I have not spoken against any of my friend: Ajay Devgn

Bollywood has been dividing into two camps over ban on Pakistani actors. Ajay Devgn gave a controversial interview yesterday which has not gone well with most of the Bollywood fans.

Ajay has revealed that he will not work with Pakistani actor. “Not at the moment. I am very clear on this because you are an Indian first. I don’t care if my film doesn’t release in Pakistan. Their artistes are standing by their nation. They are earning here but are sticking by their nation. We should learn from them. There is an exchange of bullets happening and you are talking about exchange of culture? We cannot isolate ourselves from the nation."

Salman Khan and Karan Johar had said banning Pakistani artistes from working in Bollywood was not a solution. When asked about his take on Salman’s and Karan’s comments on the matter, Ajay said, “It’s saddening. You need to take a stand. We actor have fans all over the world, so maybe some people feel they might lose some fans."

This comment did not go well with Salman Khan fans as both Ajay and Salman shared a good friendship. Ajay Devgn was quick to realize as he posted a clarification on Twitter,

"Guys, pls stop the infighting & watch the whole interview. You will see that I haven't spoken against any of my friends."


5 comments on “I have not spoken against any of my friend: Ajay Devgn”

  1. Ajay Devgn we know you don't ave to clarify you said nothing and we Salmaniacs will always love you and pray for a stronger bond with Salman Sir.
    #respect versatile daring superstar #

  2. They asked you about Salman and Karan, then you said this "We actor have fans all over the world, so maybe some people feel they might lose some fans.”
    If you're not talking about them, who are that "some people"?

  3. McLaren is Karan an actor? We actors means probably many Bollywood celebs enjoying Dawuds Royalty!!

  4. Yes Ayush, Karan is an actor also. And if he didn't mean Karan, Salman is an actor. If you mean something, say it directly, don't step back when the reactions of people aren't as you expected!

  5. Mclaren watch the interview again. They ask him the general artists in the industry like Salman and Kjo. You don't expect him to single out Salman or Karan especially Salman,his response was based on the general notion of the industry. Don't get worried to much I bet you after the interview they Ajay and Salman even had a phone conversation chat. Everything is under control even when I was watching I was waiting for him to say Salman comment is saddening but he said they Agreed he won't single out Salman that's why he will definitely generalize his views. Waiting for Big Boss

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