I have always loved women who belong to other men: Shahrukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is known for his witty nature  and contagious charm. Recently popular film journalist Anupama Chopra visited SRK in Lisbon for her new show ‘Beneath the surface’. SRK poured his heart out to her as he ‘never lies in interviews’.

When Chopra asked him if his understanding of love and its portrayal in Hindi cinema has changed in last 25 years, Shahrukh boastfully admitted to falling in love with women who are taken but thanks to his innate charm and goodness, he wins them over.

“To begin with, I have made an art and profession out of loving women who are going to get married to someone or already married or are engaged and I run after them and I get them from wherever they are from any corner sometimes with charm, sometimes with goodness, sometimes I throw them off the building…But yeah I have a problem (laughs)…I have accepted it, it’s a problem and its chronic. The only solution is to keep doing it again and again..,” said SRK.

Talking about love, SRK, at the risk of sounding ‘pompous and knowing’, claimed to know all the facets of love.

“It will sound a little pompous and all knowing, but I know all facets of love…however strange it may sound me saying it… you may find a person who knows all the theorems …you may find a person who knows all the plays of Shakespeare and you wil find someone who has all the knowledge about films and I am a lot like that…I am beautiful not only physical but in a different way, I am unpredictable, I am charming, I make you glow, I make you sad, I destroy you, I distress you, I create longing for you, I create belonging in you…I could be thew best thing that happened to you..i could be the best thing that happened to you…so I genuinely am like that and I believe in love like that..I know Love very well,” explained SRK.

14 comments on “I have always loved women who belong to other men: Shahrukh Khan”

  1. I don't understand what's the problem with this guy, don't he tiered praising himself (seriously there is no difference between him and girls who praise themself everytime, i am this, I am that, blah blah...), he thing that he is everything and rest all are nothing......
    And I am sure if Salman said this line then media will creat controversy out of this.....

    1. I agree, if Salman had said this I wonder how much controversy it would have created.Anyways, freedom of speech.

  2. He didn't tell anything wrong.this is his personal opinion.Why u all have problem ?

  3. abe saalo chutiya, who are just blabbering go and watch the full interview 1st of all then bark, atleast he dint tell he felt like a raped woman like salman did.

    1. kul mila ke baat wahi ho gayi na bewakoof... yahi baat jo SRK ne boli hai agar aaj SALMAN ne boli hoti bawaal maacha dete ye media ke dalle...

  4. The person who is calling SRK a buddha , don't forget your parents are also buddha.but I am sure SRK in this age is still more handsome than your parents.

    1. How r u so sure dude? Hv u seen his parents? Aur srk good looking? Pehle tu apna shakal dekh, fir srk ka!
      Subah subah pot me kya dikhta hai? Vaisa shakal hai dono ka ?? and remember never comment on any1's parents just coz u love a star who doesn't even care about ur life! And ha, people will stop commenting against srk agar tu maan le ki vo tera Baap hai!

      1. @Prashant: moron dont talk against parents...dont take it too personal as if srk is your father.....I didn't talk against your parents so shutup

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