I have honorary citizenship of Canada: Akshay Kumar

The question of Akshay Kumar's citizenship has been raised many times in the media. Apparently, the actor has left Indian citizenship and has opted for Canadian citizenship.

On the Wikipedia page of Akshay Kumar, it is said that he is an Indian-born Canadian star. However the actor has denied these reports. At the success part of Jolly LLB 2, he was asked about his Candian nationality. Akshay replied, "That is honoring.. not what you think."

Interestingly India does not recognize dual citizenship. At the press conference, Fox Star CEO Vijay Singh has also announced the third part and said, "Yes, there will be Jolly LLB 3."

Akshay also talked about his upcoming film Toilet Ek Prem Katha which is releasing on June 2. "When I announced the name Toilet Ek Prem Katha, many asked me why? But it is a real story. Why run away from it?"

The actor arrived at the press conference riding a scooter.

Directed by Subash Kapoor, Jolly LLB 2 has collected over 100 crore and is a box office hit.

27 comments on “I have honorary citizenship of Canada: Akshay Kumar”

    1. Nalayak mykey tere jaise people ki wajah se humara desh piche hai.
      Tu kisi ko kuch mat bol bas ek ehsaan kr ki yeh duniya chod de.
      Tere jaise log is dharti par bojh hai.
      Akki se nice man poori industry mein nahi hai . Jitna social welfare woh krta hai utna koi aur nahi krta . Akki to asli Indian hai magar tere jaise log Indian kehlane ke layak nahi

      1. Ja akki is Canadian yaha aaker paisa banata hai par canada ki citizenship par khush hai tu jaanta hai mere deshbhakti ke baare mein

  1. Then he shd b sent 2 canada and let him do movies there and entertain canadians

  2. I really don't know why people start celebrating with gala events for movies which just about recovered costs or just entering making profits as in case of Jolly while Raees and Kaabil was just a semihit but celebrated as huge success. Are they fooling us or themselves doing so ? Then what should Aamir and Salman be doing when they are grossing above 300 consistently ?

  3. Get a life people from 1995 akshay has been contributing to the Canadian economy by doing films like KKK. Internationaal Khiladi Khiladi 420 Thank You etel that's why the Canadian gvt decided to give him an honorary citizenship even the legendary Yash Chopra has the same from Zwitserland. So get a life jealous people.

    1. usme jealousy ka kya baat hai
      wo banda bina matlab ka desh premi ka naatak kyun karta hai yadi use india se hi itna pyaar hai toh usne Canadian citizenship kyun liya
      feku hai akshay
      yahan do chaar crore sal me daan kar de deta hai isliya donation karta hai ki koi uske citizenship par sawal band karne ke lye hai toh wo Canadian hi

      1. @ dev why only akki targeted because he did social work , help poor farmer , patriotic films , helps Indian solider .
        Then why u Khan's fan targeting to akki only ex , Alia Bhatt , Deepika Padukone , M F Hussain , Imraan Khan , Katrina Kaif , Sunny Leone , Jacqueline Fernandez , Amy Jackson , Nargis Fakhri , Sasha Agha . Don't runaway give answer .

      2. @ dev why only akki targeted because he did social work , help poor farmer , patriotic films , helps Indian solider .
        Then why u Khan's fan targeting to akki only ex , Alia Bhatt , Deepika Padukone , M F Hussain , Imraan Khan , Katrina Kaif , Sunny Leone , Jacqueline Fernandez , Amy Jackson , Nargis Fakhri , Sasha Agha they also can't vote in india . Don't runaway give answer .

  4. koi batayaga aakhir akshay ne haan kaha canadadian citizens k liye ya nhi bola
    isse kya pta chalta hai hai kya uske pass Canadian nationality

      1. yo brother
        hai toh akki Canadian hi yadi kal
        china pakistan mil k hamla kare tab ham yudh k liye khade rahenge par akki apne family ko le ke Canada bhag jayega
        Canadian aakhri me Canadian panti hi karega

        1. But u didn't given reply to my above comment citizenship of other actor why only akki targeted . Alia Bhatt , Deepika Padukone , M F Hussain , Imraan Khan , Katrina Kaif , Sunny Leone , Jacqueline Fernandez , Amy Jackson , Nargis Fakhri , Sasha Agha . But ur Bhai supported Yakub Menon terrorist was this right he is also Pakistani by hurt that's why he did bb .

  5. He has citizenship of both country India and Canada but according to ur country any other citizenship will not accepted
    So he prefer to take Canada citizenship becoz his most of relatives and parents live there

  6. He is a Citizen of India... Canada has given him a Honorary citizenship which is not recognized by India...
    But he was & is Citizen of India...

  7. What's wrong with people? He has recognized as a honorary citizen, not many people get that. I'm from canada. Jungle book smocked clear to 200 cores in India since the crew were all American. what the hell that has to be with indian? It's his life and he can do anything as a right to live anywhere. Seriously, there are lot to talk about then this.

  8. Honorary citizen is not a real kind of citizenship, it's just a recognition given to him by the Canadian govt. Last year, SRK received honorary doctorate from few University. He did not do PhD. It's was like a appreciation of his work by those Universities. It's same in case of Akki.
    Even if he has real citizenship of Canada, what's the matter of concern for you? He has been paying highest income tax in India for several years now among other Bollywood stars. SRK is said to be the 2nd richest actor in the world, Salman gives 200-300 cr films, Aamir gives 300cr films, but Akshay pays the highest income tax (among Bollywood stars) in Indian. He donates lots of money to the charities and natural disasters. So just think before you get angry with him. You don't like him, doesn't mean he is bad. Let him enjoy his real life.
    Thanks for reading!

  9. I have to say a few things here:
    Accepting a citizenship from other country clearly means leaving Indian Citizenship whether it is honorary or not. There is no term like honorary in this case. Even AR Rehman was offered with honorary Canadian Citizenship by their PM but he refused to take it. Rehman said that he loves India and he won't going to leave India. Many countries accept dual nationality but that's not a case with the Indian Constitution. Even a person other than Indian Nationality can't represent India on any platform and can't be a part or brand ambassador of any govt. scheme of India. Like few years ago, Akshay was the brand ambassador of Income Tax Deparment but as now, he is not an Indian anymore, Income Tax Deptt. has scrapped him from that.
    Secondly, I would like to mention that Akshay wants to do a Hotel business there in Canada as he is already 50 and has only few years left as a lead hero in bollywood. Only citizens of that particular country has a right to buy a land property in that country. So, to set up hi s own business there, Akshay chose to be Canadian.
    But the sad part is Akshay earned here from movies but when the time came to contribute that money to India, he decided to ran away. instead of investing that money in India, he is going to invest that money in Canada.
    Akshay very cleverly hide his nationality. He comes to twitter and posts videos about patriotism. From movies selection to advertisements like Kajaria etc, his PR team is constantly working on portraying his image as a patriotic actor just like Manoj Kumar did in his time. But the reality is Akshay is not a patriotic anymore. He is just a money minded fellow.

    1. @ dev President of India Pranab Mukherjee accorded honorary citizenship of Abidjan. Ab bolo ki president indian nahi hai .

    2. Feku name @ Karan Arjun , feku baatein, time zyada hai to jaake mazdoori karle. Cyber cafe ka bill bohot aata hoga tere.. You chain snatcher, good for nothing, Anaaj ka dushman.

  10. But then why srk given 45 crore to Pakistani he is also money minded fellow is it right .

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