I am not box office king, says Aamir Khan on Dangal success

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan says he doesn’t think he rules the box office. “I am not a box-office king. I am only Kiran’s (his wife Kiran Rao) king,” said the actor at the success party of the film on Saturday night. Aamir also added that he never chooses films on its potential to do business.

“Till today I never signed a film on the basis of its capability to do business. I prefer to choose a film from my heart. All the films I’ve done till now are those which touched my heart,” he said. “‘Taare Zameen Par’, ‘3 Idiots’, ‘Rang De Basanti’ or ‘Sarfarosh’, when I did those films, I never thought they would do such a good business. If you take ‘Dangal’ as an example, I played a role of an aged and heavy wrestler. There are no romantic songs or any typical formula to become a blockbuster. Therefore, we never predicted that the film would be such a big hit,” he added.

“I would never do films like Dhobi Ghat with Kiran if I have ever thought of doing films by its number.” Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist told the reporters. Asked if he wants to take forward the success internationally, Aamir said that for him the most respectable award is his audience’s love. “Other than this, I do not think about any other awards.”

Aamir also spoke about the recent attack of a mob on the Padmavati. “Taking law in our own hand is not legal for anyone. What has happened is very wrong and saddening. The people of Rajasthan are very much lovable and sensible. My experience with the people and the place was very good.” “When a small group does this kind of an act, then the entire population gets a wrong name. This is very regrettable,” he said.

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44 comments on “I am not box office king, says Aamir Khan on Dangal success”

    1. ab aaya ooth pahad ke niche...

      ab public me sympathy ke liye acchi batein karega.....ha mere pass stardom nahi Sallu srk jaisa...mai aisa banna chahta hu..but mere se possible nahi...fir public usko baton me aayegi.....sala actually he deep down know he cannot be king...but jealous bata ta nahi hai...

  1. Aamir is a king no doubt he is mr. Perfectionist and a dignified person nothing against him a champion in film making field

  2. bilkul sahi bola tu tingu beta........akela hi race me bhagta hai tu....aur khud hi jeet jata hai....... film clash kar, fir dum dikha......... Jaise srk clash jeet ta hai....isi liye king hai

  3. JTHJ Hit with clash.....om shanti om Hit with clash......Dilwale Semi Hit with clash.....Mkohabbatein Hit with clash.......Don Hit with clash......Chennai express Hit with clash.....aur ab Raees Hit with clash............... Dum Hai to aao.......clash karo aur Hit do............asli yodha wohi jo fight krke jeete

    1. ye mardo wali bat king Amir se mat kar Amir is competing with Bhumi pednekar...gainng weight and losing and viday balan...he is perfaketionist...or retaketionist....LOL king my foot

  4. Tera king to manipulation king be jthj ce hnu ab raees fraud king lol king to akki sallu aamir h tere jaise dhokhebaaz idol nhi jo dhokadhadi karte hein bhag yha se aya bada aamir se compare karne nikal tum srk fans negativity failate ho or bollywood ko divide karte ho sale ganwar ho sab srk deshdrohi ke paltu kutte chu bhag yha se

  5. He is king of bolly and far better actor than srk but he made one biggest mistake of his life by marrying to ugly women

  6. Kitne pagal hain Bharat me upar comments me example Diya hain.DR tu ja beta Doctor dikha aur 100 Crore me party hain . Itna hi aukaad hain

  7. yaad aaya..........Lagaan clash ki thi Gadar k sath......usme sunny deol se haar gaya tha tingu amir............bass uske baad itna darr gaya k ab tak solo release hi kar raha hai....... tingu amir...............hahahaha fusssssssssssss

    1. Jeeje ki aulad dil vs ghayal dil won ghatak vs raja hidustani raja hidustani won kuch bhi hai

      1. RANI hindustani thi wo movie ka naam..public ne title change kiya tha....and its solo not clash...


        or kuch history do....RANGEELA became RENGEELI due to Urmila hot presence...
        got the answer....or kuch chaye...THE LAASH dekho...

        1. Dr pehle toh pata ta ke to bewakoof hai ab jhoota bhi ban Gaya. I agree that raees is hit but you know and I know if any other actor had done dangal it would have only done 175 max(including festival release) it takes time to build reputation as different actor that's why Lagaan was only a hit dil Chatha hai average mangal pandey average but aamir built image of actor who will always do something different. Bhai tried with phir milenge and kyun ki but didn't work srk tried with Asoka swades paheli but public rejected him chak de did well but srk chose not to go down that path as you have to give time to film and as he said in his Bollywood hungama interview he is happy with where he is dosen't want the hassle. Aamir chooses films you give time and effort to even salman has started that which make me very happy. I don't care who breaks what record as long as they make great cinema if a good film comes out I will watch it no matter who stars in it.

          1. yes...above everything correct but nothing has been worked for him until 2008/2009
            Dangal pandey disaster, RDB below avg...TZP child sp. movie social movie..than he failed miserably than he started Sallu steps he remake Ghajini....and fool ppl say first 100cr ...first 100cr...best title is first south Remake 100cr....

            the first 100cr movie of HINDI original is RA ONE..... but still i accept first 100cr is ghajini....bcz i dont want to snatch this tag which officially given to him.

            1. Dr rdb was hit and mangal pandey was average but one thing I know you really hate aamir Khan I don't know why and first non remake film to make 100cr was 3idiots wow I've never seen any hate for a person. I don't hate any actor I don't even hate taklu but why do you hate aamir so much I don't get it.

              1. bcz he is double face...
                he say staymev jayte....and same person write a blog and say DOG...to SRk...how come a person like him he can call from his mouth like this i mean only a cheap person can do this agree or not...please reply..SUFISAAB......and see the reaction of SRK even he called DOG how gracefully SRK replied to him MY CHILDREN like Amir khan they are FANS of him....fuck this guy fuck his staymave jayte....that why i hate him most.....i dont like his any any movies what he said to SRK...this is my promise

                he is so jealous of SRK when he did not get award he said it can be purchased...first of all he lost with ghayal than DDLJ....so why he hate only SRK ...what SRK does wrong with him...

                1. Calm down dr I know that one where he bought house in panchgani and naukar had dog called shahrukh and he said sharukh licking my feet he apologised to shahrukh for that. Jokes aside the reason srk didn't clash with salman aamir this intolerance thing has bought all three together. I know where your coming from I mean when yash chopra passed away and ajay devgan didn't postpone son of sardar I didn't respect him as a person but I respect him professionally I wouldn't say I hate ajay but he has no moral compass so puree bharaas nikaal de dr that's what these chat rooms are there for.

                  1. Thanks for your reply...Ajay devgan has done within business ..i agreed it is no morality on him...but calling someone DOG is out of business its shows how SRK you are just nothing but jealous...anyways...i will not bash Amir anymore but i dont like him at all...but his fans parshya and all if they provoke me than see...

  8. tingu amir apni har movies december me hi release krta hai........2012 me jab dabangg 2 ne december book kar liya to clash se itna dar gaya tingu amir k apni Talaash movie 30 november ko hi release kar di .................hahahhahahah..........fuuusssssssssss

  9. aamir is the real king along with salman
    in stars ko film promotion karne ki jarurat nhi padta
    chhotte mottee star serial tak me promotion karna jaate hai

  10. Dr jahangir, Abe tu Dr hota to yaha nai hota? , hakle k jaise tu bhi fake hai. Hakle sara stardom nikal diya aamir k talent ne. Ab jitna bhi media kharid le hakla hit ni hoga.

  11. sallu aur srk fans jalte raho par Aamir sallu aur srk ke pakad me nahi ayega..
    muze to bahot maza aaraha hein donoke fans jalte dekh kar.becharonke nam par ek bhi record nahi
    na highest single day,na weekend,na lifetime...all records are belongs to Aamir.
    Aamir is the king of box office.no one can beat his record.

  12. Aamir khan n salman khan ko 20 month k time diya h
    Jisme salman ke 3 movies aani h
    Eid 2017 tubelight
    Christmas 017 tiger or 2018 eid ab dekhte 3 movies tod pati h kya nhi fir to aai rhe 2018 diwali THUG OF HINDOSTAN nayak record banane

  13. Wow yaar ...Aamir to amazing nikla...Zero stardom, but amazing script choosing ability ...Aise scripts chunta hi k first 100 Cr, first 200 CR, first 300 cr..Etc karte hai movies...Wo bhi just because of script and zero stardom ...Wow!!! 2 saal me ek picture karta hai aur sab rukte hai uska record banane tak, without stardom mind you ?, fir sab daudte hai record k peeche ....

    Truly amazing ....Aur bechara SRK, sab k saath clash clash khelke thak gaya hai..Kya karega koi ...SUPERSTAR hai wo...KING hai wo...Par sab k saath clash...Christmas mila Diwali mila but har jagah clash...Par stardom to dekho ...clash k saath bhi 150 cr...Wow ! Kangana Ranaut k solo box office levels tak pahunch gaya ...Amazing !!

    Aur uska manipulation genius ki to daat deni padegi....Roshan tu manipulate kar...Mai bhi karunga ...Wow ..

    Everybody clap for SRK SUPERSTAR KING

    Aamir kab seekhega tu clash karne ....Tu to sirf good script selecting record breaking business man nikla :(

  14. Srk fans has been obsessed with his biased movies. I mean can you name us the better movies he has done in the last 7 years or so probably after my name is khan and chak de India? Bring the positive movies, then the business is certainty on the card. Movies like dilwale, fans(which I beielive was better), Raees, happy new year and other craps, were useless. The drop from the weekends would be over 75% in the next week. I'm a cinema lover and watch all good movies out there, but there's no way Srk would be considered king khan with this sort of movies he has been playing.

  15. Match hamesha 2 teamo k beech hota hai......... Australia cricket me fight krke world cup winner Hai.............. Kabhi india ko haraya....kabhi sri lanka ko.......kabhi new zealand ko... fir hai winner................ akele hi match khel kar to bangladesh b winner ban jayega .......jaise tingu amir hai........... akela hi khelta hai............akela hi jeet ta hai...............fight se darta hai....... hahahahaha fussssssssssss

    1. U r an idiot,, don't have ability to make 300cr movie of your tiny star,,, compare with Bangladesh,,U,, m,,,f****er,,,Bangladesh playing cricket few years compared to India but they are going well and beating India in Bangladesh, forget?

  16. Aamir sir, you are being modest. You are definitely in a different league all together. Respect!!

    Aamir is a fine actor, and will be a legend like Amitabh Bachchan & Dilipji in another 10-15 years. Actors have come and gone but this man is a class apart. Right now, only one man comes close to his stardom and that is Salman Khan.

    Akshay is getting popular with his choice of movies but will take consistency like 2016 to get anywhere close.

    Rest of the stars are way behind and need lot of catching to do.

  17. Ek Truth:- 30 november 1995 ko Tingu Amir Ki Movie Akele Hum Akele Tum Aur SRK Ki Movie Ram Jaane Me Clash Hua Tha........... Result AHAT Collection 5 crore Flop Hui Thi......... Aur Ram Jaane Collection 9.50 crore Above Average Thi.......... Shuru Me Hi SRK Ne Tingu Amir Ki Maar Li Thi.......... Aur Us K Baad Hi Tingu Amir Clash Se Darr Gaya Tha.............. hahahahaha fussssssssssss

  18. SRK kaun hain kiya aukaad hain uska Aamir khan ke samne.100 Crore ka actor usse to Kangana Ranaut ka film bhi jaada kama leta hain. Aur usse bhi ghatiya hain uske Fans Jo din ko raat bolte hain. Abhi to business manipulation bhi chalu kar Diya. Uska bas chale to Raees jaisi ghatiya movie ko 400 Crore dikha de.

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