I agree with Salman, Raees & ADHM should be allowed to release: Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn is all over the news due to his bold but controversial interview yesterday. However, the actor has to make a clarification that he has not spoken against any Bollywood actor.

Ajay Devgn has said in another interview today that media misinterpreted his statement on Salman Khan. Salman has said the right thing and I agree with him but I am saying that we should not work with Pak artist till the situation becomes normal.

Ajay has also said that Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Raees should be allowed to release.

Yesterday the actor has to face a lot of backlash from Bollywood fans for his statement against Salman Khan and Karan Johar. He posted a tweet clarifying that he did not say anything aginst any of his college.

10 comments on “I agree with Salman, Raees & ADHM should be allowed to release: Ajay Devgn”

  1. All patriotic Indians will boycott both ADHM and Raees even if they are allowed to release.

    1. True patriot will see both if litterate!
      Illitarate patriot will boycott... film already made when situations were right bw IND n Pak

  2. according to current scenario, no pak artists should be allowed to work in INDIA. but b4 few months, scenario was not that same as it is today. So RAEES ND ADHM should release. bcuz it's not abt these pak artists ( FAWAD nd MAHIRA), there hv mostly INDIAN ACTORS in these movies. Nd producers already invest their money on these movies.. They will suffer huge loss nd that will b harmful 4 our INDUSTRY... let them release.. but no more pak artists from now..

  3. Where are you pseudo Nationalists? Abb Ajay Devgan ko Pakistan nahin bhejoge kya???

  4. @tiger: ajay sir has spoken against paki artists but supported indian movies-its clear...ajay and salman sir r true indians...dont create hatred among ourselves

  5. Pakistani actors have earned and leaved the country but if the movies will not release then the producers of India will be in huge loss.... atleast 150cr+ rupees will be loose by Indians not Pakistani...

  6. not allowing the completed movies is not the solution, post ban on the movies which start shooting from now onwards. and if they ban raees, srk fans will be disappointed badly

  7. Ajay u have hurt us............ I was u r biggest fan from Pakistan till yesterday..... but now no more remains u r fan....... u have tell everything against Pakistan and make movies against Pakistan but we still love you.... but from last couple of weeks u told something which I can't tolerate and yesterday interview cross all the limits..........
    No more Ajay fan....
    No more to Bollywood
    But still Salman Bhaijan fan....

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