I bought Filmfare Best Actor Award for 30000: Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor has confessed that he bought his Filmfare Best Actor Award for his 1973 film Bobby. The actor was talking to Rajdeep Sardesai in an interview for India Today Television.

He admitted that he paid Rs 30,000 to get the award. "Yes, I bought a film award for RS 30,000 in 1973; I am ashamed of what I did but was young and rich!"

Last year Rishi Kapoor has revealed that he does not lobby for awards. "I’m working towards that goal myself. I’d like to be awarded purely for my work and I will be. I won’t lobby for awards. Incidentally, I have no hesitation in admitting that I was impetuous once. I had to buy the Filmfare Award for my performance in Bobby… why’re you looking at me like that? That’s not off-the-record."

Rishi Kapoor's Bollywood debut as a male lead was in the 1973 film Bobby for which he received the Filmfare Award for Best Actor in 1974.

Lately, Filmfare Awards have been criticised for their prejudice and biasedness. This year Akshay Kumar and Manoj Bajpayee were not even nominated for the Best Actor award for their terrific performances in Aligarh and Airlift. As a result, they were trolled badly by Twitteri and Filmfare Awards on Sale was a top trend on Twitter.

43 comments on “I bought Filmfare Best Actor Award for 30000: Rishi Kapoor”

  1. hame pta hai srk k pass itne film fare awrds kyun hai
    kyunki salman akki apna valueless awrd ko kharidna nhi chahte
    srk ko apna ghar award se sajane ka shouk hain

    1. Srk ne apne awards nahi kharide. Uske hardwork ki wajah se awards mile hai

    2. oh really, u like to believe that ....yeah really, he didn't desrve an award for my name is khan, he didnt deseve it for chakde, he didnt deseve it for chakde, he didn't deserve it for swades, he didn't deserve it for kuch kch hta hai, he didn't deserve it for baazigar, he didn't desrve it for mohabbatein, he didnt even desrve it for ddlj.....
      he didn't deserve any award.......
      only one sentnc for u ....u have a really good taste

      1. @raj...if u don't know anything then shut up...although I am not a Srk fan but whatever Srk has achieved in film industry is due to only his hardworking....he doesn't have any rich family background like others.....
        He deserves filmgare for fan movie also as it was best performance of this year and yes not to aamir(although his acting was awesome)..
        Srk deserves whatever Oscar he has got....

        1. hey budy .....that was sarcasm....
          i am diehard srk fan but i jst wanted to show that srk has done one of the finest performances and best films in the history of indian cinema and he deserved every award that he has ever got.....
          i don't know about any other star who didn't get or should hav got or the filmfare was biased ....but i do know is my star has got awards which he truly deserved.....
          so shut up haters................he is Shahrukh khan ....he can act .......and he can win....

  2. 1. 2010-14 :

    Salman -
    * Total Footfalls - 15.69 cr
    * Films - 8
    * Average - 1.96 cr/film

    SRK -
    * Total Footfalls - 10 cr
    * Films - 6
    * Average - 1.67 cr/film

    (1.67/1.96) * 100 = 85%

    2. 2000-09 :

    Salman -
    * Total Footfalls - 19.25 cr
    * Films - 30
    * Average - 64.18 lacs/film

    SRK -
    * Total Footfalls - 25.38 cr
    * Films - 22
    * Average - 1.15 cr/film

    (64.18/115) * 100 = 55%

    CONCLUSION :- When Salman is ahead, average footfalls of SRK's films are 85% of Salman's films.
    But when SRK was ahead, average footfalls of Salman's films were only 55% of SRK's films(i.e almost half).

  3. ye award wale kuch to sharm kare yar
    money k liye talent ka koi value nhi

    shame on those people who buy awards

  4. now, no faith in credibility of Award shows.
    mujhe lagta tha ye sab SRK ke time mein shuru hua but ye ghaplebaazi toh Rishi Kapoor ke time se ho rahi hai ya shayd us se bhi pehle.
    ab toh aisa lagta hai ki SRK ne award mein bhi mein ghapla kiya hai aur HNY ke collection mein jo ghapla kiya wo toh sabko pta hi hai.

  5. ye srk fans apne star ko bada banane k liye kya excuse lekr aate hain
    man bhi jaao salman have more record than srk in last 25 years

  6. Khud SRK ko bala bura bol rahai aur saath mein hi SRK ka fan hai.

    mujhe samaj nahi aata SRK jaise gatiya aadmi ka koi fan kaise ho sakta hai.

  7. Waise yeh baat rishi jaisa honest muhfat hi keh sakta hai.pehle bolni chahiye thi rishi ko yeh baat.

  8. Sabse honest akshay hai or deservi g tha filmfare ke liye agar ye bikau na hote to waise aamir ki mila is bat ka bhi gam nhi wo bhi thik h

  9. Ya this year best awards for this year sud be given to akshay
    But yeh doggy srk ko kya bolu
    Ek din yeh mjhse pit ke rahega sala talent nahi hai toh award khareedega

    1. DTPH ke liye award kharid liya.kya bakchodi hai.DTPH jaisi crapfest film aur performance ke liye award de diya.sharam ke maare doob mar jaana chahiye dene walo ko.

    1. lol...Get fact right... Aamir didnt take any stand... He just didn't get award in 1995 (SRK got for DDLJ), later cried and said that he deserved the award and later stop attending award shows...

      Aamir is the only actor who stopped attending awards shows bcz he didn't get... lol

      for more:- Even he cried when anil kapoor won for Beta...

      1. Stop ur crap.u don't know thev reaL story.he stopped attending after beta not after DDLJ as he came to knew Anil bought it.

        1. lol... u plz do some google... Aamir was present in 95's filmfare... he stopped attending after 1995's filfare...

  10. I already declared all award shows are fake.
    Akki himself is an award to the country what else does he want.

  11. Akshay deserves best actor award for this year f to these award functions
    And I want to beat srk for buying awards
    Kuch talent hai nahi isliye bakre ki tarah bolta hai

    1. Srk jaisa actor milega bhi nhi Bhai....aur tu much Kr bhi nhi sakta uska....tu sirf souchta reh aur rote reh kash mein ye Kr pata....ro le...

  12. To all idiots above,v why are u comparing Rishi Kapoor with SRK ? Rishi bought an award that means SRK also bought awards ?if SRK can buy awards then why he have only 8 best actor awards in 25 years ?.it should be 25 awards.itni chhoti baat samajh nai aati tumlog ko ?doob maro jakar rascals illiterate persons !!

    1. SRK never said that he bought filmfare .... He said "I went to Filmfare Producer with money but they said NO" .. Search on Youtube "SRK Filmfare Best Actor Award ( 1994 ) Baazigar" you get it...

  13. Ha ye sala mimyane ki jagah kuch karta h kya talent akshay m hai kisi m hai dam to lagatar 4ovie kare sal me phir dekhte h kaun h no.1 akshay bap hai sabka boss of all

  14. srk is baadshah of bollywood
    salman hahahahahaha fans hahahahahaha mujay sharam arahi hai btanay may

  15. bbc say srk is the world 2nd rechest actor in the world
    and slman hahahahha lallu hahahah 10000nd rechest actor in the india hahahaqhah

  16. Srk only deserved filmfare for 3 films baazigar, ddlj and swades the one he won for chak de should have gone to darsheel. The won he got for devdas should have gone ajay devgan for company the one he got for my name is Khan should have gone to salman Khan for dabbang and why on earth did he get an award for Dil toh pagal hai that film was all madhuri from start to finish if that film was Hollywood film srk would have been third lead behind madhuri and karishma.

    1. people say that for my name is khan he deserved an oscar.........and u r saying that salman shld have gotten it.....u shld think before speaking

  17. Now all will say Filip kumar ji has also bought 8 Filmfare awards....no one will say this because dilip ji is not working currently and all currently working actors don't have even 3 awards for best actor and yes salman a big 0

  18. I am not a Srk fan but Srk deserves awards for his movie which he already gets and yes stop trolling him especially parshya and srk hater.....

  19. sometimes it's salman vs ajay vs shahrukh vs aamir vs akshay ....
    while the other times it's just shahrukh vs salman, aamir, akshay, ajay...
    yes he is the most popular star with more number of haters.....

  20. Dillip kumar dosen't need awards to prove he's one of the greatest actors of world cinema just see his films dastaan and bairaag are his worst movie yet watch these films and you will see what a great actor is by the way in 60's they used to give award to all actors I remember king of romance, king of tragedy king of romance and so on and so on filmfare has always been bogus no matter what the era.

  21. So finally everyone knows the reality of Filmfake award.....And people also know how Srk get all these awards.....He does not deserve any award.....

    Srk: Overacting Ki Dukan.....LOL

  22. SRK never said that he bought filmfare .... In 1994 filmfare He said "I went to Filmfare Producer with money but they said NO" .. Search on Youtube "SRK Filmfare Best Actor Award ( 1994 ) Baazigar" and listen wat he says... you ll get it...

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