I have never called in a favour to bag a movie or award: Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar had won National Award for his performance in Rustom this year. But the decision has received a lot of flak from the neutral audience. Many were of opinion that Priyadarshan’s proximity to Akshay Kumar is the reason for his win.

Talking to Mumbai Mirror, when Akshay Kumar was asked to react to the same, he said, “I have completed 25 years in the film industry and I’ve never called in a favour to bag a movie or an award. As for Priyan favouring me, I think he has answered that question in your newspaper.”

Akshay Kumar also talked about the big box office clash with Shah Rukh Khan this Independence Day, he said, “My film is coming on August 11 because it’s a big date and an opportune time. Besides, Independence Day, there is another holiday in the same week. Such long weekends can easily take two big releases. Ghayal and Dil clashed, as did Gadar: Ek Prem Katha and Lagaan.”

When asked about the personal implications it has on one’s relationship, he said, ““Box-office clashes are professional hazards and ideally they should not have any personal implications. In a situation where we have 200 movies to be accommodated in 52 weeks, clashes have become unavoidable. I’m aware that (we don’t live in an ideal world). But I’m not willing to draw blood or go to war over a movie.”

18 comments on “I have never called in a favour to bag a movie or award: Akshay Kumar”

    1. U don't need to say anything
      There will haters every time
      U deserves it and u got it
      Love u sir

    2. You R a Legend Akki no more words
      Everything u say, do, act, teach R to be followed by every actor and every Indian citizen. Scores of salutes to you

    3. The thing i like about akshy is....he is so down to earth.... a really cool n decent person.

  1. everyone knows you won this award only becoz of your deshbhakti, wht an idea sirji, you are fooling public as well as chu ruling party hahaha .
    its well known fact that this govt is the biggest hater of muslims, they can't digest khans success, therefore they decided to give you national award to bring down khans

    1. Tell that to the soldiers families, Muslim and otherwise, that will receive funds from people all over the nation based on an idea which, lo and behold, is not tied to nor promotes any movie and which was passed by the same 'chu' ruling party. Taali nahi de sakte, to gaali bhi na do.

  2. Bhai dont bring religion in between all this... but its true that akshay is drama king and priyadarshan did a favour to him... coz he is his friend.......

  3. It is hard to belive but all know that Akki show fake patriotism...and fool all indian....other also do many social work...bt no body show of their work as Akki did...bt all the best to u Akki for TEPK...

  4. Y there iz so much fuss over Akshay winning a national award? If Saif can win over SRK ( Swadesh was a masterpiece), then Y Akshay can't ? At least his acting in Rustom was much better than what saif did in Humtum.. nd how our typical nationalist Jury members would choose AAmir ya SRK after their anti-national remarks? After all it's National Award. Akshay Deserve National award, after all he is constantly playing national card in movies.. So he iz ideal choice... :)

  5. Excellent/Best reply (from Indicine) on this award controversy:-
    There will be questions raised irrespective of who wins the national award. Everyone has their own favourite film / performance and there will be disappointment when they don’t win. There’s no one answer to who ‘truly’ deserves an award. Sure, there were better performances last year than Akshay in Rustom, in fact Airlift was probably his better performance of the two. So if he’d won for Airlift, the decision wouldn’t have raised so many eyebrows. But having said all that, the number of times Akshay Kumar has been royally ignored by award ceremonies over the years and the fact that he is one of the most versatile actors in our country today, he deserves the National Award recognition. Certainly much more deserving than Saif Ali Khan. Even Amitabh Bachchan’s role in Piku wasn’t the most challenging or best performance of 2015, he won and not many questioned.

    1. Salman has been thrashed 4 times by Akki
      1. Sangdil Sanam vs Hum hai bemishaal-1994
      2. AAA vs Suhaag
      3. Kyun ki vs garam masala
      4. Blue vs mamk

  6. Its great to see akshay joined saif Ali club !
    Congrats akshay Kumar and jury of national awards !

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