I am a Fakir who sold his Ferrari: Shahrukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan was recently seen in the movie FANThe actor received a lot of appreciation for the movie and it fared decently at the box office. In a heartwarming interview to a leading tabloid, SRK explains what he thinks of his stardom.

He said, "I am not attached to or enamoured by my success at all. People who work with me will tell you that. They might say, SRK is sweet and charming but that is because they don't know what else to say about  me. It is a very strange thing to say but I am like a fakir in my personal life. I wear the daggiest clothes, I look cool and do all the right moves as a star but that is also an act. I am used to being  a star so I behave like one. I have never had the time to enjoy the money that I have. It does not seem like it but my family and I have a very simple lifestyle."

He added, "I am like the monk who sold his Ferrari. The reason why I liked material was that if I had not tasted it, i wouldn't know how to give it up. You can't give up something you don't have. All things that I earn now are for filmmaking. Sometimes I meet people in my own time and that is the only luxury I allow myself as a star and I am spoilt like that. I was spoilt when I joined the industry. As a mattter of fact a lot of producers and directors tell people, thoda spoilt hai, you would have to treat him with kid gloves."

5 comments on “I am a Fakir who sold his Ferrari: Shahrukh Khan”

  1. Fan is flop in Indian box office whereas you wrote in 3rd line fared decently at box office... Aur kitna SRK ka fan giri infact gira hua kroge.. Everyone knew that SRK is one of the best actor of the country.. But flop ko hit mt banao.. Tees Maar Khan worldwide 100 crore.. But you still right flop movie.. So here also write Fan is flop.. No chamchagiri plzzz...

  2. Srk is fantastic at watever he does. I love reading everything abt srk. God bless srk.

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