing too much drama on social media and degrading far better and talented actors than their lallu. Even on small screen his aukaat is only to host cheap flop show like bigg boss. Look at aamir, Big B and srk who are hosting class shows like SMJ, TED talk show and KBC.

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