Hrithik Roshan reacts to Bollywood celebrities promoting Rustom

August 12 brings the clash of the titans between Mohenjo Daro and Rustom. No matter how hard the two actors try to downplay the clash of their films, it will be a battle out there.

But before that happens, Bollywood celebrities have started to promote Rustom. Many top stars have shared videos asking people to watch Rustom starring Rustom-e-Hind Akshay Kumar.

When Hrithik Roshan was asked about his opinion he said, "It's a good thing and you must support. It's a fraternity where if someone needs support you must support. It's a very good thing and you should feel proud."

Earlier Hrithik Roshan talked about the clash in an interview with Hindustan Times. “It does bother but only if you chose to let it affect you. It can make you feel a little insecure but I choose to see it in a slightly different manner. I think, in life you really need to be objective and the fact is that there are a bunch of holidays in a year, and several releases. So films are bound to clash. It will happen many times. There are many good films being made and there are only a few holidays.

“I think it’s an opportunity for me and the team to rise above clashes, and prove to the world that a new trend can emerge. Why can’t two good films emerge to a level where everyone is satisfied? Why can’t that happen? I want to think of it in a regard that you should have sense of camaraderie, grace and friendship and wish each other best. I and Akshay (Kumar) are friends. I wish him the best and I wish myself the same. I hope both of us do well and next time a clash happens, people can relax.”

16 comments on “Hrithik Roshan reacts to Bollywood celebrities promoting Rustom”

  1. Hritik nailed it totally...whole industry vs hritik this time....really man w/o watching mojo people are spreading negative things ...means totally height of insecurity ..but in the end mohenjodaro will be winner......just wait and watch...my predictions rustom 65 crores nd mohenjodaro 185 plus crores....note it...

    1. Yeh toh kuch jyada do gaya dear

      Both have worked hard and its true the better one will be the winner so lets wait and watch.

  2. Bhai dinesh. ... akki ko halke me na le.... saal m 3-4 movies aati h... mohenjodaro ka to pta nhi bt rustom to superhit h... mark my words. ..15 August se rustom ka collection jyada hoga mohenjodaro se... chahe 300-400 screens kam q na ho

    1. Nhi brother that's impossible.....screen count mein at least 1000 Ka difference hoga that's why Md Ka all 4 day collection rustom se jyada hoga.....

  3. Media is making a newz out of it I guess...no big deal stars promoting Rustom or anyother movie. After all its a good marketing strategy at the end of the day.
    That's exactly what Hrithik has said and what Akshay and team Rustom doing. Who has stopped Hrithik from getting support?
    Nowadays it really matters how well you market your product.

  4. Mohenjo Daro would be having a come-from-behind win. It would win the clash if it earns 150 crore. Due to hype and buzz for Rustom, there would also be huge expectations.

    Mohenjo Daro = 145 crore, worst case = 125 crore, best case = 165 crore
    Rustom = 95 crore, worst case = 80 crore, best case = 110 crore

  5. Rustom marketing team knows that their product is mainly for multiplexes do tsgeting internet usercthtough Twitter and stars support is a great move.
    Why accuse Akshay. Blame Hrithik for under promoting his movie. Problem is M.D. team has to think smart and creative to deal with this one. Getting support from other stars now will label then as copy cat :)

  6. Power of Megastar every one supporting Rustom..... Blockbuster coming( Rustom)

    Jadoo boy's Epic film is going to Epic Disaster.

  7. no worries folks , rustom and mohanjodaro both gonna be suerhit movies , but for hrithik its very important to get superhit as he came after 2 years , for akshay its not a big pressure , as he already delivered 2 back 2 back 100cr for this year. hope both movies do well

  8. "It’s a fraternity where if someone (Akshay Kumar) needs support you must support " Greate Well Said Mr Hrithik Roshan for Sure you are a man of your Word No Matter who Ever Suported Rustom one Thing is Quite Clear and it is a how badly Akshay Needs to Challenge Superstar like Hrithik Roshan

  9. ist of all am a big fan of salman…but very dissappointed the way my beloved sallu bhai promoted rustom but not mohenjodaro…even it has also hurted me…plz my dear and sweet sallu bhai…u should have promoted both of films..i dont like hirithik but as human..feel sad for him:(never expected this from salman khan….

  10. Yes Akki. Need support all old actor crossed 30 cr in single day like Ajay devgun,sarukh khan ,hrithik all but Akki is stucked around 14-18 cr so he needs help help him Plz.....the only thing I want to say the star power of hrithik is much more than Akki mind it ....The wrost movies of hrithik crossed 300 & the best movie of Akki struggled for 100&110 ...




  12. I m fan of both Mr. Khiladi n Mr. Krish. But it's really painful to see clash between both. Whether whole Bollywood is supporting Custom n against Mr. Rosanna but it is reality that last war will win Mohenjo-Daro Daro.
    However best of luck for both.

  13. I didnt wanna say it but seems like all have forgotten d past.

    HR last release was #BangBang two years ago. At that time HR gave #BangBangDare to his friends n Colleague nd Stars like SRK,Aamir Khan,Farhan Akhtar,Arjun Kapoor,Ranveer Singh,Priyanka Chopra,Sonam Kapoor,Shradha Kapoor and Counting...

    Its Good that Friends n Wellwishers Always Help/Promote each other.Whats d Big Deal.

    Some HR Fans nd some section of Media Are Unable to Digest d Support Akshay Kumar is getting for #RUSTOM

    Sm HR Fans misquoting HR Words and saying Whl Bollywood VS HR and sm Logic like Akki needs support nd HR Doesnt,Common Yaar Grow Up,If we take that into Consideration..shd we say it was Whl Bollywood VS Shahid During BangBang VS Haider and on the same logic...HR needs support..Shahid Doesnt.

    If a film is good it wld work for sure no matter it gets how many screens ,Akki nd HR both are noh any newcomer whose movies gonna go Unnoticed by Public...if its good Either one or Both..it would work irrespective of Anything.

    So Pls Think before u speak..and Grow...Up..Unnecessary Negativity on other Star never Works..rather Promote the Plusses of Ur fav. Star.

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