I am not competing with Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar: Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan has been going through bad phase currently as his recent films have not lived up to the expectations. The actor has now said that he is not competing with other superstars like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar as they are in the league of their own.

SRK was present at the launch event of his TV show Ted Talks in Mumbai. During the interaction with media, he was asked about his competition on TV from Salman and Akshay. SRK replied, "To be honest, Salman and Akshay what they are doing, they are in the league of their own. I am not even competing with them right now. They are doing wonderfully well."

Shahrukh will be making his comeback on TV with Ted Talks. Each episode will be an hour long, including 15 minutes of commercials. Every episode will have a specific theme. They range from the power of women, to the future of technology, to the power of the spoken word.

36 comments on “I am not competing with Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar: Shahrukh Khan”

  1. Leave competing against Akshay kumar even Ajay Devgan Baadshaho did better than jab budha met sejal, SRK needs to do thriller movies like Raees or start Don 3 to save his career

    1. Don't worry SRK sir 2,3 flops Dene se aapki respect kam nhi h hogi,,,sabka bura daur ata h,,,aap ki agli film zarur hit hogi...I love all the Bollywood actors,,,,and my top 10 best film are...
      1) dosti(1964)
      2) do bigah zameen
      4) chahaat
      5) dil
      9)bajrangi bhaijaan
      10)khiladion ka khiladi
      11)coolie no. 1
      12)koi mil gaya

      I am true Bollywood fan.....I love to watch good films,,,hero koi bhi ho h to Indian hi naa.

    1. Parshya.. Itni nafrat toh srkian and salmaniac ek dusre se nahi karte hai jitna tum salman se karte ho... Salman fans troll aamir for Dangal. Tubelight got result.. Now leave this hatred.. Tere har post mein itni nafrat kyu hai..
      Tu aamir fan katayi nahi ho sakta..

      1. @Faiz
        I got it.
        from now i will not troll sallu fans but if i see trolling Aamir by sallu fans at d time of SS then TZH will be another Fusslight return.

          1. Ha bhai bilkul thk Kha isliye Tu dekhna Mt jayio..... Baki Tu samaj hi gya hoga beta

        1. Parshya please don't bash salman bhai. I appologize to you on behalf of all my fellow salman fans if they bashed aamir sir. I am die hard salman fan but i agree that currently aamir is the biggest megastar and much bigger crowd puller than salman bhai.

        2. Parshya Bro I Knaw That Ap Pahle Srk Fan The Fiir Aamir Sir K fan Hogae BTW Ap pahle se Salman Hater The Like Me

          But Me Aaj Bhi SrK K Bad Phase Me Uska And Aamir Dono Ka Fan Hu ?

          1. @Aamir srk fan shivang
            Mai kabhi srk ka fan nahi tha
            Mai Aamir ka hoon

            Ha lekin Dangal ke baad mai sallu ka hater ban gaya tha.

    1. @rohitshetty Dekhliya worst actor ke worst fan Akki ka comparison khano se hota hai
      Tu kalwe ka comparison sunil shetty aur saif se kar....

  2. Those who bash srk...just know that he will have a strong comeback...maybe with dwarf film...salman has tzh...akshay will churn out 3 films in a year...ajqy has rohit shetty to back him up after every 3 to 4 flops...bt my prb is why people say aamir is coward so he releases films in Christmas. .damgal did not have an extra holiday still it did 375 crore...and who is stopping others from choosing good movies??? Why srk rejected munnabhai 3 idiots and robot for ra.one?? Why hritik rejected dch and rdb?? And isn't scri0t sense a unique quality of an actor beside acting? ?? Script sense can take an average actor to new heights..like salman...and hritik and srk s downfall, shahid losing whatever with he is left..varun beginning to become a huge star...akshay getting back his fans and trust after disastrous 2009 and 2010s...and who would put 30 kgs for 1 movie or play an alien in pk?? Or play ghajini?? Aamir is unique and he is above stardom...an actor has hardly 1 or 2 classics bt aamir has aaa, sarfarosh, lagaan, dch, rdb, tzp,3 idiots, pk, dangal and more like rangeela or jo jeeta wohi seekanadar

  3. Only you have to blame yourself and your poor script sense for letting others move ahead of you. I mean what were you thinking seriously when you selected the script of JHMS?

    You are still earning loads of money but you have to deliver some awesome movies now to regain the trust of audience.

  4. This is the personality of a real perfect superstar and a good human being....he never bash any actor like someone.......he is the inspiration for his millions of fans in India and overseas.....jitna bhi bad phase aa jaye lekin hum Srkians aapne Srk sir ka sath kabhi nahi chodenge.... relationship with Srk sir is life long

  5. As i said earlier he is not like someone who bash other actors....like somene bashed other actors in 2012 and 2016 in clash...and also didn't know how to respect legends like Yash chopra

  6. Salman is light years ahead of all on TV and big screen.. so don't bother to compare even.. just imagine, color wants to retain him at any cost.. that is the magnitude!!!!!

    1. ha ha ha. Bigg Loss's last 4 seasons are megaflops and he couldn't beat his baap aamir in the same year whenevver bigg loss and SMJ were aired togather. Big B and aamir are light years ahead of poor local c grade host of cheap show bigg loss. LOL.

  7. in current standing aamir, salman, varun dhawan, ranbir kapoor is ahead of srk.
    and in overall career standing aamir, salman and hritik is ahead of srk.
    akshay kumar has to give bigger initial numbers to come in competition.

  8. #King_Khan is the best ?

    Chakki and #Salli Dono Wahiyat crap

    Only Aamir Srk Rules ?

  9. SRK I beleive the 3rd best actor within Superstars obviously Aamir is the best and Akshay is 2nd. If you compare acting Salman comes no where close. Stardom its hard for SRK to regain what he had 10 Years back.

    1. No acting but still The biggest Megastar.... Ab pata chala salman se logo ki itni jalti kyun hai... Bcz he is the biggest Megastar. I know haters will reply that they r not insecure of Salman, LOL then why so much hate comments against him? This speaks insecurities.

      1. where was your biggest mega flop cartoon star before 2010 you chamelem? why using megastar aamir khan's name? Lallu fans ki fatti hai lallu ke baap aamir se. aamir is any days baap of tiny star salman. salman ki aukaat nahi uske baap aamir se panga le sake. kahan 2000 cr club ka global megastar aur kahan chota mota chongu mongu flop actor salman? aukaat me reh.

        1. correct.. sahi hai.. dikne mai aamir is salmans baap.. tingu bahubali.. cartoon budda saala...
          see how dapper salman bollywood khan looks in TZH.. maa kasam.. sab loundon ko peeche chod dega..

  10. Sharuk u ruled almost 2 decade no one near you this decade u did well with chennai express.
    For akshay still struggling to touch 150cr mark.
    Still ur Raes have good collection competition with kabil.
    Raes earn more than other film.
    Only a movie disaster is JHMS one flop doesn't matter much bhonk ne wale bhonk te jalne wale jalte.
    World knows you.puri dunya tumko pahchanti hai.
    Ye jo log tume abuse karre ye bahut years se tumpe jalre the tumari success pe ab ye log ko maukha mila hai abuse karneka.
    Koe b tume takkar nahi desakta stardom me.
    @Bollyarena post my comment.
    Being HR fan m saying no one come near sharuk stardom.
    Even amitab bachan had bad face in his career.
    Don't be krk to tell sharuk career over.
    Still Raes is top with clash.

  11. @Hr dilse bro,u r absolutely right.... thanks for ur support.....aap jaise mature people Srk sir ki importance jante hon.....he is a legend...and woh comeback zarur Karenge.....bad phase sabhi ki life mein ekbar aata hi hain

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