I have never been so vulnerable on a film set: Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan is currently gearing up for the release of October. The actor who generally does the commercial masala films is working with Shoojit Sircar for the first time.

In a group interview, the actor shared that filming for October felt unnervingly close to reality. “I have never been so vulnerable on a film set. After a while, it stopped feeling like shooting. When you know that this is acting, it’s a film, there’s a block, that it’s okay. But when it stops feeling like acting and feels like real life, then the floodgates open.”

“There was a part when I started crying on set, and it wasn’t the hero-type crying, it was the one that makes you embarrassed. It was for five-six minutes. It was strange. Then he (Shoojit) came, patted my back and said, ‘Give me shot’,” said Varun.

“Of course, I had seen Piku and Pink, so, I knew it would be different but how different it would be, I didn’t know. My pitch was lowered, my energy was calmed down. My walk was changed. The only thing that I reshot in this film was my walk. All my walks he reshot. He told me, ‘You are looking like a hero. You are walking like the way you walked in Judwaa 2.’ So, for seven days I just practiced my walk. And from there we got into the groove.”

“I stopped looking at my phone to calm myself. Much of our anxiety comes because of our cellphone. So, the first thing he told me was to not look at the phone. Instead he asked me to look at plants or nature. Then I created my own playlist that I used to listen to. He gave me Hare Rama Hare Krishna by Jahnavi Harrison, I started listening to Jim Morrison, whom I used to listen to in college. So, I had my October playlist.

“Shantanu Moitra, who has given music for the film, asked me to share my soundtrack with him. I told him that it’s just a few songs, but he insisted saying, ‘I need to know how Dan is feeling’. For the first time, people were caring about how I was feeling as an actor. Before this, no one gave a damn, you just come and give your shot. But this time, people actually cared,” said the actor.

Written by Juhi Chaturvedi, October will release on April 13.

15 comments on “I have never been so vulnerable on a film set: Varun Dhawan”

  1. trailer solo hai boring lag rahi hai opening achi nahi lage gi overall best of luck varun dhawan

  2. he has done a wrong film, it will pull down his successfull career a little bit. even if it becomes a success still the big numbers will not come. what varun has achieved with his many hit films, tiger has reached there or even more than that with just 1 blockbuster. that is the magic of giving blockbuster. you can give many hits but still that 1 bb will have more value. so tiger shroff is becoming a threat, people are considering him in the top5 after just 1 baghi 2 and not varun who has given many hits. this is basically because of the huge opening and bb verdict which is missing for varun , so varun needs to up his game and not do these films. tiger's all next are masala action films.

  3. " In 1995 Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge came and created another huge box office star. Actually it was not Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge that made Shahrukh Khan the big box office star but what happened after with film after film with the image created by Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge busting the box office. Action has dominated the box office since the release of Mera Gaon Mera Desh in June 1971 till today and in those 47 years only Shahrukh Khan managed to create a huge fan following without an action image."
    Above paragraph is enough for SRK haters .SRK is all all rounder.he doesn't need action image to become famous .he can do every genre films.

    1. Prashant mere bhai i think you are getting the wrong idea , boi is actually saying srk banked on romantic image that he found in ddlj and gave blockbuster after blockbuster with that image and consolidate the image higher and stronger on each blockbuster. Which means the opposite of all rounder that you are saying

  4. Makki sir will be october part 2 called as november. Sarook sir will do part 3 december the end

  5. Tiger Shroff making all you youngies look like his bitch. With your 14 cr average openings. Tiger is the real deal

  6. @Prashant. If srk became a star after ddlj then why he gave so many flops after ddlj. Even all of them opened low. He lost to seema viswas both in lifetime and opening. And who told you ddlj did not have action. I think you have not watched ddlj, it had huge action scene in the climax. Srk's most films are Masala films which has everything. His another romantic film pardes also had action. Infact his films used to have more action than Salman films in 90's.
    You become a star when you give a huge initial with a solo film and srk gave that with koyla which was an action film. So srk also established himself as a star with an action film.

  7. Varun needs to continue doing action masala film for few years. It is not his time to do niche films. First build a loyal fanbase

  8. I have watched DDLJ .if there is action in climax then it will be action film ?so DDLJ, DTPH, KKHH are action films ? SRK established himself by strong negative roles .
    And Salman had many flops after MPK till 1994 and again in whole 90s .so why u call him a superstar ?

  9. Tiger,, varun and ranbeer Singh can deliver hits afters hits but agar baat acting ki ho to ranbir kapoor is better then them in my opinion..... Abhi uska bura daur chal raha h but he will surely be no1 in future....watch his films barfi,,,APKGK,,,YJHD,,,,ADHM,,,and even flop tamasha was also very good....he can do any types of films.....wishing him best of luck for Sanjay duty biopic........ And even rockstar was good as well as raajneeti.....

    Ranbeer Singh SLB made star
    Varun over acting ki dukaan

    Tiger is good actor but before baaghi2 he also delivered 2 flops a flying jatt and munna Michael....

  10. Vulnerable?
    That's becauae he tried to act for the 2nd time only (initially in Badlapur).
    Every other ocassion, copied either Salman Khan or Govinda.

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