I don't think I would've done Munnabhai better than Sanjay: Shahrukh Khan

Some of you might not know that Shahrukh Kha was initially approached to play the lead role in Rajkumar Hirani's Munnabhai MBBS. Producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra had offered it to SRK but he rejected it apparently due to health issues and the project eventually went to Dutt.

The film turned out to be a huge success and Sanjay Dutt received a lot of acclaim for his performance as Munna Bhai.

When asked if he regrets not doing the film, Shah Rukh said, "I think every film is written in an actor's destiny. I don't think I would have done it as well as Sanjay Dutt has. I think he was fantastic in the film."

He was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the launch of Bone Marrow Transplant and Birthing Centre, named after his mother, at a super specialty hospital here last evening.

"In Indian cinema doctors are treated like gods. they are the last hope and this part is shown in the films. Today young filmmakers do a lot of research in a way to pass on some message or information about anything related to it (health and disease)," SRK said on role of cinema in creating awareness about diseases.

SRK who has faced suffered several injuries in his career said one should go for regular health check-ups for the sake of one's family.

"I had a knee injury during a dance sequence. I am not a surgery junkie, I have had nine or ten surgeries... I still have to to take my stitches off. We all should get rid of ailments and go for regular check ups. We don't do it but we should for our family and kids.

Check out the pics from the event.

50 comments on “I don't think I would've done Munnabhai better than Sanjay: Shahrukh Khan”

  1. Bhai ek naam baat movie ka jisme tune acchi acting ki hai sirf overacting ki dukan hai
    Pahele tu mjhse acting sheekh le

    1. Over acting Tu je khud kuch pta hai acting ke bary main.acting deckny hai tu CDI.MNIK
      Sawadesh.devdas deckho.

      1. kabhi haa nkabhi na or Raju ban gaya gentleman also one of fines act by SRK.....i loved more than CHAK DE or MNIK or DEVDAS...ETC ETC

  2. You are right srk you can't do anything except so-called romance actually you just can't act

    1. Abe last warning mera identity churana band kar
      Bollywood arena app log isko block q nahi karte

  3. @roric ye tere baat aisa h k tere baap ko hi jake keh gaya k tmne kya kiya h life me k tune hi bdi achieve kiya h ,lol acting bakwas h too koi itni saal tk nhi rehta industry kabhi dar jaisa anti role,kabhi ddlj jitna lover boy role ,swadesh me scientist role ,veer zara me serious role ,chak de me hara hue ek player nd coacher role bhai kitna bola v km h acting k bare tujhse certificate lene ki kuch jrurt nahi h puri duniya hi bolti h k srk kya h ,tu bdi nikamme h life me bina hate k tere life nahin h tere jaise log india me h hi waste jake sucide kar le

  4. Abe idiot, u will teach acting to SRK ? He did best acting in Swades, CDI, MNIK, FAN etc.I am sure no one could play these roles better than SRK.

  5. boxoffice all time benchmarks( salman vs srk)( weak hearted srk fans should not read this article)

    a superstar's duty is not only to give profitable films but also to create all time benchmarks and take boxoffice forward. let's see how superstar salman and so called superstar srk has fared in creating boxoffice benchmarks in their overall career. ( datas taken from boi.com)

    1. 50 crore lifetime ( hahk)
    2. 50 crore distributor share( hahk)
    3. 100 crore distributor share( ek tha tiger)
    4. 20 crore opening day( bodyguard)
    5. 20 crore single day( bodyguard)
    6. 30 crore opening day( ek tha tiger)
    7. 30 crore single day( ek tha tiger)
    8. 50 crore opening weekend( bodyguard)
    9. 100 crore opening weekend( bajrangi bhaijaan)
    10. 100 crore first week( bodyguard)
    11. 200 crore first week ( sultan)
    zero, nil , anda, shunya
    sadly srk has never created any boxoffice benchmark. yes it's true the man who is said to have ruled boxoffice for 2 decades has never created any benchmark at the boxoffice on his own.
    though technically he has created 2 benchmarks at the boxoffice . that was the first 1 crore opening and single day with trimurti but that was multistarrer and he can not be credited for that opening as he as a solo star gave opening in the range of 25 lacks at that time.

    1. Wow what a honest man ?? don't listen to him weak hearted srkians, u'll feel cool after reading this SHIT lol i'm dying right now XDD...LIKE ACTOR LIKE FAN

  6. SRKians, i have an advice, don't give a fuck about haters, and wait to the release of Rehnuma ?.

  7. @ honest man, tu yaha v aa gaya .and who will mention 1st 35 +crore opening day (HNY - 36.5 crore) ?

  8. Hey haters, Criminal Sallu was nowhere before 2009. From 1992 onwards SRK and Sunny Deol top pe they.2000 to 2008 tak SRK aur Hritik top pe they. 2009 to 2016 tak Aamir aur Salman top pe hain.
    Sunny, Hritik, Aamir and Salman have ruled for 8 yrs only.
    While SRK has ruled for 16 yrs.
    The one and only king.

      1. Hahahaha hahahaha! You are a hater and he is a lover there's a big ass difference!

  9. @honest tu ne kya shit likha main ne padha nahi kyuki time waste hai. Jitna bada comment likha hai utna hi bada bewakuf hai tu........

  10. Mai to apni identify se keval love phaila raha hun, tu to nafrat phaila raha hai, mai tujhe bata raha hun ki love always trumps hate and we should spread love, not hate others.

  11. munna bhai mein sanjay dutt ki acting beshak achi thi magr Srk ne kuch films mein itni achi acting ki hai ke sanjay dutt kuch bhi nahi SRK ki Swades , chak de india, my name is khan, Fan,Veer zara,paheli ,raees don 2 in mein acting top class hai sanjay dutt acha actor tha magr wo bear pee ke nasha kr ke kharab ho gya

  12. @honest man tune jo record k liye nhi maante wo sab chize collect kar rha h,tu honest nahin balki criminal fan rakh le tere naam ,aur bas sallu k benchmark dikha rha h srk ka h hi nhi h kya aise bol rha h ,longest run in the theatre ddlj h ,first day collection of hny 40 later beatn by sall jst few lacs ,n sallu k benchmarks me disaster movies h bhai wo bhi bata de srk se jada flops n disaster diya hue after akki is only criminal khan kuch movies too ek din v chla nhi hoga crminal k aur clashes k baap too srk h hi ye tere eid star ko bol kv clash jitne ko??

  13. Dont fight they are actor they entertain us everyone has it own best even amitab bacchan Got so many flop flim but he is star of industry

  14. we love u srk....

    u r right srk --- munna Mbbs only sanjay dutt and probably aamir Khan would have done justice to roll (aamirs performance in rangeela shows he would have taken role to next height)

  15. @ prashant abhishek if i count in that way then salman has three more benchmarks 25 crore opening and single day with ett and 15 crore single day with dabangg.it is counted like 10,20,30,40. the next film which will take 50 crore opening or single day will be another benchmark.
    @ chandra prasad srk lover i have mentioned that datas are taken from boi.com and happy new year never took 40 crore opening according to them. 40 crore opening is yet to be achieved though 40 crore single day is achieved by dangal.

  16. @Honest man
    His film Raam jane with clash did 60lakhs opening in 1995
    Salman solo Ye Majhdar did 30 lakhs lifetime
    Salman used to do side roles before pyar kiya to darna kya

  17. SRKians, just ignore this Dishones WOman. He is a psychopath. He posted some 100 comments in Lallucine inspite of promising not to comment again after loosing bet and is giving the excuse of Screen numbers. He keeps ranting abou BOI, but donkey doesn't realise that BOI has announced SRK as the Biggest superstar of 90's, 2000's and All time. Don't give him any attention, he is a psychopathic attention seeker.

  18. @sayar but your comment has nothing to do with my comment. what i have said are all true according to the source i have mentioned.
    @nn i don't folllow thousand sites and roam here and there like you, i follow boi.com as far as boxoffice datas are concerned and they said bandit queen was 1996 release, so i will follow that . even the source you are mentioning also says the same. indicine has said today that maine pyaar kiya was an all time grosser,so will i follow that , no. i will not follow that till boi.com says the same in maine pyaar kiya's new update because i have always followed that site , that's my character. but what i can say about you , you are characterless. you will follow any website according to your need and then shamelessly will justify that hypocrisy.

  19. @jhuthi honest man zara clearly dekho spects pehnke boi.com me hi srk is no.1 hero h av v hitz list me pagal mat hoja itna

  20. Dishonest Fool has proved his ultimate dishonesty by posting 50 comments in Lallucine breaking his own promise and he is giving speech about character, he is a mental patient. He doesn't have the common sense that the release date isn't any boxoffice data, it's a universal data where everywhere on Google it's showing 1994, not to mention Bandeet Queen won 3 National Award and 1 Filmfare Award in 1995, so may be ghosts received that. Also Dishones Fool will start writing up his own Retard zone benchmarks like 110 crore, 120 crore, 130 crore etc to prove that lallu has any worth. SRKians have no problem, BOI analysed that SRK was the Biggest Superstar of 90's, 80's and All Time and that he is unbeaten in clashes, Indicine analysed that SRK is the most successful Superstar of All Time, SRK was no.1 for most of his career, Bollyarena analysed that SRK is the King of Boxoffice Clashes, and so on.Whereas Lallu is the Flop King, Disaster King, Clash-Looser-King of All Time. So beggars like Dishonest Fool can cry as much as he wants, SRKians please don't pay him any attention.

  21. Also, according to Dishonest Retard's logic, students who use more than one reference book are Hypocrite. Height of Retardness which only Dishonest Retard can show us.

  22. @nn bandit queen wikipedia has clearly mentioned that the release date was 26 january 1996. bandit queen was nominated as best film in filmfare awards 1997 , then where everywhere you are finding it as 1994 release. it was premiered at cannes film festival in 1994 and on that basis it won those awards . but in india it was released on 26 january 1996 that's why filmfare considered it for nomination in 1997 .

    and i follow boi.com for boxoffice datas. everything about a film is boxoffice data whether it is boxoffice collection or number of screens or release date or footfalls. if boi.com's data about release date of 90's films is wrong then their boxoffice datas about 90's can also be wrong then why will i also follow that and then we have no site to get boxoffice datas for 90's in details.
    and your biggest problem is the sources you are giving me to prove boi.com wrong are itself confused. first you gave me source of bandit queen wiki which shows it as 1996 release which is same as boi.com. then you are giving me source of 1995 filmfare awards where bandit queen won critics awards, but filmfare awards themselves have given bandit queen many nominations in 1997 awards which proves it as 1996 release. so why i will follow your confused sources , it's better for me to stick to boi.com .

    and when i have considerd 110, 120, 130 as benchmarks. if i have considerd in that way then salman would have many more benchmarks. opening day benchmarks are considered as 10, 20, 30 ,40 ,50. weekend , week and lifetime benchmarks are considerd as 50 , 100, 150, 200 .
    indicine said maine pyaar kiya was an all time grosser so go and follow that indicine ke chamche. now your gangu teli is behind salman even in all time grossers, so go and commit suicide.
    @ chandra prasad i have said i follow boxoffice india .com for boxoffice datas , i don't follow their commentry or opinion. they said bajirao mastajni is a regional film and will never beat dilwale even if it is the best film of 2015.we all know what happened next.

  23. DIshonest Fool- National Awards and Filmfare Awards aren't given for Cannes Film Festival exhibition. They aren't given unless a film is released. In wikipedia it is mentioned at least 5 times that it is a 1994 release and mentioned only once that it released in 1996. SO the correct information is that it released in 1994. IMDB also has the release dates of Bandit QUeen in different parts of the world and all of them are in or before 1995. If lallu's MPK is All time grosser then SRK has at least 4 All Time Grossers. So that wouldn't change anything. And Lallucine also said that in terms of Worldwide stardom Lallu the Gangu Teli isn't anywhere close to SRK. There is no benchmark called 10, 20, 30 .. iit's your invention. Box Office India said it right, Bajirao is a regional film and did well in India only, Dilwale has beaten it in terms of opening and Worldwide success. So you go and commit suicide cause According to BOI SRK is the All time Biggest Superstar and All Time Unbeatable winner of Clashes.

  24. Dishonest man
    Same boi said that Srk was ahead of Sslman in 90s. And we dont care about mpk. Srk made his debut ij 1992 only

  25. lol @dishonest man unke comments ya openion k bare me nahin bol rha hu jara thik se check karo according to box office collection and hits list me srk is still no.1 dont be foolish dont make also ,tere criminal khan ko bol pehle honest rehna life me ,bas show off karta h k yehan help kiya maine wahan help kiya lekin srk use double help kiya bas show nhi karta h isme v data lekr aata too aao ,srk is only indian to most number of donar to unicef

  26. @nn wikipedia has clearly mentioned the release date as 26 january 1996. they have said it as 1994 film because it was shown in cannes film festival and why will i believe a source which is itself confused . filmfare awards has given it critics award in 1995 but nominated it again in 1997 for all the popular categories . so your another source is also confused. so you have failed me to convince that boi.com is wrong. so i will go with boi.com.
    which are those four all time grossers of gangu teli- one two ka four, asoka, fan and paheli. correct me if i am wrong.
    10, 20,30 are all considered benchmarks for opening and single day. dangal did 40 crore net on single day and it is considered as a boxoffice benchmark. ett's 30 crore and bodyguards 20 crore are also considered as benchmarks. and even if i consider 50 and 100 as benchmarks still salman has started both 50 and 100 crore weekend. he started 100 crore and 200 crore first week, now tell me what has gangu teli done. he has never created any boxofffice benchmark it's a truth.
    and boi.com said bm will not beat dilwale in india, they were not talking about worldwide because according to them bm's appeal was only for maharashtra, it will be nowhere close to dilwale in places like delhi up, but bm went on to beat dilwale both in mumbai and delhi up and even a mass centre like rajasthan.
    @ sayar i said that i follow boi.com's boxoffice datas not opinions. i don't care for sholay because salman debuted in 1989 your logic is same like that.
    @ chandra prasad boi.com's star power is not based on boxoffice performance that's their opinion.

  27. @Dishonest Coward- Wikipedia says it clearly that Bandit Queen is a 1994 film. All other sources say the same. Some sources say Bandit Queen was banned after release and later re-released again, so that might have been the cause of Filmfare's nominating it again. Filmfare itself awarded it in 1995 in the best film's critics category. SO it is obvious Bandit Queen released in 1994 because National Award and Fislmfares aren't given for Cannes Film Festival exhibition. Google says it clearly that it is a 1994 film. SO you can't fool people.

    Moron, who told you that BOI's star ranking isn't based on Boxoffice performance?. Every trade site's ranking is based on boxoffice performance. Lallu is lagging behind because in spite of debuting 3 years before SRK he still hasn't managed to surpass SRK in Hits, Hit ratio, Success Ratio, Blockbuster Ratio etc. Shame on Gangu Teli Lallu. Every trade analyst knows about SRK's 4 All Time Highest Grossers, Dishonest Coward like you don't need to bother about it cause you can't even keep the count of the Shameful Flops and Disasters that Lallu the Gangu Teli delivered one-after-another, back-to-back, continuously. Every Boxoffice site can become wrong in prediction but that doesn't prove that their analysis is wrong. BOI has clearly stated that according to their analysis and data SRK is the Biggest Superstar of 90's, 2000's and All TIme and he is unbeatable in clashes. Lallu the Gangu Teli is the Teesra Khan for two back to back decades and actually he was Choutha Khan for one decade but BOI took mercy on him during analysis of 2000's. You are a psychopath because you try to brainwash stupid people with one-sided data and myths created by your own imagination and ghost stories. I have told you again and again, get into a mental asylum.

  28. lol @dishonest man tu kon si pagal duniya me h according to bo performence srk is no.1 not openion tu lagta h koi mental hosital se bhagkr aaya h

  29. @honest man(read woman)
    Bhai used to do side roles in 90s
    Hahk had a 9 lakhs opening lol and Tuffi dog had bigger presence than Bhai. LOL
    He reached 1cr opening day in 1999 only
    Before chota Bhai srk had 3 1cr openers. LOL

  30. @nn if boi.com's star ranking has been made according to boxoffice performance then srk in no way can be ahead of aamir in 2013. both in opening and lifetime dhoom 3 was ahead in fact dhoom 3 went on to beat ce's holiday opening day and weekend collections on non holiday. same goes for 2008. and there were many years like that.he has been given no1 from 1994-2009. has he given the biggest grosser every year or has he given the biggest opener or biggest weekend every year. was he ahead of everyone in terms of boxoffice performance in those years, answer is no. then why he is number 1, the answer is because boi.com thinks so . boi.com has never given aamir number 1 position despite of all his films becoming all time grosser and taking record initials, so what will i understand aamir has no boxoffice performance.
    and according to boi.com srk has only one atg that is ce. bollywood arena had also updated all time grosser list which has only one srk film ce. adda today who also keeps all time grosser list shows ce as only one all time grosser. so no trade site says srk has 4 atgs, so keep dreaming.
    bandit queen was released in other countries in 94 and 95 that's why it is called as 94 film but in india it was a 1996 release .

  31. Dishonest Coward-Keep dreaming. Bandit Queen was first released in India after which it got banned multiple times. According to Taran Adarsh OSO is an ATG. According to Wikipedia RNBDJ is an ATG. According to BOI, K3G is a worldwide ATG. SRK isn't anywhere lagging in terms of ATG. BOI has put SRK in the no.1 position according to Stardom in Boxoffice performance where SRK was No. 1 from 1994-2009. When 1992-1993 will be updated he will be NO. 1 there too. If anyone rejects BOI's star ranking than BOI's all data become invalid. You are a hypocrite, that's why you manipulate facts and ignore BOI's star ranking. Everyone who follows BOI data accepts its Star ranking as well. Aamir was never given no. 1 position because of lack of volume of his film numbers. That's the only reason and Fact. Accept it or go die in shame. Lallu the Gangu Teli is still behind SRK in stardom in spite of debuting 4 years before SRK.

  32. @nn bandit queen was first released in india in 1996 , 26 january. if the film was released in 1994 or 95 and then banned then the release date would have never been mentioned as 1996 . it was released in 1996 and then banned. rab ne bana di jodi and oso were never all time grossers. that's why no trade site like adda today, bollywood arena who keeps list of all time grossers has not mentioned about them. and who is going to believe taran adarsh, he is a joke. he said ready was an all time blockbuster , kick , ett were all atbbs according to him. and boi.com the best trade site has never said anything in the boxoffice note of oso or rnbdj are all time grossers. and wikipedia does not track boxoffice numbers they takes boxoffice datas from boi.com .
    what was the boxoffice performance of srk in years like 1994,96,99. he has zero boxoffice performance both in opening and lifetime. then how can he be number 1 according to boxoffice performance . even in 93 and 97 he was not number 1 according to boxoffice performance and there are many years like that. he was ranked number 1 because boxofffice india thinks he was number 1, so it becomes opinion not data.

  33. There is no doubt about the fact that Bandit Queen was released in India in 1994. National Awards and Filmfares aren't given to films that are unreleased in India. So there can be no doubt. Awards can't be given to films released in other countries. As it was re-released after ban in 1996 Filmfare again nominated that film.
    The site that cannot give a proper star ranking can never be believed to be a proper site. BOI data will only be believable if their star ranking is acceptable also. They clearly established that they have point system for star ranking, it's not just an opinion. The other sites don't even have data of 90's and early 2000's and survive on their Fan-wars. So according to their ranking system SRK was no. 1 from 1994-2009. It's obvious when they will update 92 and 93 the no. 1 spot will also belong to SRK. BOI's early version said that OSO was an ATG. Verdicts can be changed, but collection can't be. ATG isn't a verdict, it's the highest collection of a certain film, so it can't be changed. So from that respect RNBDJ, OSO and K3G are All time grossers. And don't give me names of Mushroom sites sprouting nowadays.

  34. @nn boi.com, wikipedia had said that bandit queen's release date was 26 jan 1996, so the film's lifetime collections is after that. if it was a 1994 release then why the film was not nominated in fimfare in 1995 why it was nominated in 1997. so your source is confused. wikipedia themselves said two things. so i will follow boi.com as they are not confused.
    there was a film called water which is said to be 2005 film ibut the film was released in india in 2007. before it's release in india it won many awards. that same thing happened with bandit queen. both these films were made early and released in other countries, but because of controversies they released in india later.
    boi.com has not only increased verdicts for srk films but also numbers for his films. the latest version of boi.com says dil to pagal hai's lifetime collection is 35 crore but the earlier version said it was only 28 crore . this link proves that
    in the above link it is said also that koyla's opening note as excellent but now they are saying it as record opener. for record opening your opening note has to be atleast bumper.
    the lates boi.com sais mohabbatein's lifetime collections to be 42 crore but earlier it was said to be 33 crore. here is the link

    boi.com does these things. theay have done it to make srk's career somewhere comparable to salman unless he was loosing the battle badly.
    if you follow the new updates of boi.com about mohabbatein, dtph you have also to follow oso and rnbdj. though even in older boi.com i am not finding oso as all time grosser. here is the link

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